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sharewithme 12-21-2008 08:27 PM

Mold related illness
[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Purple"]Mold related illnesses are insidious, for many people they often begin with many symptoms of rhinitis/ sinusitis as well as general achiness and fatigue. These symptoms often progress into seemingly unrelated illnesses which are almost always mis-diagnosed, many of which can be very serious. The range of symptoms can be very broad and can vary with different kinds of mold. Two people living in the same environment may suffer different symptoms from the same exposure. Sadly, many of the symptoms each of you have posted can be attributed to mold exposure including the yeast overgrowth which in and of itself can lead to long term health concerrns.

The important thing is to make absolutely sure that mold is not the culprit as it can cause permanent life long consequences both physically and financially. To heal you must cure the cause. Treating all these symptoms may make you feel better in the short term but they will come back unless the cause (mold) is cured.

I know all about that. I lost everything I own to toxic mold and suffer with permanent health problems of such magnitude that my ability to work and where I can live has been permanently compromised to such an extent that it can be debilitating at times. Quality of life is a constant issue, paying the bills a never ending stress, even my ability to eat normally has been permanently affected as it made every allergy much, much worse.

Other than surface molds like mildew, it is considered a fact that where you can see or smell mold you have a very high chance of a serious problem unseen in walls, attic, crawl space or even in cracks which can occur in a poured concrete foundation. It loves the dark where air does not circulate well and where it has enough humidity to grow. And if you are unfortunate enough to live in a place where there is high relative humidity that can be all it takes to foster growth. Even in arid environments you have to be concerned if there was ever a water leak, seepage, or water intrusion.

Antibiotics are made from mold! And while they may help the secondary infections the mold causes they are also very bad for people who are mold allergic as you are ingesting the by product of mold. Bad combination especially if living in mold.

Cutting holes in the wall is a good thing if you have the equipment to test properly otherwise it is like trying to put together a 10,000 piece puzzle without knowing what the picture looks like and missing a third of the pieces. Sadly mold is a tricky opponent and depending on the type, it can grow in small isolated areas wreaking havoc on your health by putting VOCís out which make you very sick all the while it is hard to find! The gravity mold plates you may read about on the Internet are just one tool and should not be a primary method for testing as some of the worst toxic mold spores are either too dense or too light to properly settle on the plates. This creates a huge problem as you can get a clean bill of health, meanwhile something super toxic like Stachybotrys Chartarum or Penecillium is growing undetected making you unbelievably sick. And there are many laws in place now (I believe written by the insurance companies) which protect the landlord from having to remediate it properly even once it is found!

Thatís why testing by a reputable mold assessor is the preferred way to do it as they are not involved with the actual clean up (so no bias there) and they have all the equipment to properly check it out. If you are renting and can smell mold and especially if you have symptoms since you moved there, then in my opinion there is no reason to persist with trying to make that space work for you -- MOVE asap. If you own, well the sooner you address it the better. Time is not on your side where mold is concerned as it can become deeply entrenched and more difficult to remediate the longer it molders.

My hope for each of you is that all the answers you need to make the decisions necessary to ensure your well being will come to you quickly,

