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olan 03-11-2004 09:42 PM

Re: Epilepsy or Panic/Anxiety??????
[QUOTE=healthy2b]Hello Everyone.
I will try to make this as short as I can as I could take up 5 pages.
For years, I've had this thing, something happens, extreme deja vu, sick feeling in stomach, left side tingling, then it goes away. I feel tired and sleep afterwards for hours, and for days feel weird, out of it, *****. Only used to happen 4 times a year. The last year it's happening every other month or so.
ALWAYS happens while ovulating or on my period. Catamenial Epilepsy? My first thought. Had 2 EEGs, MRI, 24 hr. EEG (not while symptomatic though) and all were negative. I did not start meds at neurologist suggestion and switched doctors.
New doctor much more open to things. Taking it slow. I will only be convinced it's epilepsy if an EEG is done while symptomatic and I can tell them, yes, while hooked up I had one at 3:30 etc..etc....and then they can check the report, this hasn't been able to be done due to weekends or work schedule etc.
I am trying so hard to find something that talks about deja vu and the sick feeling without being connected to epilepsy. I feel panicked to find something.
I have terrible pms, heavy heavy periods, depression and horrible anxiety and panic at times. I always thought you had to have reason to have anxiety attacks and panic attacks. I didn't know normal fun situations could still enable to have an attack. I didn't know it was a condition by itself. My life is happy, I am content, things are perfect. Yet, for no reason, I have horrible anxiety, sometimes feel like the worlds at doom, no energy, fear etc. Those days I go through the motions, the kids, family etc, to everyone I just seem sad. To me, it's the deja vu episodes, the heart racing, the nervousness, it's all inside me and I keep it there.
I've done tons of research. I came up with other possible solutions, Mitral Valve Prolapse, which I now find out 4 of my immediate relatives have but not major so it was never mentioned. I do have a heart murmur, and my heart feels funny when symptomatic. Panic/Anxiety Disorder, magnesium deficiency or just maybe a hormone problem which would also explain my depression, pms, anger etc.
The episodes are lasting longer too. They used to be 1 or 2 days with a few days of feeling weird. Now they last 5 days and 5 more days of feeling weird. Then I get my period and feel the old me. The energy is amazing, I am happy, bursting with sunshine! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?
Instead of going back to the neurologist, I was thinking of working with my ob/gyn, getting complete hormone testing done. I bought the natural progesterone cream but want to talk to him first. I've started taking vitamins, and additional supplements and have changed my eating and need to lose 40 lbs. I have joined a gym and am going to start going. I just stopped working (not b/c of my health but to be a SAHM and my kids are in school most days and with my husbands full support, I am going to make my health top priority. What is confusing me the most is, if it's epilepsy, why when the minor "seizure" or partial seizure is over, do I have intense anxiety and depression for days afterwards......does heart palps and anxiety and sadness all have to do with epilepsy and seizures????? I am so confused and ****** off at all of this. On good months I forget all about it. Then bam-it comes out of the blue, then I am doubled over with ovulation pain and I remember, oh that's why!
Sorry for going on and on, thanks for listening. Any thoughts would be welcome. I just don't want to believe it's epilepsy and don't want to go on those meds. I am totally against them unless it's absolutely necessary. I want it to be something else. My primary care doctor even though I only go 1 or 2 times a year for bronchitis, acts like I am a total hypochondriac and practically mocks me. He WILL NOT send me to the Mitral Valve Prolapse Center which I need a referral for. I feel they can help me. They deal with ALL my symptoms and have counseling and EVERYTHING.............To show you how crazy this is bothering me, when the deja vu strikes, it's these intense emotions that come over me, thoughts, memories, but I can't place them, I feel sick, nausea,it's like millions of feelings or memories and I know I've lived through them, but the minute the episode is over, I can't remember a thing. Nobody around me says I do anything different and I can even tell them when it's happening, I just put my head down and ride it out, I've even thought maybe I was molested as a child or something, repressed memories, that's when I knew I had to do something b/c I really don't think that's the case, but that's the way it makes me feel, like it's something I can't place, yet remember, but dont..... UGH!!!!!Sorry I am rambling. Thanks.........[/QUOTE]

First, I am male and 50 years of age. I had a traumatic brain injury in 1971.
Lately, I have been having symptoms much like yours. I have been diagnosed with complex-partial seizures. I have had 10 in the last 9 months; the last one was 2 weeks ago!

I begin to have panic problems. Not full blow panic attacks but a light feeling in my chest, a fluttering on the heart, an urge to chew, and sometimes cramping in the stomach. Immediately afterwards I become extremely tired and must go to sleep. I may sleep for 12 hours or more. The after affect is also bad. I am out of it for days, 2 to3.

Others are intense heat moving up out of my abdomen area in 3 distinct waves. Forcing me to remove my shirt. Other times I stumble, become incontinent, or have tremors in my arms and elongated steps.

Some times I see thing out of the corner of my eye or my hearing become acute and noises bother me.

captain kitty 03-13-2004 11:17 PM

Re: Epilepsy or Panic/Anxiety??????
I used to think my epilepsy attacks were panic attacks - maybe they were at one time but since I had a car wreck concussion and coma I now have regular old epilepsy - taking 300 mg Dilantin twice a day and 100 MG Topamax twice a day is that alot? I started to post a lost of junk but you all all have your own problems and I was getting off topic. God Bless. good luck to you folks pray for too!

olan 03-16-2004 10:50 AM

Re: Epilepsy or Panic/Anxiety??????
Dear Healthy2b,

Thank you for your response I am delighted. Our problems are indeed very similar; except, instead of a stroke I had a traumatic brain injury due to a motor vehicle accident. It was very serious, but get this, it was 32 year ago!

Seems the neuro. back then didn't know that later in life people with tbi's will develop epilepsy. The understanding of the brain is so far behind the understanding of say the heart. I have read that they are 50 years behind the others.

My panic attacks are a part of the seizure, the partial part of the complex partial diagnosis; mine emanate from my right temporal lobe. The damage from the auto wreck was a fracture to the left base of the skull. The resulting jarring of the brain also damaged the other side of my brain as it impacted the other side of my skull. I was thrown out the back of a van I was driving as it flipped end-for-end twice. I landed on the cement pavement on my head.

Thank you again,


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