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tiredsoul 05-17-2009 10:02 PM

Does anyone who has sensitivity to mold spores have teeth that hurt?
I had mold on my bedroom window for a long time, probably years, and by the time i realized it was there it was too late. I had gotten several health issues and i am still trying to recover after 3 years. I just found the mold again on my window one month ago. Also in another room i had to get rid of the carpet because it smelled musty/moldy and in the process of cleaning up the spores i found a white colored mold in the closet. I cleaned that all up recently, and i am now still working on the bedroom that had it on the window recently, and i thought i had it all cleaned up, but for some reason i am still having alot of the symptoms of mold exposure, and especially my teeth ache, and i have severe insomnia. I also get electric shock sensations at night in my legs, and i can't seem to get things done because i have brain fog and chronic fatigue syndrome. Is there anything i can take internally to help rid me of these symptoms? My teeth are driving me insane. I am constantly getting rid of my clothing and getting new bedding. This is so expensive. It seems as though when there is one mold spore i react. I have wiped and vacuumed and cleaned, to get rid of the spores, but since i am still having the reactions i am just not sure how i can fix this. Unfortuantely i am unable to move right now because i have so much stuff and i don't have the strength or the money to move, so i was wondering if there is anything i can take to help my body get stronger, or to get rid of the mold in my body since i have to stay here. And i am wondering if the reason i am having these reactions is because i have mold in my body? My life has been completey derailed since i had the first mold problem. I am now on disablilty. I am 50 and i am wondering if i will ever get better and have a normal life again. Thank you to anyone who might be able to answer my questions.

tiredsoul 05-21-2009 04:21 PM

Toxic Mold Questions, Anyone able to help with my questions? Thank you
I haven't gotten a response yet and i am hoping someone can read my post who has had mold poisening and would understand my questions. Thank you anyone out there for any information!

trychocolate 05-21-2009 04:36 PM

Re: Toxic Mold Questions, Anyone able to help with my questions? Thank you
I am surprised you haven't had any responses. I used to live in an area riddled with mold and even if you could rid your home of it, it was outside, everywhere.

Mold is a poisonous and therefore, highly toxic hazard. It cannot be gotten rid of with simple cleaning practises and needs special treatments. It is next to impossible to get rid of.

Mold can damage the immune and nervous systems and can cause any number of problems from infections to depression. I don't think there is sure cure that you can take to counter-act living in mold. If there was one, I would have lunged at it when I had to endure life surrounded by mold. Even old mold spores affect the same way. Maybe if you know of ways that work for you to boost your immune system, you might have a fighting chance. Also, I checked the internet under 'how to live with mold' and found many helpful suggestions.

I hope you can do some checking and help yourself before you get too run down.


tiredsoul 05-22-2009 10:42 PM

Re: Toxic Mold Questions, Anyone able to help with my questions? Thank you
Dear Trychocolate,
Thank you so much for your thoughtful reply and for the suggestion to look up 'living with mold' on the internet. I looked it up and found some suggestions to try. It sounds like you had quite a bad experience with mold too. How are you doing now? I was unknowinly sleeping with it in my bedroom for what i think was a few years, and i didn't know what was affecting me as i developed many health problems. I still deal with insomnia, depression, memory problems, bladder issues, painful teeth, painful feet, joint pain, chemical sensitivity, and i had an eye infection which damaged my optic nerve which the doctor said was permanent, but i am hoping it will heal over time. I still have old spores and new ones as well, and i am still trying to get rid of them by painting, wiping with hydrogen peroxide, shalacking floors, throwing away clothes, blankets, sheets, i had to get a different car, and i am constantly trying not to cross contaminate. It is a full time job, due to it being almost impossible not to cross contaminate and sometimes i am so tired i just can't do it correctly. I am hoping someone who has had the same problem with painful teeth will respond to my post. I have heard it is not uncommon for mold to cause that, but i haven't spoken to anyone yet who actually has it or has had the problem. Mold is so horrible. So many people live in mold and are sick from it but don't realize it, and are just getting sicker every day. I have spoken with a few people who have fibromyalgia who after i ask them they tell me that at one time or another they had alot of mold in thier living environment. Take care and thank you again for your help,

trychocolate 05-23-2009 09:00 AM

Re: Toxic Mold Questions, Anyone able to help with my questions? Thank you
Thank you tiredsoul. I am sorry that you have to treat so many symptoms and perhaps feeling like you are being slowly poisoned.