chocoholic1956 12-21-2008 08:30 PM

Re: Mold is making us sick???
I want to say I am so sorry for all of you who can not breathe BUT I am also relieved to see I am not alone sighhh . I am so sick of having my nebulizer constantly going. I am so sick of not being able to breath. I get really angry at night because it is the worst time for me. Below is what I am posting on all the Lung boards I can. Hopefully I can help someone who may have mold and didnt know it was killing them. and maybe someone has my answer to my question. It is just so funny I was in and out of ER's and that and now 2 yrs in new home I havent been to ER or Hospital..
God Bless all of you and When I cant breathe I will pray for all of you when I cry out to God to please ease my lungs
I lived in a MOLD filled rental for 5 yrs and was in and out of ER's and Hospitals at least 6 times a month.. I stopped breathing on the way to the ER in the 5th yr I lived there . I moved into a mold free home we are buying in April of 2007 and I have not been to the ER or Hospital since. I do have very very bad breathing problems still and I use my nebulizer constantly. I even hve one hooked in the car because walking a short distance will get me. I was diagnosed with a paralyzed right diaphram and it 2 doctors said it happened about 2 yrs ago.. THIS WAS WHEN I quit breathing on way to the hospital. I tried to explain to the doctors how tight my chest was.. it was horriable!! I couldnt even inhale for abreath before things faded and I woke up with about 20 people all poking and prodding at me.
\Could mold exposure have been a culprit of this??? I feel it was but I need hard evidence for a lawsuit I am in. My lawyers just dont know this much about mold and me telling them all the facts on it ( since I have researched it for 4 yrs ) does not help my case. Need to know ..Florida is so behind in Mold toxicity..NO doctor here knows a thing about it either!! Everytime I went into the hospital and ER I asked everyone. You know about mold ,,you know about mold.. They looked at me like I was crazy..I took photos galore before I moved and also photos of before ,during and after on how my slum lord covered up the mold and didnt remove it. One of the mainteinece men who worked on it knew it was bad and he said the slum lord told him.. I am not paying out money to tear down roofs and walls .. I am trying to make money not lose it. Siggh what kills me is there is 150 more units and they look like mine. People are slowly dying there and I cant get no one to listen to me.
If anyone can help in any of this please do.. When I am done with this and law suit I am going to travel and teach as many as I can about mold. The medical drug companies dont want to hear that mold is making so many illnesses.. Get rid of mold and get rid of illness. all my families rashes and headaches,body aches,breathing except mine is gone.

sharewithme 12-22-2008 07:45 AM

Re: Mold is making us sick???
[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Purple"]Chocoholic1956:
So glad to hear that your family got so much better. I too still have breathing problems although it is no longer severe. It seems the respiratory problems are typical for hanging on. Have you ever worked on yeast in your body? The yeast is a dead given with high enough mold exposures, especially of certain types and can cause all kinds of health problems long beyond the mold exposures. Also it is possible to have mold growing in your sinus cavities and lungs. Have you been checked/treated for that by a knowledgable Dr.?[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][/FONT][/COLOR][/FONT]

chocoholic1956 12-22-2008 11:25 AM

Re: Mold is making us sick???
yeast???? by the way thank you for replying back. Hmmm I will have to see about the yeast,,What I have one is 1. had blood test and it showed traces of mold in blood BUTTTTTTTTT IN THE STATE of FL that is not good enough. Yea I may have it and yes my rental was full of it in every room but the lawyers say the slumlords side will say "so how do we know she got it there " AHHHHHHHHH ..If I was in CA this would have been cut and dried.
2 nest thing was the breathing tests, mri and xrays and they saw a right diaphram not working. I tried to explain how tight my chest was for what my brother said was about 18 min. He said when I slumped down and stopped breathing it was about 6 of those minutes. Take a deep breath and try to talk. That is how my chest felt. There was noooooo expansion for even the slightest wiff of air
I will check this out you told me. I am just so tired of living with a Hookah hanging out of my mouth. (daughter calls it that lol. ) But ayway if I can get enough money to set my kids, family, some people I may come across that are in need WITH KIDS and of course animals who need help I will live what life I have sucking on the air hose. 1 lung is worth the happiness it could bring and I am not afraid of dying. I did it in the car that day an it was peaceful. I remember my chest on fire an scared so bad then all of a sudden I felt peaceful and didnt hurt. I looked at my broter who was racing to the eR and said I cant hold on no more and he said my lips turned blue and my face was white and had that death stare. My eyes didnt close. I know God spared me for a reason and I am goin to use this second chance to help others with mold
Keep in touch with me Mold buddy.. \
Have a very Blessed day and a nice Xmas

