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blackmoon 08-09-2010 07:09 PM

need help with endometriosis
Let me start out with some basic information. I'm 24 years old and started having problems with my period when I was around 19. It gradually got worse over time and I went through 4 doctors until I found one that diagnosed me with endometriosis. I had a lap done about 4 and a half months ago and found I had stage 3 out of 4 endo (plus found that I had an undiagnosed appendicitis from an earlier doctor who kept telling me to take more ibuprofen when I was doubled over in pain).
My doctor put me on loestrin 24 after the lap. Other then some pretty bad cramps for the first couple days of my period (nothing over the counter will even touch the pain for them, I have to take something like lortab) it has been okay. Now my period is back to trying to start early again, 2 weeks early this time, and the bleeding is starting to get heavy again. This was a big problem I had with extremely irregular periods and heavy bleeding. It has already begun to start again, plus I've been getting really bad headaches and am always in a bad mood. I've been through so many birth controls that have not helped or made everything worse. The ones I can think of that were the worst were depo provera, ortho tri cyclen and now the loestrin 24. Does anyone have any advice on a birth control that has helped them with endo? Should I ask my doctor to check my hormone levels? Could something like high testosterone or estrogen affect the way birth control works?
I feel like I keep running into a wall and am really stressed and frustrated over this. Any advice you can give me is deeply appreciated. Thank you so much.

92261 08-10-2010 01:49 PM

Re: need help with endometriosis
blackmoon: There are some other women on here who have chatted about endometriosis. See if you can find their posts. I know Lupron injections are sometimes used to help with this. What happened with the laparoscopy? Did they cauterize the endo? What's happening here is that you've got too much estrogen in you and the endo loves it. The Lupron reduces the estrogen levels in you. It's used for endo, fertility and in men it's used for prostate cancer. I don't think the BCP is going to help much because it's got estrogen in it too. You'd be better off using just progesterone alone. Progesterone will also help lower the estrogen.

You might need to see an endocrinologist to see exactly where your hormones are. It's sad to say, but if it can't get controlled and you can't become pain free, then the other option is for a hysterectomy. You don't want to do that if at all possible - you're too young and probably want to have kids. Look up the other posts and see if you can get some better outlook on what the others have done.

dhurlbert3 08-11-2010 06:09 PM

Re: need help with endometriosis
I had the same problem mine was fixed with a hysterectomy at 29, which was ok cause i wasn't having anymore children, but i've heard that seasonique is a good one.

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