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frusterated2 02-18-2011 12:02 PM

Mold... Aprilaire Humidifier Filter
Well as you can see by my name I'm completely frusterated! Im actually on here on behalf of my 32 year old husband as he is that has been really ill the past year and a half - well just a weird ill on and off. He has had severe migraines, shoulder blade pain, nausea all day, fatique, numbness in face, yellowing/Red eyes usually, Hive on face, so on so on... and we have been too so many doctors he has been to Neurologist, spine specialist (where he had cortozone shots - which did nothing), GI doctor because he has heartburn all the time, chiropractor, physical therepy, 2 regular family doctors and mulitple ER visits when his migraine pain gets so out of control he can't handle it. We sit there for hours because it takes so much to get the pain under control. He recently had a Kidney Stone and complains of kidney/bladder pain. What do you know every test comes back 'normal'. He does have A-fib but yet they say the heart looks really healthy. Anyhow, recently I was forwarded a email about Toxic mold and migraines by a friend. So I started looking into... Scary you know how the internet is when you are looking for something. But he has most of the symptoms. So I started looking around and cleaning as I also have been so really fatigue but I just thought I was being more lazy since Im home all day. In 2008 we had a Aprilaire unit (humidifire) installed on our furnance and never told we had to change the filter in it - which now I know should be done 2xs a heating season.... so I pulled off the front and it was caked with Mold and Hard water or perhaps old dryed mold. I immeditaly took it out with my bare hands (dumb) and brought it upstairs.. now I have had a tight chest and a throbbing headache and Nausea the past 2 days. I have cleaned the area and installed a new filter. But now I feel like a bus hit me so it raisies the question is this what he has been dealing with for so long? They say everything has came back normal and he is just dealing with Migraines (which he has had them when he was growing up but he even says they are not the same migraines he can function and it doens't bother looking at lights like it used too) So now Im at a stand still. The neurologist has him on headache meds (Toprimate - Imtrex) he also takes Anxiety pills (Xanex), one for heatburn everyday althought that test came back fine and also is taking Percocet because of the pain. I think alot of these meds cause rebound headaches for him though and it has been a cycle over and over. Just looking online it is going to be a issue trying to find a doctor that knows the effect mold can have. Ive called the Mayo Clinic and they don't do any testing for Mold. I don't know where to go from here.... The mold has been cleaned up and our ducts are getting cleaned in a couple of days. We have been breathing in Mold Spores for at least a couple of years now. I have made tons of calls and transferred from person to person. Does anyone know what they test in the blood to see if mold is present? Help Please!

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