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peaches 08-27-2003 06:50 PM

irritable bowel or endometriosis??
please help....i am 22 yrs old. about two months ago i began having terrible pain in my lower right abdomin. the pain would get severe at times but always constant. eating seemed to help, and it always seemed to be worse in the afternoons. i went to the gyno, she said it was a cyst, had an untrasound done, and found nothing. the pain seemed to go away after that but then returned full force so i went to the gyno again, she referred me to the gastroenterologist. i had a colonoscopy done, they found nothing, but told me it was irritable bowel syndrome. ive never had diarreah, or constipation, yet they still put me on irritable bowel meds, which i cannot take, but im convinced ibs is not what i have. ive been reading up a lot on endometriosis, and im scared it could be it. however, ive never had painful or heavy periods, no pain during intercoarse, and no spotting, none of the usual side effects except for the pain that will not go away. im really scared. does anyone have any ideas? im really getting tired of all the dr visits and worrying.

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