sharewithme 12-30-2008 08:13 AM

Re: Mold is making us sick???
[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Purple"]Dear Chocoholic1956:
You have most certainly had a serious time of it. I feel for you. Do you know what genus of mold was in the apt.? Aspergillus is commonly known to prooduce serious respiratory symptoms. It can even progress to aspergilliosis (sp?) a very serious illness which can be correctly disgnosed if the Dr is willing to look at that possibility. Would help if you knew what genus it was.
Did you keep furniture and clothing from the time you lived in that apt? They are particualrily susceptible to mold infection and will carry the spores and mycotoxins with them, continuing to make you sick!
Hope you and yours have a happy holiday season. And that you have more good days than bad.

chocoholic1956 01-07-2009 09:30 AM

Re: Mold is making us sick???
This was real bad in my bath off of my bedroom..Aspergillus.. I just hate that Florida ia so ignorant on this. I have been in our new house for two years and no ER or hospital runs ..duhhhhhhhh go figure. Just thinking about this makes me so mad. I did have to go to he ER tho last Thur.. I caught this hacking virus everyone has ad it makes me scared just having the 1 lung to have this mess. Right now I am coughing my head off while writing you. They gave me some antibiotics but the cough lingers.
I just despartly want to find some people that have lived and gotten sick with mold and any lawyers or doctors that can help me show this stupid State that mold KILLS!! I made a run rea quick to the place I use to rent and the Slum lord is still renting out mine and 200 others in same shape and I can not get anyone to shut him down.. It is so sad to see these families living in death homes..
Thank you so much for your help.. If you hear of any other way to get this State to straighten up and take notice let me know
Have a very Blessed day
and yes the Holidays we made it thru lol.. Just glad they are over

sharewithme 01-25-2009 11:15 AM

Re: Mold is making us sick???
[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Purple"]Dear chocoholic1956:

It really depends on the laws in your state. Unfortunately in most states, the insurance companies got the laws written so that they either have no liability or it is so limited as to be almost nonexistent. In my case there was a $10,000.- limit and because the water intrusion originated at ground level and because I did not have flood insurance, they had zero liability. And remember now, I owned my own home.

I now live in Texas and here, the laws on rentals exclude any liabilty on the part of the landlord if they own less than 10 units. There is also a stipulation (even on 10 units or more) that the mold must be visible within the apt. before any repairs must be done by the landlord and get this -- crawl spaces, attics and basements are exempt. That is so obviously written by an insurance company it is pitiful as most mold starts in these areas and by the time it is detectable the problem is usually really bad.

I sympathize with how you feel. The most important thing is that you got out and hopefully will continue to improve.
One word of advice. Learn about multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) as the odds are very high that you will develop it since you were so affected by mold. Your lung problems may be further affected by things you don't suspect like new pillows, cleaning agents, fabric softeners, paints, perfume, air fresheners, pressed board furiniture, to name just a few.

Hope this helps,
-share [/COLOR][/FONT]

jodiojeda 05-29-2009 08:37 PM

Re: Mold is making us sick???
[B][COLOR="Magenta"]I pray that the post's keep coming in!! On December 1st 2006, my husband, myself and 5 son's moved into a house that was built in the 1930's. Within a week of moving in I began getting very ill. This continued for 2 year's and worsened quite rapidly. My husband and children began getting ill as well and I knew there was something more than it just being me. Nobody believed me, not my family, friend's, doctor's...NOBODY! I thought for a while I had to be crazy but the worse we got the more determined I became to figure it all out! I could not sit here at the moment and give our entire story but I will say it was the worst experience of my life...OUR LIVES!

Let me tell you all this...The internet is only your enemy if you make it that! You can also make it your best friend and that is exactly what I did! I quickly learned that my DR didn't know crap! Nor did my family and friend's!

