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pie in the sky 01-22-2013 06:40 AM

did your doc investigate your bowel symptoms?
I'm wondering, those of you who have been diagnosed (or suspected of having) endo, did your doc investigate possible bowel symptoms and if so, how? (And how severe were your symptoms?)

I have not been officially diagnosed and as I have very mild symptoms it's unlikely they're going to want to do a laparoscopy - so perhaps will never have a diagnosis. The symptom which worries me most is a very slight ache or tender spot in my lower left side, level with my hip - which seems to always be present. When I urinate, the muscles squeezing the urine out seem to also put pressure on this slight tender spot. It just feels to me like there's 'something' there, although manual physical exam finds nothing palpable.

From googling (which I caution against because you read terrifying things), it seems that the sigmoid colon lies in front of your left ovary. So how do doctors know that pain is in the ovary and not in the sigmoid colon? (Unless they do further investigation of the bowel?)

My other symptoms are:

I have spotted in the middle of 4 cycles in the last 4 years - and I was v stressed at those times - so possibly not even a symptom.

I get very constipated in the 4 days before a period, and then sloppy poos for the first 2 days of it.

If I don't take naproxen or nurofen, I can end up throwing up, having diahorrea and passing out on Day 1 of my period. But with a pain killer, that is all stopped and manageable.

I also have occasional haemorrhoids (not now) and occasional anal fissure (not now) - from the constipation, in the past. And something called 'proctalgia fugax', which really means 'anal pain' and is when your sphincter muscles go into a spasm. (Really painful but harmless. Lasts around 20 mins, and happens about once every 3 months and no pain any other time.) All of this has been diagnosed only in the doctor's office with digital exam.

I went to my GP, and she referred me for a pelvic ultrasound and took bloods. All bloods came back normal and ultrasound also showed normal uterus and ovaries. My GP said it still could be endo and has referred me on to this clinic run by a GP who specialises in gynaecology - but that's not till mid-March. But as my symptoms are so mild, I'm reluctant to want a laparoscopy - I have no probs living like this, I just want to be sure it's nothing more serious. I'm sure they will probably just put me on the pill and refer me back to my GP. So I'm not hopeful of anything further happening there.

My GP has also referred me to a general surgeon for further investigation of the bowel. The referral hasn't come through yet but from what she said, it will probably only investigate the rectum (ie a protoscope) to look at the fissure, haemorroids etc. There is an 8wk waiting time for that consult. I am thinking that, what with this pain in my side, the test should be something which looks deeper in - like a flexible sigmoidoscopy?? I have even wondered about going private so I could have a flexi sig right away and reassure myself, and not have to try to get an NHS doctor on the phone and to agree to a flexi sig - but it would be expensive (1500). I have the money but I don't know if I'm being a hypochondriac… I am sure my GP thinks so.

So: Those of you who have had a specific pain on the left hand side, (even one which isn't severe), have your docs investigated bowels, in the course of reaching a diagnosis of endo? And how? Thanks.

Nlj527 01-23-2013 05:28 PM

Re: did your doc investigate your bowel symptoms?
I have had similar issues and was just diagnosed with endo. No bowel investigation and I also bleed sometimes when going #2 with a strain during those constipation times. I had the laparoscopy done just on the 4th so not sure if I still have the symptoms or not. They "cleaned" me the best they could so we'll see I guess. I'd think the lap would be the best first move as endo can definitely cause those symptoms. I'm no expert though.

Starissa81 03-12-2013 01:09 PM

Re: did your doc investigate your bowel symptoms?
hi, i have been dealing with endo for 15 years now. I have had 3 laps done. all have found endo and scar tissue in where is should not be. I just had a very invasive lap/d&c last month. My dr found i had endo wrapped about the tube that goes from your bladder to kidney, my bowlel was adheared to my uterus and many other places with endo. My last doc actually had me get a lower gi to make sure it wasnt anything to do with bowles. but after that ruled me out and i need to deal with it. Hence why the new doc who preformed the lap/d&c and took ok the mirena IUD the last guy had me get that ended up imbedded into my uterus. But on that note yes endo can cause many of those symptoms and the only way really to tell is a lap.

mkay4me2 03-12-2013 02:26 PM

Re: did your doc investigate your bowel symptoms?
I have been dealing with the left pelvic pain and low back pain for 2 yrs now. I have been through many tests including a colonoscopy to check bowels and last week finely had a laparascopy and my gyno found my bowel attached to ovary and tube with endo and some endo on backside of uterus. So I would say get the laparscopy and out rule the endo....Endo was the last thing I thought I had now that I am 51 yrs old had my tubes tied when I was 30 and had an ablation(Novasure) 2 yrs ago. Best luck to you.... :)

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