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workinmom12 03-30-2012 02:17 PM

need some honest advice
Hi everyone. I'm concerned that I may have endo but would like to see what all of you think of my symptoms. I started noticing last year that my periods were getting more heat and painful as each month passed. I can't use tampons anymore because it hurts too much. Then I started having sharp pains during sex especially with deep penetration. It used to be just certain positions but now it's pretty much every we try. Just recently I had spotting after sex ande bleeding between periods. I have pelvic and low back pain everyday which is worse during menstruation. I seem to be tired slot and have dizzy spells. Do you think I might endo? How should I discuss this with my doc? Thanks in advance.

ritax 04-16-2012 06:44 AM

Re: need some honest advice
Hi, you do have a few symptoms there, I think the best thing is to defenately go see your doctor and discuss it with them.
The increased pain during intercourse could also be where your tense, its very hard to relax when your doing something you know is going to hurt.

Good Luck

BellaMoe 04-29-2012 04:40 PM

Re: need some honest advice
I was having the same symptoms, and actually fainted one morning from the spike of pain in my abdomen, so don't discount those dizzy spells. Definitely talk to your GYN and dr. Endometriosis is hard to diagnose, and the medical community still doesn't know much about it. Endometriosis is a diagnosis by exclusion - meaning they rule out other possibilities first, and cannot be seen most of the time by ultrasound. The only definitive diagnosis is by have a laproscopy (invasive surgery where a tiny camera is inserted thru incision in the abdomen). Find a dr who is specialist with endometriosis and you will begin to feel supported. I think half the battle is knowing! Good luck!

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