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  • My experience from laparoscopic cyst/endo removal

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    My experience from laparoscopic cyst/endo removal

    After 2 months of horrible pains on my left side I had laparoscopic surgery on Oct 31, 2013. The surgery was about 1 hour long, 2 hours in recovery, then about an hour to get discharged. I did a lot of research before hand and got a lot of good advice so I hope to pass what I've learned to help someone else. I had an 8cm endometrioma on my left ovary. I went to an ob/gyn and she told me it had to come out because of the size and type. I had to have paid what my insurance did't cover about 2 weeks before the surgery which I was only able to do thanks to my wonderful grandparents. The surgery was to remove the cyst possibly my ovary and lasering out the endometriosis.

    Before surgery. Try and get as much done and ready as possible. You'll want to eat foods high in fiber because the pain meds can back you up. I went out and got jello, chicken noodle soup, crackers, 7up and throat spray to take to my grandma's which is where I stayed for the first day. Your dr will more than likely make you take any and all jewelry off. I took Iburpofen 3 days before my surgery some will suggest you stop a week or even 2 before depending on the dr. They did allow we to take tylenol up to Midnight before my surgery. You wont be allowed to eat or drink after midnight the night before so it's a good idea to try and get a morning appointment. Mine wasn't until 2:30pm so I had to wait a while.
    I got to the hospital at 12:30 they had me gave a urine sample which they usually also make you give 1 and get blood drawn sometime the week before and then they put in an IV and got fluids going. I tried to stay up walking as much as I could before the Iv since I knew I'd be laying down awhile. The dr came to see me and explained what she would be doing and then the anesthesiologist came and talked to me. Go ahead and ask for something for nausea before hand most people tend to get sick from the anesthesia. They just gave me a little patch right behind my ear. They wheeled me back towards the operating room gave me the anesthesia in my IV and out I went.
    Once your surgery is over your dr will go talk with your family or friends about how everything went. Once I was in recovery (in recovery for abot 2 hours) they said my dr came and talked to me to but I have no memory of that what so every so I'd be a good idea to have who ever is there with you take notes of what the dr says.
    I woke up in the recovery area your family will not be allowed back with you at this point (in most hospitals) I was really cold and shaking really bad so they gave me something in my IV for that. I was only in a tiny amount of pain at the time and had a hard time keeping my eyes open. I wasn't awake to long before I had to urinate. They gave me a bed pain the first time and then in the next 15 mins I had to go 2 more times and they helped my up and walked me to the bathroom and back. Once I was fully wake and the made sure my vitals where ok the took me back to the place I started which was like a small regular room. I got up to go to the bathroom a few more times and they took the bed out and had me sitting in a chair with my feet up. They gave me my first dose of pain meds and held me there for a little bit to make sure I didn't get sick. I was fine until they went to wheel me outside and I got really hot and dizzy. They had already taken my iv out so couldn't really give me anything so what they did was get a cotton ball and soak it in pepper mint oil and had me smell it which actually worked! I got in the car put the pillow over my stomach and then put my seat belt on. I have 3 small incisions one on the bottom inside my belly button and one on my left and right side where my pants would normally sit. I stayed at my grandma's the first night because I have 2 big dogs that get hyper. I never had any nausea after I left the hospital. I had some pain it was like cramps and I was very tired. Also if you have trouble swallowing pills like I do they do have a liquid you can take! Also make sure you don't take it on an empty stomach. Some people have a soar throat from the breathing tube the use during surgery so I got some throat spray which worked great. Also tell you dr if the need to to give an extra min or two to let the gas they use to bloat your stomach out. The trapped gas will settle most people reporting pain the their shoulders. I had shoulder pain for a little bit it kinda feels like you get hit by a car. a heating pad and laying with me feet propped up is what helped me. Also drinking 7up and burping a lot. Some others suggest hot tea or water with or without lemon, and walking around. Don't try to push your self but you do want to get up and walk a little bit to make sure you don't get blood clots. I was in and out of sleep all night I never really slept to long at 1 time. Also take your meds its better to stay ahead of the pain because once the pain starts it's much harder to get rid of. It is not day 2 after my surgery and I'm tired but feeling quite well but I'm still taking it very easy. I'm back home with my husband and my mom who is a nurse. I have not had a bowel movement yet but I don't have and constipation pain either so hopefully I will have a movement soon. Sorry if my spelling and grammar is off I'm still very tired and a little loopy from the meds. I hope my experience and what I've learned from others can help future lap patients get through it the best they can. I also straightened my hair before surgery which sounds strange but I have long thick curly hair that's not easy to brush and would recommend anyone with the same type of hair doing the same thing. I could hardly even brush it straight with the gas pain in my shoulders. The results of my surgery everything went find she didn't have to remove my ovary but said the cyst was so big my left fallopian tube was adhered to my ovary. She said it might be ok but it might not be ok (functioning) Thankfully she checked out my right side as well and said that side looked great. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 1 year and a half now she said this is probably the best time to do so now after surgery. fingers crossed!