I became far more educated in mold and the body than anyone I have met or known personally! You name the effect and someone in my immediate family had it!! We were all fading...FAST! Something in me told me that if I stayed in that house I would die from it! I couldn't afford the private lab work so I followed a simple mold test that I learned on the internet...Leave and go to a sterile environment like a nice hotel room. Get new clothes to wear only in the room! Strip naked before you enter your room (1 person at a time) run to the shower and cleanse your body before putting on your new clothes! If you begin to feel better and then get sick when you go back home...IT'S YOUR HOUSE! If it's your house...GET OUT! We did exactly that! We ticked off a lot of people but my family matter's more to me than any ignorant fool who thought they knew it all and knew nothing!

Anyway, I had a 3000sqft home with 6 bedroom's! Every new item you could think of! I had just bought a leather living room set 2 week's prior to the final blow! My husband and I had great job's and money falling out of our ear's! My kid's wanted for nothing! We drove away with a car and 2 changes of clothing! We threw it all away! I would have felt guilty if I had given my thing's away and it made someone else sick! To sterilize my thing's and get the spores out would have been nearly impossible!

I talked to a DR who said that he had several patient's in our situation who had moved to Arizona and regained their quality of life and were able to begin the healing process! I said "I'm Gone"! I loaded up my kid's and we have been in Southern Arizona for 6 month's! We have not felt this good in year's!! I have learned a lot and have found many home remedies that are cheap! I have no regret's! We are happier than ever and we haven't been this poor in a decade!! We barely make it but we are healthier than we were!

I wish you all the best of health!!
Jodi [/COLOR][/B]

suggi 05-30-2009 04:54 PM

Re: Mold is making us sick???

We have had almost the same problem but do not have any money to move. We had a rotten, moldy garage window professionally remediated (under the bedroom window) 2 years ago as we had a horrible smell as soon as spring hit that lasted thru till the fall and then was gone in the winter. The next spring the same thing happened and we called in an inspector who said their was moisture under the window. Back came the remediators who took everything apart and cleaned everything out and fogged the cavity. Guess what this spring -- back again worse than ever. Had the inspector come out again and he found no moisture and thought the smell might be coming from the gas cans in the garage below for the snow blower so we moved them out. Smell is getting worse. I then put 6 ml plastic over the wall outlets and a hole in the wall for a picture hanger on the side abutting the tub and shower in the bathroom and the smell seems to have gone away although it has gotten quite chilly again here so hard to tell. Also, when the central air is on the smell is gone I guess because of the air circulation. I am so afraid that there is a problem behind the tile in the shower as so far in this house we have spent over $40,000 on mold remediation. We had to have the basement and 1st level done 3 years ago because we have water intrusion occasionally and when we bought the house we had wood partititions down there and were too stupid to take them out when we found out about the water (the former owner who has since died had taken out the sump pump so we did not have a clue that water came in until a big storm put about 2" of water down there. Hubby had to open the sewer pipe to drain out the water. My neighbor said they did have a sump pump in there when they lived there -- how sneaky, right?

Ever since then I have been sick and my husband is showing signs of being ill. I just can't take anymore and have nowhere to go. All that is left is our credit cards - hubby's job doesn't pay that much. He got laid off and took a lower paying least he has one. I am sickly, had a mastectomy and am 71 and can't work. He is a bit younger than me and can't collect SS yet which will not be enough anyway with our bills. Mold has ruined our lives. What has been remediated is fine but we keep finding more other places. Can you imagine how much the bathroom would be if in fact that is where the smell is coming from. Sometimes it seems almost to be in the doorway which doesn't make any sense at all.

Thanks for letting me vent. Just wanted you to know also that I found out even though Arizona is dry there is a deadly mold in that state. I can't think of the name right now.....also be careful of mice and the Hanta virus. If you have a garage don't sweep it. Someone hubby works with is from Arizona and she told him she came here to get away from Arizona because of both of those problems. I think the mold problem has something to do with the a/c use but I am not sure.

