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luciyaa 02-05-2020 09:02 PM

Life after epilepsy surgery ...
Greetings all,
I had temporal lobe epilepsy surgery about a year ago and it definitely has not been easy. There really needs to be more info out there about what happens after and not could happen. I have adult onset epi, I didn't get this until my 30's , and not from any injury.. Definitely a life changing thing. After the surgery I have had serious depression and they have been all over the place trying to find something that helps. There are days I just plummet and for no reason and than the next few days its ok... It is so hard dealing with this alone and not having anyone to talk to who gets it..... So has anyone else had the surgery??


danabarb 02-07-2020 08:25 PM

Re: Life after epilepsy surgery....
I have not had this surgery, but some neurologist told me years ago, I would be a perfect candidate and I highly questioned his word. I would be upset if I were you! Neurologists are quick to tell you this will help and that will help, but I doubt most of their words. They have drugged to me to the hill-years ago-just to try out different medications when I had been on something that I could live with, even though not controlled. I just recently read there is some new device they can plant in the brain that will help, but no one goes on to say the horrors of brain surgery. Keep your chin up, if possible.

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