    Things to have at home or take to the hospital/tips
    1.clear liquids and foods something easy on your stomach try and stay away from any foods that might make you constipated.
    2.heating pad/ice packs if you dont want to spend a lot of money its very simple to make a heating pad out of on old sheet, blanket, or sock and some rice!
    3.GasX or something similar may help with gas pain you'll probably burp and have quite a bit of gas don't be ashamed let it out it needs to come out. The first time I passed gas after surgery actually hurt pretty bad but got better as the night went on.
    4. Loose fitting clothes. I wore my reg thongs and was ok because they sit low so it was below my incisions but somethimes theyre in different places do I'd take couple different types so you'll have options.
    5.stool softener just in case you end up having trouble or don't want it to get to that point.
    6. Movies, magazines, or games to keep you busy
    7. a pillow for the car ride home
    8. a clean house is always nice to come home to when you don't feel well.
    9. Throat spray or candies jello even felt really good on my throat
    10. Pads in case you have any bleeding or discharge
    11. Have a thermometer handy to keep and eye or your temp if your feeling warm.
    12. Fresh bandages depending on how the close you up they just used super glue on me and dissolving stitches inside.
    13. The nurse can also give you something for nerves before surgery if you need it.
    14. Have someone to drive you home you will not be able to drive.
    15.Toothbrush just in case you have to stay overnight.
    16. Drink lots of liquids to keep hydrated. I urinated at lot for the first hour and the first time was a little hard to go but didn't cause much pain.
    17. If you have animals please be carefully do don't want them hitting your incisions.
    18. Don't rush yourself the pain meds will make you feel better but remember you have stitches inside.
    I was also able to lay on my side the first night and felt ok the only thing was the gas pain would be in which ever shoulder was in the air.
    19. No lifting some say 10 some say 15 lbs for 2 weeks. and no driving until your off your meds or your dr says other wise. I also had to make a follow up appointment 2 weeks post op so the dr can check on everything.
    20. Have either over the counter or your prescription ready for when you get out you probably wont be able to take it right away but your going to want to make sure you have it for when your able to.

    If anyone had any questions please feel free to ask I'm an open book! I hope someone will find the helpful this was my first surgery and I was very nervous so I did as much reading about peoples experiences as I could. To anyone with this or any other medical anything coming up I wish you the best of luck and a speedy recovery!

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    Re: My experience from laparoscopic cyst/endo removal

    Thank you for this. My gyno found endometrial tissue on my cervix and we are pretty sure its bad. I have been getting cysts on and off for years and was recently in the hospital for a very large cyst on my right ovary that was filled with liquid and popped, leaving a large amount of liquid in my pelvic area for over a week. Very painful. I'm on tramadol, robaxin, and neurontin daily for fibromyalgia and sciatic pain and muscle spasms and ever since that last cyst popped every period is worse and worse the pain is terrible even though I'm already on meds for pain. I've always had heavy painful periods with back and leg cramps but lately I feel like I'm on my period(not quite as bad as the actual period though) for a week before actually starting then the first day is hell. I bleed heavily and this time(started yesterday) most of what's coming out is all large and small clots both dark and bright red. They are usually always dark this is the first time I've had bright red clots. I've got so much pain and cramping going down my legs right now I can barely walk. I read endometrial tissue can attatch to your sciatic nerve and I'm wondering if this has happened. I'm seeing my gyno in the morning for an ultrasound and I'm most likely getting set up for laparoscopic exploratory and removal and I want to know what to expect.

    The following 2 users give hugs of support to: Enarasmommy
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    Re: My experience from laparoscopic cyst/endo removal

    Hello Enarasmommy...Welcome to HB, although I'm sorry you are suffering. I don't want to project my experience onto you. I'm sending you HUGS of support for your consult tomorrow. However, please be vigilant to research the doctor who will actually perform the diagnostic lap. Be aware of what the surgery could entail. Certainly not all GYN surgeons are qualified (few are). This disease (and treatment) can present you with some life-altering decisions that no woman should have to make while under duress=(

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    Re: My experience from laparoscopic cyst/endo removal

    Great suggestions for pre and post surgery!

    Another hello to Enarasmommy. Hopefully you will find helpful advice and info from the great folks on this board. Researching doctors is advice that, IMO, should be followed for any medical condition, whether you need help with a sneeze or surgery. I would hope that living in Houston, a major medical hub, enables you to find a local doctor who specializes in treating endometriosis. My only caution is to stay far, far away from any doctor who claims they can cure endo. They can't. No one can. Okay, now that I've made you panic let me add there are ways to treat it.

    Unfortunately, endo can attach almost everywhere in the body and a diagnosis can only be made via surgery since the disease won't show up with the usual diagnostic tools (ultrasound, MRI, etc.). An ultrasound can, however, show ovarian cysts.

    I realize I'm a day late replying - you've already had your gyn appointment. Please let us know how it went!

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    Re: My experience from laparoscopic cyst/endo removal

    I had a horrible experience...they woke me up and automatically the pain hit me so hard and they had me sitting up putting my shoes on and getting me in a wheelchair and out the door I went to home. It was a 2 and half drive and I was sooooo sick. I'm not one to throw up at all, but I almost did a few times. They told me NOT to throw up cause it would hurt bad. The pain pills I got didn't do anything for me and they wouldn't give me anything else stronger. It took me 2 months to get better and where I could finally get back into jeans. I feel for anyone who has to go thru this surgery.

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