Take care.

jodiojeda 05-31-2009 08:49 AM

Re: Mold is making us sick???
(1 of 2) [B][COLOR="Magenta"]Suggi,
Thank you very much for your reply! I did not know that about Arizona! I do know that there is mold here as well and there are thing's here that have made us ill at times. However, we feel 100 times better here than we did in Oregon and the sun and weather have allowed us to heal much faster than had we stayed. For the past three year's I was bed ridden most of the time. I lived at the doctor's! My kid's say "We lost our mom"! I couldn't do the simple thing's and going to sport games or school program's was impossible for me! I could no longer do birthday party's for my kid's or attend graduation's for my neices and nephew's! I felt as though I was a burden to all of those around me. My outside family member's advised me to snap out of it and said it was self pity and depression, (many DR's agreed). At times I thought that they were right. However, through it all something told me "NO"! "Your house is the culprit"! Here, although not perfect, I am regaining an ability to live again! I have more good day's than bad, in Oregon, it was more bad day's than good.
When I realized it was my house, we rented a motel room for several day's. Money was running out quickly. We then rented a brand new house across town. We were there a week and we did better than at my old house but still not well enough. I had found a new DR. about a year prior to the "mold explosion". They beleived me that I was sick and they diagnosed me with "Fibromyalgia". I alway's beleived this condition existed but had always felt that there was something that caused it. That sent me on a mission to find a common link between all of those I met who had it. And "BOOM"! Mold! Some knew they were exposed to mold and some didn't realize it until I pointed out that they had mold as well! Anyway, Once I knew "FOR SURE" that we had mold and it was the cause of my illness, I told my DR. He said "That's why we're here"! He said they couldn't go around saying it because there would be a great wrath against them by the medical field. They just treat the patient's as best as they can and hope for people to figure it all out. He informed me that once we are exposed, it is hard to recover in the same environment. On top of the mold, the small town we lived in was an industrial town. I live down the river from a paper mill! Well...I learned that paper mill's release Mycotoxin and Aflatoxin (among other's) into the air and many beleive that they are causing many odd cancer's in people! My neighborhood was greatly affected! After the "Mold Explosion" (when it got to it's worse and we all had severe effect's and realized it was mold) my husband and I went for a walk and visited with our neighbor's asking them about their health! We were blown away! Every Man, Woman, and child in our neighborhood had some sort of illness or ailment. My mother lived directly behind me. My step-father (20+yrs) was diagnosed with cancer that had riddled his body and he died 4 week's later. My mother remarried a very healthy man who lived 45 minutes away from us. Prior to moving in to my mother's house he had been given a clean bill of health. Less than a year later he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. A woman across the street from us had suffered many, many miscarages! I have a friend whose family lived in our area and I can not tell you how many of her family member's have died in the last 15 year's with different cancer's. Including a 26 year old cousin (Tanna). Tanna was captain of her cheer squad and later became the coach up until she fell ill. She was extremely healthy. She grew up in that area, married and bought a house near by. Tanna passed away with a rare liver cancer that they usually only see in 3rd world countries. Every home that I know of that they(family member's) lived in had "Musty smell", "Mold", and/or "Basement's"!
One thing to consider about basement's (besides the obvious) is that they are generaly under ground surrouned by dirt. Dirt is saturated with mold!
OK, on to the money you are throwing into the fire! We had bought our home through my mother. She had better credit and could get a lower interest rate. She took it upon herself to check into the purchase of this house and began the process. She then asked if we wanted to buy it as basically an owner carry. We agreed. Every penny for the purchase & remodeling was our's. When it came time to begin the process she refused to allow us in on the detail's and we were unable to make any decision's about the pre-purchase term's and agreement. Next, after the purchase, she refused to put anything in writing stating what the condition's were. We quickly realized that it was our money but never really our house. When we began investigating the history of the house, we found out that my mom never had an inspector come in before the purchase was final! This was 2+ year's later when we found this out! But, we didn't want to leave her with the payment so we kept chuggin' along. When I began to suspect that it was mold, I told her (as we were not allowed to deal with the insurance) and she refused to help us find out anything or push the insurance co. for help. The mold was there before we got there and I believed the previous owner's knew this. My mother wouldn't help us pursue that avenue either. The only help she offered was her advice..."Go back home, make the payment, get over it & shut up about it"! Meanwhile, my husband (who never complain's) and my children began falling apart as well! That was the straw that broke the camel's back! We were left with 2 choices...Stay and hope to get better (that hadn't worked in 3 years) or say "Screw it all" and walk away and let her deal with the house! It was the worse decision I ever had to make but we know it was the right one. As you can imagine we no longer speak to my mother but not much of a loss, she was very abusive while we were children and when we got too big to hit she played a lot of head games and went for the throat emotionally/mentally. Being away from her has given me a sense of freedom that I never knew existed! I don't mean to get into all of my personal stuff as I am generally quiet, private and I only like to speak of good especially when it comes to other's. I just really want those who may read this realize the extreme we went to in order to escape the devastating effect's of mold. Those who know us (church, friend's, etc.) knew that if we were willing to do all of this including walking away from my home when we were really tied to it, it must have been bad. We were the most financially prospeous in our family and we were the ones that everyone came to for help and we gave whatever was needed. We took in anyone who needed a place to go. We were a foster home and a shelter home to teenager's. We gave it all up for the sake of health! We lost our saving's in 3 month's by trying to fix the problem ourself. We really felt we had no other option than to walk away from it all. To take our belonging's was a big risk. The mycotoxin follow's you everywhere! We let it all go and walked away. But, even today, looking back, I stand by our decision. We left the house with a large appreciation value on it. I never would have tried to sell it because the toxin's in it are deadly especially to children and the elderly. We did home air quality test's that came back confirming that the level's of mold in my house were potentially lethal. There were more mold's in one petrie dish than that of what they had ever seen before! Even the lab said "GET OUT"!
OK, So here is a history run down to the start of it all. I am going to add another post telling you the rest as this one is quite long! LOL! Sorry! My hope is that this may encourage at least one other person to walk away for the sake of health & life![/COLOR][/B]