I haven't looked at this board before and am going to when I get a minute.

About the teeth: if you are already using a toothpaste especially designed for sensitive teeth and leaving it in your mouth to swish around after brushing before you rinse it out, then the problem could be nutritional, sinus, jaw issues or a combination of, like me. Also, small amounts of toothpaste or sore gum relievers can be applied.

I had/have so many health issues all my life and I don't know if the mold exposure did permanent damage although when I got exposed to it here, for one year, I came down with a 'phantom' asthma and severe coughing that cleared up quite well after moving to another home. I can be found on other boards and I feel better knowing that I am not alone in having more health issues than I know what to do with. I see myself as aging very quickly and am glad to be able to focus on positive things and able to engage in a little volunteer work. It helps my mind and heart immensely.

Anyway, can I ever post something short?

Hoping you find relief,

ZsuZsu 05-24-2009 10:07 AM

Re: Toxic Mold Questions, Anyone able to help with my questions? Thank you
I am a mold victim. I have been ill for almost 6 years. One illness leads to another. The exhaustion is maddening. I lost part of my jaw to a fungal disease and am now suffering from candidiasis osteomyelitis. Strange fungi continue to appear and the general effect on my health is devastating. My husband died with aspergillius flavus, I lost my home, all my possessions, and my life in general. I am still going from doctor to doctor as each new phase requires another specialist. Only DNA and PCR testing finally allowed a doctor to help me. Now I find that the loading dose for the drug I need is totally out of my financial ability to purchase. Fight for your life. Make your doctors believe you and make them read surrent research. Find reasearch articles and take them to them. American doctors are indoctrinated by industry and politics and you will not get relief until you insist that they read up on their bio-tech discoveries and microbiology. Good luck and have faith

tiredsoul 05-24-2009 12:35 PM

Re: Toxic Mold Questions, Anyone able to help with my questions? Thank you
Hi ZsuZsu,
Thank you for responding to my post. Are your doctors trying to get the mold out of your body? Do you have insomnia?
Did the mold poisening give you painful teeth? I hope you don't find my questions annoying. I would love so much to actually speak with someone with mold poisening but i have never found anyone as of yet to talk to, only people online. I am just now wondering if there are any support groups for mold poisening. I think it would be very helpful for many of us. I very much understand and relate to it just being totally exhausting. As i mentioned before i am constantly trying to decontaminate and get rid of things and figure out WHAT is contaminated. My teeth tell me immediately, and also i get shock waves at night if i have been exposed. When i walk in my house or get in my car i feel my teeth right away so i am worried about getting sicker so i clean and work on it everyday. Did you get in disability or are you still able to work? What is the medication that you can't afford and what does it do for mold in the body, what is it prescribed to do? Since the mold poisening i am unable to take vitamins or minerals (they work like stimilants, even calcium and simple things like that) at night even if taken early in the morning at very low doses and make insomnia and electric shocks much much worse) so it is difficult to find something i can take to help me get better or stronger that i don't respond negatively to. I don't know why God would have created something so horrible as mold. I hope answering my questions isn't too tiring or bothersome for you, only if you want to, please answer my questions, if you can't that is ok. I use air purifiers throughout my house and low power fans help me feel better too. I have allercare air medic which works on mold as well as chemicals. thank you again,

