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  • How best to both prepare for and recover from a laparoscopy for endometriosis?

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    Old 08-05-2007, 04:42 PM   #1
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    How best to both prepare for and recover from a laparoscopy for endometriosis?

    Hi everyone,

    My wife has been experiencing extreme symptoms of what our new doctors thinks is endometriosis. After doing an upper GI exam that came out clear; the next step is to do a laparoscopy.

    I guess I expected more information than this; but the only thing that the dr gave us (my wife) to prepare the operation is what time to show up where. This worries me a tad, as I would like to know a bit more about the recovery.

    We had one previous experience with a “minor surgery” that left my wife recovering with what I now know are normal symptoms that were nonetheless unexpected and somewhat upsetting.

    That said, I am wondering if anyone has advice on how best to prepare for the procedure, and how best to recover from it?

    Any advice is welcome. Seriously, if your advice is to exercise and get in good shape, drink lots of water every day, eat well, let me know. Right now I plan to take off the day of the procedure to help her, should I also plan to take the second day off? Let me know, I don’t care about work I will do anything I can to help her recover more easily. Should she be walking up and down stairs much? We only have one bathroom, on the second floor. It is a pain.

    Again any advice is welcome, as we are pretty much on our own when it comes to a support network, I just want to know as much as I can to make it easier for her.

    Thanks much everyone.

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    Re: How best to both prepare for and recover from a laparoscopy for endometriosis?

    I had a laparoscopy about 6 years ago . Honestly, it wasn't bad at all. As far as the prep goes I just couldn't eat after midnight and I had some routine blood work and a pregnancy test done a few days before. My dr. told me to stop taking vitamin e and aspirin a week before the surgery.

    I spent about 7 hours in the hospital; as long as you can pee and keep something down they don't keep you long. You can't drive for 24 hours after the procedure. I was a little sore at the incision sites and had some minor gas pains and pain in my shoulders for a day or so. I didn't have any problem with steps.I think the dr. told me not to lift anything for a week or so and no sex for a few weeks. I had a little vaginal discharge for awhile but I also had a D&C along with the scope. I went back to work a few days later. I would imagine that the discharge nurse will go over the instructions with you and your wife. Doctors often leave that up to the nurses. I think they should be more involved in that area but many are not. Fortunately for me, my dr. was great and kept me well informed.

    Everyone is different and heals in their own time. I should note that my laparoscopy was for diagnostic purposes only. My dr. did not remove any endometriosis he found so that made my recovery much quicker.

    Best of luck to your wife ( and you!).

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    Re: How best to both prepare for and recover from a laparoscopy for endometriosis?

    I had one done about 3 years ago and I agree I thought that it was a very simple procedure. I went in about 5:30am and was at home by 10am. My doctor did find endo and removed it. I was back at work on Monday (got it done on a Friday). I had a few gas pains and my small cuts were a little sore (after a week or so you can use vitamin e on the cuts and I have no scars now), but other than that I thought it was simple. I would suggest eating healthy before and after, some believe that excercise can help reduce endo after the fact. Everyone is different though. I do have to go back and get another one at the end of the month, b/c my doc believes it has come back. But it should be okay. Prep was simple too, don't eat after midnight and OHHH very important make sure you have chapstick ready after the surgery. My LIPS WERE SOOO dry. I thought that it was funny b/c when I woke up I just wanted some dang chapstick. Everything should be fine though, I am positive that the doctor will do a wonderful job.

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    Wink Re: How best to both prepare for and recover from a laparoscopy for endometriosis?

    I had a lap done in early November. When they say that it's a minor surgury they mean it. The prep for surgury was nothing really as the other stated you can't eat or drink anything after midnight and I couldn't take any advil or tylenol for a week prior. When I got to the hospital they took blood work and a pregnacy test, they inserted and IV and I was off for the lap. The procedure took just under an hour. When I woke up I had no pain at all (they give you pain meds) other then a little discomfort in my ribs and shoulders due to all the gas they fill you up with. Once I was no longer grogy and I could get up and pee the nurses discharged me. I was not allowed to drive for 24 hours. I was in hardly any pain at all. For me the next morning was worse then the day before, but thats only because I was stiff and all the nmedication had woren off, but by the afternoon I was out shopping. I went back to work 2 days after the surgury.

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    Re: How best to both prepare for and recover from a laparoscopy for endometriosis?

    Thank you everyone so much for your replies!

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    Re: How best to both prepare for and recover from a laparoscopy for endometriosis?

    Hi there! I just wanted to reply and offer some advice. I had a laparoscopy just over a year ago, and it went well. I would say from my own experience, to 1) Have a small pillow for her, for the ride home. It helped to place it over the incision/belly area to protect it from bumps in the road and also the seatbelt rubbing it. 2) She should wear comfy, loose-fitting clothing to wear there and slip on to recupe in at home 3) Have a heating pad handy once home if she does get the trapped gas in her shoulder area (helps release it and ease the ache) 4) Like the other post, chapstick helps so much! And also have something to suck on (cough drop or something) that helps if her throat is sore after surgery. Good luck to her (and you) and hope all goes well.

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    Re: How best to both prepare for and recover from a laparoscopy for endometriosis?

    How strange to find this thread.

    I actually had laproscopic surgery about 3 weeks ago, not knowing it was for endometriosis, but specifically to remove my left ovary and both tubes which were encased in scar tissue from previous surgeries and infections.

    Once they removed the left ovary they found a large amount of endometriosis, both tissue and fibroids that were pushing up into my abdominal cavity and my intestines. They removed most of it, but left what was too dangerous to remove.

    I stayed one night in the hospital for pain control and then home the next. I took the narcotics they gave me for 2 days and then switched to advil, gasx and ultram. That is what I am still taking 3 weeks later, pretty much every 4 hours.

    I was able to slowly walk up and down stairs after 2 days and walking helps when sharp gas pains occur inside. Chewing gum also helped me with the dry lips and also gave me an appetite. Food for me is now totally different than before. What I could eat, now I can't.
    Boost is a great thing to get in the house and keep on hand. The strawberry protein is my favorite, and it gives me energy and I feel stronger after I drink it.

    preparing and cooking, laundry and all the chores I started to do after about 2 weeks, I needed to start to build my strength and so that would help. Showering would wipe me out. Driving was tough at first too, maybe due to the lasting effects of the anesthesia...

    I feel a big difference already, I had no room to eat or digest prior to surgery and now it feels like I have soo much room inside, I can eat and not feel full or sick right afterwards. My movements are the most normal they have been in years and much less pain. I still have not had a period yet and I am taking a low dose of estrogen until my left ovary takes over and produces enough for my body. I was 108 before surgery(from 150 2 yrs ago before i got sick) and how im up to 115, which i am happy about.

    I feel like I have a new body! The first few weeks home were very hard, hard to walk and move and the food thing is important, if i can't eat or don;t have an appetite I at least try to drink a high protein boost.

    good luck and it does get better, it already has for me and just 3 + weeks. I even have been back to work for one week and it was not nearly as bad as i thought it would be.


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