jodiojeda 05-31-2009 10:53 AM

Re: Mold is making us sick???
(continued) (2 of 2) [B][COLOR="Magenta"]Suggi,
So, to finish my reply! Oh, I am so sorry for the length! I just get so excited when someone will listen! Let me move on to some thing's I have learned that I am certain will help you and your health!
Generally the husband and children get ill last because they are at work, school etc. and the wives are home a lot more than them. Obviouslly, my first piece of advice is to get out and leave it all behind. If you feel ok about it, get your house to look as good as it can, keep quiet and put it on the market. I, myself, just couldn't, but if you can...DO IT! I guarantee you won't remove the mold completely by dumping thousand's of dollar's into it! Other's will get rich by your generousity, and you will go broke. No matter what you do, the toxin will remain! The few thing's I couldn't bear to let go of are neatly packed up in a storage unit. You have already built up a sensitivity to it and it will only get worse. Don't fall for the mold inspector's! They know nothing! We had 3 come to our house and I paid good money for them. What I learned is that they take a little class and they become inspector's! I knew more than all 3! I taught them stuff about mold! They would try to disregard something or down play the severity and I would pull out my knowledge and they couldn't argue a thing! One guy said "You know too much for me to give you all of our B.S. mumbo jumbo. You know what you need to do if you want to recover. He said I could keep dishing out cash but all we are paying for is peace of mind! The test they run are the same as you get from home depot. Most mold companies even send it to the same lab and they will charge several hundred dollar's more for what would cost you $100. Mold inspector's will only detect mold up to 30% of the time. If you really want to find the mold get a mold sniffing dog. They find it somewhere around 80% of the time. However, the mycotoxin's are already everywhere. If you can sell your house and buy a brand new one then that is the way to go. Any apartment or previously owned home will very likely have the same problem. The severity may be at a lower level but it can still continue to make you ill. If you just can't do it, then do what you can to get out. If you still can't, here is what you do.
About the A/C, yep! You're right! It is making you ill! Your furnace is probablly saturated with mold spores as well! Get your duct's cleaned! Check around to find what method's they use. If it sound's too simple...It is! Replace the filter on your furnace every 3 week's. You can buy a great filter at walmart for about $10-$15. I forgot the brand but you will know it when you see it. It will say that it help's trap mold and dust mites. You can also add these cheap little filter's (walmart) that you put inside of the vent's. This will help trap a bit more of the allergen's! Get a sponge mop and a bucket of either bleach (wear a mask) or hydrogen peroxide or "Grapefruit seed extract" (follow mixing directions). Mop your wall's and the ceiling if you can. Wipe down everything in your house, floor's as well! Take a few day's if you need to. I can get it all done (w/help from hubby and kid's) in 2 hour's. We try to do this once a week. Get a good air filter w/ a hepa filtration system! Put one in every room if you can and let those puppies run 24/7! Get a cool mist humidifier for your bedroom and living room. (remember, you may need to dehumidify after you run the other, depending on the climate that you live in). Run this at night! Dehumidify in the day. We live in a dry climate so we let nature run it's course! Add 1/4 cup of "3% Hydrogen peroxide" to the water! You will begin to feel great every morning when you wake up! And, this will help purify the air! Keep your air filter's running as well.