ZsuZsu 05-25-2009 05:19 PM

Re: Toxic Mold Questions, Anyone able to help with my questions? Thank you
Yes, my teeth bother me all the time and with some really devastating pain now that I have lost many of them. I am going to surgery in two weeks to have a bone from my tibia transplanted into my jaw. Then they will attempt to do implants again. The mold weakens your immune system so I must be really careful of what gets done to me and where it gets done. The name of the drug I need is Caspofungen and it is administered intraveniously. If you hae not had any testing for the various molds, you should ask your doctor about doing an IgG panel for mold antibodies. Different various drugs treat the different types. Some of the antifungals will not work on all molds. The insomnia comes with the mold illness and now my days are really my nights. It is a maddening illness to have as so few doctors know how to treat it. There are thousands of mold victims across this country and also abroad. They have been discouraged by the lack of research in the field and the lack of funds to do research. Hopefully, now that Obama is redoing the CDC and the EPA there will be some progress. I know you are working constantly to get rid of the mold in your home, but you should know that seldom can an individual do the type of remediatiaon that really gets rid of it and you probably should have a licensed company identify the problem in your house and also remediate it. It is costly but well worth it. Unfortunately my new home was so contaminated that I had to abandon it as the remediators would not guarantee that they could get it all. What caused the mold in the first place? ANyhow, keep your faith above all. It is the only thing you can count on to keep you strong.

tiredsoul 05-25-2009 06:57 PM

Re: Toxic Mold Questions, Anyone able to help with my questions? Thank you
hi Zsu Zsu,
Did you loose some of your teeth because of the mold, and did your teeth hurt before you had any work done on them? The experience i have is that when there is mold spore around in something nearby for instance on my clothing, or on something i am looking or close to, my teeth immediately hurt, and when i remove the item that has the spores my teeth almost immediately stop hurting. Then i also get other aweful symptoms after that, which i have talked about in my other posts, if i don't get away from the spores, but my teeth are the first thing i notice, and it is extremely uncomfortable. Was that your experience with your teeth in the beginning? I am worried that the pain could result in loosing my teeth. Should i go to the dentist and have them looked at? Thank you for the advice about the doctor. I will definately try to get tested as you suggested, i had no idea that can be done. Where can i get information about what to do to get help for mold poisening to help me heal and learn about the tests etc? Do you mind if i ask you your age? I am 50 but i as you do feel i am aging fast. You asked where the mold was: I had mold on my windowsill two times. the first time was about 3 years ago that i found it but it had been there for a long time. Then i found it again about a month ago, even though i thought i was airing it out enough. The window is facing north so it doesn't get alot of light on it. Also, a few monthes ago i took something into my house for about 1/2 hour (an old wedding dress) that contaminated the clothing i was wearing which in turn contaminated all of my clothing in my closet. I was very stupid not to realize that the clothing i was wearing was contaminated when i looked at the dress. This has all been a remendous learning experience. Then i also had mold growing under my carpet in one other room a few months ago so that was another cleanup at which time i took every single thing out of the room including the carpet. It seems to me that the reason i have been getting mold is because of my own fault. So i am hoping that because the mold didn't come from inside of the walls that i can clean it up by wiping and coating with shelac. At least i don't think so but i am wondering if i am wrong about it.
Did you have to get rid of your home AND every single thing in your home, including clothing, computer, beds, furniture, photos, files, etc?
Thank you so much, i can't tell you how much i appreciate being able to 'talk' with you about this.

trychocolate 05-25-2009 08:59 PM

Re: Toxic Mold Questions, Anyone able to help with my questions? Thank you
Zsu Zsu really has some helpful information and I'm glad she is posting here.

