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franny99 08-13-2007 08:18 AM

Endometriosis advice please
I went to new gyn last week for annual check-up and about severe abdominal pain on right side. We moved 2 yrs ago and have just gotten appt (after about 9 mos of insurance probs and scheduling probs). Dr. performed vaginal ultrasound and saw what he called "chocolate cysts" on/in my ovaries and diagnosed Endo, also performed CA-125. I was ignorant of endo and left his office without asking any questions. Typical of me..I don't think clearly in Dr. office.

Anyway, I have had abdominal pain on the right side for a couple of years, but it has gotten significantly worse in last 6-8 months. Severe bloating, weight gain, extreme cramping (like early labor), passing large (tennis ball size-last 2 months) clots, pain when bladder is full, painful bowel movements, and feeling of fullness that goes up to just under rib cage (this is new as of last 2 months), back achiness/pain, and severe/sharp pain if I have gas. Unable to stand up straight during menses. Symptoms start about 1 week before menses and continue for a couple of days after, then hit acutely right at middle of cycle. It was during mid-cycle pain is when I called Dr. office and advised them that I was going to ER if they couldn't see me soon. They fit me in with 1st Dr. available (5 days later) who I just saw 5 days ago.

Dr. went per a good explanation of Endo, gave me pamplet that gives a clear explanation, and told me of a couple of treatment options. He reccommended we try the "pill" 1st (Seasonique) to see how I do and resked another ultrasound appt in 3 months to check progession.

I agreed, took the pill sample home and then did research. I have been suffering SEVERE pain for months and I haven't taken the pill since the early 80's. I quit because I got all of the side-effects and there were other options that worked better for me. I want him to do the laproscopy to find out what is exactly going on, and I want it done now. But, I can't get Dr. office to call me back (have left 3 messages since last Fri.) What should I do? Oh, and how long does CA-125 test take for results?

djl 08-16-2007 10:59 AM

Re: Endometriosis advice please
I am so sorry you are going through this. I stuggled with severe painful periods from the age of 13. Atarted with my first cyst that I know of at the age of 18 and started with severe pain in my ovaries at the age of 22.

I had Adenomyosis (Endometriosis Interna) AKA Endometriosis in side of the Uteris.
As far as the pill goes. I would deffinately try it and see what happens. I would also ask the doc about taking an Anti-Inflammatory for the pain during your period if the pill doesnt help.

Also, as far a having a Lap?? YES you need that done.
And as far as the CA-125 I had that done as well, and it shouldnt take If I remember correctly no longer than a week or 2 at the most.

Since your doc is pulling the same thing as my doc did (not returning phone calls) you better look for another one. I did and got an awsome doc finaly got my Lap done after stuggling for 1 year straight with pain and rupturing cysts the size of oranges every month,(and this was going on WHILE I was on the pill) then ended up with having a Hyst 2 yaers ago at the age of 39.

No woman should suffer like this. I* suffered so long for so many years, and I hate to see someone suffer like I did.
I would also recomemend that you take alot of hot baths, that might help, stay away from dairy and red meat, drink peppermint tea to help with the gas issue as well as taking something over the counter for it.

If you have any questions let me know and good luck !!!

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