Get an "Ozone Machine". <[COLOR="Black"]removed[/COLOR]> You will want to get 2 of these. One type is mounted into your furnace. This will purify your air, duct's, and furnace. It will also allow you to shock treat the entire house when you want to. If someone say's it doesn't work...They don't know what they're talking about! Ask if they have ever owned one! Mine has been the greatest tool thus far.
The other ozone you will want to get is a smaller portable one. This way if you want to shock treat one area...You can! <[COLOR="Black"]removed[/COLOR]> Some say it's a bad idea but those of us who have fallen ill due to mold and now have our ozone's will beg to differ! "I LOVE MINE"! I ozone my bedroom every other day at least! Just remember to air it out really good and use your air filter's after ozone to help clear out the ozone. Ozone kill's mold, bacteria, dust mites, etc. just too much to list here. You will learn as you research. We rarely get sick and if we do it's mild and doesn't last a day! There is another product out there that cleanses with hydrogen peroxide you might want to check into. Adding that with the above will only purify your air that much more! Keep the dust down by vacuuming your furniture (use a hepa vacuum) your mattress', window seal's, etc. Wash drapes and bedding once a week. Get mattress and pillow protector's. Walmart has some great ones. Bleach or H.P. (hydrogen peroxide) or GSE all of your drain's and bathroom's once a week. I know, sound's overwhelming but it does become part of your routine and is not as tough as it sound's. I still have "4" son's at home and we are able to do it. People actually come to my house to breathe the air in my home because it is so close to pure oxygen. You will notice that you gain better health and energy like never before! Company has told us that they feel more clear minded in my home and their fog brain goes away until they go back home.
I would also suggest that you use as much natural cleaning product as you can. I try to stay away from bleach but sometimes I just feel I need that stronger cleaning agent. However, I did just buy "GSE" (grapefruit seed extract) and that is supposed to be better than any of the above and more potent! We are going to try that starting today. A little bit goes a long way. <[COLOR="Black"]removed[/COLOR]> LOL! Sorry Suggi! I'm telling you, I can go on & on! But, If you could have seen me a year ago compared to today you would be shocked & amazed at the change in my life! I have friend's who didn't want to hear none of my health advice! They literally ran from me! Hahaha! Once they witnessed the transformation in me, they have "ALL" come running back to get my coaching in health & happiness! They too are beginning to feel better than ever! Oh, Also, take at least 2 shower's per day! Alway's shower before you crawl into your bed. You can make this shower a simple one, just quickly was your body and get out! Anytime you go somewhere enclosed that has high traffic, shower as soon as you get home and throw your clothes in the wash! We have had to quit attending our Church for the time being because we were getting too sick there, especially when the air system would kick on. We noticed as soon as it came on we couldn't keep our eyes open. Have you ever felt awake and energized and then layed on your couch to watch a show and all of a sudden you are too tired to keep your eye's open? Your couch is saturated with the mycotoxin's. Pay attention to all of your surrounding's and when you start to feel tired or ill, ask yourself..."What just changed"?
Well, I need to shower now. When I get done, I will add another post with some websites and some supplement's to get started on.
I truly pray that these long winded post's help someone! I wish I could shorten them but I am already leaving out so many important detail's!
Until my next post, I wish you all the best of health today!