Just one thing to add about the dental pain. If you feel the pain especially in upper teeth and it comes and goes with exposure, is it possible that your sinuses have become super sensitive and as soon as you are near mold, instant pain? You don't have to have congestion or any other symptoms except for maybe slight headache or changes in eyes for those deep sinuses to be irritated. I know it sounds weird.


tiredsoul 06-04-2009 11:41 PM

Re: Toxic Mold Questions, Anyone able to help with my questions? Thank you
Hi Trychocolate,
What you said isn't weird at all and i appreciate you input. Thank you! The pain in my teeth could be my sinuses as you suggested, and i am trying to figure that out since i read your post. I purchased some Quercetin with Bromelain. It is supposed to help with mold and sinuses. The other symptom i get after my teeth start hurting from the mold spores is bladder frequency and insomnia (and others). Nighttime is very difficult for me because i haven't been able to escape the mold spores especially at night. I can't count how many times i have gotten rid of my bedding, as well as my clothing. I read some posts from 'sharewithme' and she seems to know alot but i don't know how to contact her. I would so much like to speak to her. My life consists of trying to survive the spores and my financial situation is worsening terribly everyday because i have no time or energy left to work on my crafts to supliment my low disability income. Well enough wining for now hehe, i just have to keep trying and hope for a miracle! Thank you Trychocolate for your help i really appreciate it. Take care.

ZsuZsu 06-06-2009 11:16 AM

Re: Does anyone who has sensitivity to mold spores have teeth that hurt?
Hi Choc and Tired Soul:

Just a line to hip you a situation that basically speaks to problems we all encounter with mold illness and allergies. I recently saw an oral surgeon and asked that he do a biopsy on the bone in my jaw while he was operating. I also asked that he do TWO types of biopsy--aerobic and anaerobic. I practically had to beg to get him to do two types. (He thought I was nuts)

The first biopsy came back negative for any type of mold. However the second one showed high concentration of candida and a strange item called Prototheca Wickerhamii.(Green Slime mold) Since the bone was necrotizing (Death or decay of tissue in a particular part of the body, usually due to bacterial poisoning or loss of local blood supply.) and black this helped to explain the problem. Had I not taken a hand in my own health care, insisting that a thorough investigation be done on the problem, I would be totally toothless and in great danger.

In the small town area where I live, doctors are narrow minded, not well read, and overblown with their importance. You need to be pro-active and strong in your own behalf. They may think you to be nuts, but at least you will have a solution for them to refer you to someone else. The doctors, as a rule, are not interested in anything that doesn't generate big income (especially allergists) so you will have to find one who is more interested in current science, biological evidence, and biochemistry before you will begin to be well.

REMEMBER: Mold illnesses if dignosed early are usually highly treatable. However, late disgnosis on most of the illnesses that branch from the initial illness are hard to treat and often last a lifetime. You must find a doctor who believes that mold and its products can make you sick by inhalation. I know. I have been all over the world until I finally found one that believed me. Unfortunately my husband had to die and I am forever scared by the various maladies that have originated from the original exposure in 2003. I still carry it in my blood and now in the bone. Ignorance has ruined my life. Stay strong and be proactive.

Good luck

spaid 10-18-2009 08:58 PM

my family is sick too.

We're going through the same thing. We know you're suffering.

tiredsoul 10-18-2009 10:04 PM

Re: Does anyone who has sensitivity to mold spores have teeth that hurt?
Hi Spaid,
Thank you for your message, i appreciate it very much.
I hope you all get better soon.
My teeth hurt and tonight so do my lungs. I am planning on moving but i feel so aweful i don't know how i will be able to do it.
I hope you get out of where you are as soon as possible if possible. It is so difficult to move but if you can you should and make sure the stuff you take with you isn't contaminated with spores which is difficult to figure out unfortunately.
Take care,

tiredsoul 10-18-2009 10:10 PM

Re: Does anyone who has sensitivity to mold spores have teeth that hurt?
you say that the mold is in your bones, how can you tell that? I am asking because i am only 50 and i found out i have extremely severe osteoporosis and the woman who tested me said it could be from mold when i asked her. Do you know if Osteoporosis is an indication that you have mold in your bones?
I hope you are feeling better. I am sorry about your situation. I understand how very sad it is to have your life derailed due to mold.
Thank you,

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