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Wakefield622 03-11-2017 09:05 AM

New to Endo. Is it a possibility?

I have always had bad periods, in the sense of pain. I wouldn't say I bleed heavy, I do have small clots during period. The first two days are horrific, I call out of work some months and normally just lay around on heating pad and taking 800/mg advil throughout the first two days around the clock. This past cycle has been different. After my period ended last month, I felt an odd twinge in my left ovary. It subsided and lower abdominal cramping kicked in and has been happening throughout this month. It isn't painful, just annoying. I also have lower back pain. Back in August I was having what I thought were digestive issues, as I started having loose bowel movements. I started taking probiotics, herbal supplements and drinking peppermint tea. After a few months, symptoms subsided and now I am back to having these issues. I have also always had ovulation pains, some months to the point where I do take advil for these as well. My period is currently due in 2 days. I am always regular. I also have my annual OB appt scheduled for this Tuesday, so I am going to be bringing this up to see what is going on. I am currently dealing with pain in lower left ovary area. Could this be a cyst? Endo? I adjusted to the fact that I always had painful periods and ovulation but now the pain and annoyances have lasted most of this month. I did bring up these issues to my chiro as I had seen him quite regularly back in August due to the lower back pain. He immediately asked if I had been diagnosed with Endo. Any suggestions would be appreciated. TIA!

Other symptoms:

- Can not use tampons, it hurts and is not comfortable.
- Sex is not painful, maybe certain positions, but over all feel it should be more enjoyable.
- Nauseous while on period
- As of current, loose stools, abd cramping, and back ache. I am not bloated though.
- I do feel better when I workout each day, when I miss I feel worse.

Suzieq644 04-06-2017 05:54 PM

Re: New to Endo. Is it a possibility?
This sounds like a similar situation I am facing. It all started with constant, dull lower back pain 4 months ago along with a nagging, daily pain near where my left ovary is. I've had 2 internal ultrasounds showing small simple cysts and a potential polyp / fibroid in uterine cavity. Ct scan was clear. My gyno thinks it's either endo (which requires a lap surgery to clean out) or it's a bowel issue. So off to the gastro doc in a few weeks. I'm not sure which road to go down but its wreaking havoc with my anxiety since I google too much and am convinced I have cancer of some sort that is causing these symptoms! Have you had any relief in the past few weeks?

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