suggi 05-31-2009 11:52 AM

Re: Mold is making us sick???
Thanks for all the info. I am still taking it all in. However, my kids think we are crazy re: the mold and the docs are no better. They know nothing about mold at all. I have no one to ask for help in cleaning so I do the best I can. Being sick and 71 I can not do too much without feeling really terrible the next day. I also have Crohns disease, bad osteoporosis, fibromygelia, vaginitis, vulvitis, prolapsed urethra, chronic sinusitis, bad immune system, many allergies to drugs, I could go on and on. I am down to 2 antibiotics now that I can take and I become allergic to the drugs over time so I am praying that doesn't happen with the 2 I have left but it is scary. I try to stay away from them but sometimes you just can't. The only flu shot I can have is the Fluzone Preservative free - allergic to thimerasol AND NEOMYCIN. Neomycin or one in that family is in all other flu shots and in most vaccines. I almost died from a flu shot with neomycin in it.

Our house runs humid so I do have 2 dehumidifiers. I have been putting a litle bleach in the pan but think I will switch to HP...thank you. The basement one keeps getting black where the water runs down that is collected from the air so there is something in the basement that is in the air that is not good and I did bleach the floor and then vacuum after the "mouse dropping clean up they did with their filthy vacuum that probably hasn't been cleaned in a year and it smelled like the bag must have been overfull with feces from who knows what animals before they got to me". Couldn't do it myself in the rafters with the central vac so hubby said we have to let them do it.......WRONG. Think they made it worse. Don't know how to disinfect the basement....too tired. Hubby too. Have an air purifier down there as well as the dehumidifier.

Write back please keep in touch. Thanks. (I think the black is coming from the fan or something as I clean the filter very often with the bucket and still get black like the day after the cleaning.) Can't get at the fan.

suggi 06-01-2009 11:56 PM

Re: Mold related illness
The inspector came today and it looks like I have to get the remediators back for the bathroom wall. Right now I have the electric outlets covered with plastic so there is no smell. Nothing smells in the bathroom but that is where the tearing apart will be. Also he took off the panel in the closet where the shut off valve is and found old dried black mold in there. That has to be taken care of also. In the meantime what do I do with everything that was in the closet and was anything contaminated in there since the panel doesnt fit that tight. Most of that stuff is in other rooms.

When he left hubby fogged th closet and bedrroom with concrobium. He also does the air conditioning ductwork with it in the fall. It kills and encapsulaes and is non toxic and would eliminate all the hydrogen peroxide cleaning. You have to use a cold fogger.

I don't have forced hot air so have no furnace filter.

Please write again.

chocoholic1956 06-04-2009 04:04 AM

Re: Mold is making us sick???
Good Morning Sharewithme

I <will be filing a lawsuit>.
Have a Blessed day

China1976 09-20-2011 02:09 PM

Re: Mold is making us sick???
All of the information I have read about Mold Related Illnesses has been good; thanks for sharing and I'm sorry for everyone's suffering. I just wanted to say thanks for the info about how furniture can still carry the mold.... this was new to me and I hadn't even considered this so thanks; this was valuable information.

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