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  • Am I having seizures??

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    Old 11-11-2003, 10:21 AM   #1
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    Unhappy Am I having seizures??

    Date Posted: 11/10/2003 11:20 AM

    What is going on??? Let me explain. Last year for about a week straight I had these dreams. Finally they just went away. Until recently, I had one again a couple weeks ago, and then again last night. The dream itself is never the same, but what takes place in the dream is the same. For example, last night I dreamt that I was visiting a daycare w/ my daughter and I was trying to talk to the other parents and what happens is that my tounge draws up kind of like a charlie horse and my tounge gets real stiff and starts twisting up in my mouth. My tounge is really tight and twisted in a ball and I can't talk. I often have to stick my hands in my mouth to try to "untwist" my tounge,(not really, but in the dream) but after a few seconds it goes back the same way. It's what I would imagine would happen in one's mouth when one is having a seizure. I woke up only for a second and fell back asleep. I dreamt that I was still awake and I was standing in the bathroom (i'm dreaming that I'm awake) and I'm showing my husband in the mirror this seizure like thing that is happening in my mouth. I awoke from the dream suddenly and as I lied there I was trying to see if my tounge was pushed up against anything in my mouth, or if I was tensing my mouth in my sleep. It didn't seem like I was. Nothing like this happens when I'm awake, and when I awake from these dreams, the tounge thing isn't really happening, in fact, I feel fine. I'm not confused or anything. The dream a couple weeks ago was that I was at a friends house and we were looking at my wedding pictures, and everytime I would try to talk my tounge would start drawing up and twisting up in my mouth again. I finally awoke and was so frightened that I went and sat on the couch, but when I woke my tounge did feel tight and "overworked" kind of. It wasn't anything like what happens in the dream..just like I had been using my tounge a lot, or tensing it. Like I said I had these dreams for a week straight about a year ago. I recently called the "ask a nurse" line w/ my health insurance company and explained this to her..she said she had never heard of anything like this. I told her I think I'm having seizures in my sleep or something. She said she doesn't think so, but that she didn't know what it was. When I had the dream a couple weeks ago, it scared me so much that I refused to sleep in our bed since that is where it happened. So hubby and I have been sleeping on the couch for about a month. Well, this time it happened on the couch. The dream itself isn't horribly scary. It's the fact that I'm afraid that I'm having seizures or something in my sleep that scares me. I'm REALLY worried about this. I've tried to see if there is a pattern w/ this. Does it happen when I'm anxious right before bed? Does it happen when my mouth is dry right before bed?..etc. I was anxious before bed last night and the w/ the last dream but I've been a lot more anxious than those 2 times and It didn't happen. Also about 2 weeks (about a week after the dream) I was having trouble eating and speaking. When I would, the back of my tounge would feel like it's swelling or like it's getting tight (like if one has been vomiting frequently) like my tounge muscle is overworked) but it finally went away. I don't know what is going on, and my doctor just thinks I'm crazy anyway. I suffer from extreme anxiety and panic attacks...the doctor said it's possible that i am tensing my mouth and tounge from being so anxious all the time, and it's effecting my sleep..but since I'm on meds for the anxiety and it's still happening..he wanted me to get a neurological exam, especially since I mentioned seizures. I afterward freaked out and called the "ask a nurse" hotline again..and she said she doesn't think this sounds like any kind of seizure, she thinks i'm overwhelmed w/ anxiety, and some people grit their teeth in their sleep from anxiety, she thinks I'm tensing my mouth and tounge. She said if I would've told the doctor the truth....that I am NOT taking anything for my anxiety. I never took the medicine he gave me, then he would've said no wonder. I made an appointment w/ the neurologist. It's in 2 weeks. I think I'm going to have a nervous breakdown. I'm terrified that I'm having seizures in my sleep. I'm not sure I even know what a seizure is..I'm just freaking out.. Does this sound like a seizure?

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    Wow, that sounds horrible for you! I'm not a doctor nor do I know a heck of a lot about anything other than my own experience. I know after I have a seizure, I'm exhausted, I feel horrible, I'm confused and a lot of times I have a headache. Does your husband notice anything? Does he wake up when your having one of your "dreams"? Do you think maybe you have a phobia of seizures? I grind my teeth and clench my jaw from stress a lot too, but I don't recall my tongue ever hurting after - usually my jaw, head and somtimes throat. Stress/anxiety can wreak serious havoc on the body! Why is it that you won't take the meds for anxiety that the dr. gave you? Please let me know how everything goes for you and if you find anything out! Good luck! Jaclyn

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    i've had atonic seizures(sleeping seizures)... I dont rememeber having them I just feel reallllllllllllllllllllly tired and drained when I wake up. When you have a seizure its the electricity in your brain going haywire... i don't believe theres anyway you could have dreams w/ such detail.... dreaming is a normal function of the brain. i really don't think these are seizures, you might just be psyching yourself out. i'm in a sleep & dreams class right now.... your dreams are really your brain putting things from short term memory(what you thought of that day--conscious or subconscious) into long term memory. You may just be thinking about it so much you just keep bringing the dream back into play.
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    I have the SAME thing and I can honestly tell you that I think it's from extreme anxiety. For a long time, I thought I had epilepsy, too. I still haven't ruled it out yet, but my appointment with my neurologist isn't until February. I DO know I have an inner ear disorder, if not epilepsy for reasons other than the tongue thing that I have. I thought I was the only one, too. Everytime I have major vertigo from my inner ear disorder, it happens because it's terrifying. Also, it happens to me when I'm talking to somebody that I don't know and I'm nervous, or sometimes it just happens when I'm having a really anxious day. I do not think that you are having seizures in your sleep, because you haven't really described any other seizure symptoms, but based on the places in your dreams that it happens, it sounds like social situations you're nervous about are coming out in your dreams, and your tongue doing that is a nervous response, kind of like grinding of the teeth. It's a great idea that you're seeing a neurologist just to be sure, but try not to worry, because I have pinpointed this to my anxiety and it may just be the same in your case. Good luck, and I hope you sleep better: )

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    Sounds like a simple, recurring dream to me!

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