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nsanders 08-27-2004 08:07 PM

4yr old son topamax and keppra help!!
My four year old son is currently on topamax sprinkles 15mg. He takes 9 a day which is 135mg. His doctor is wanting to add Keppra on along with the topamax. I have never heard of Keppra. Is any of you on it and what are the side effects? He says there is no side effects to keppra I know that is not true all meds. have side effects. Can someone plz help me out and let me in on this med. and side effects. Also do u think this may be to much for my four yr old son. He only weighs 25lbs from the topamax with it making him smaller than normal. His neurolgist never thinks its to much no matter what but we have to deal with him he is the only neuro that will see children anywhere around us where we live. I appreciate any input. Thanks
Nikki :confused:

beckybeck61 11-04-2004 04:03 PM

Re: 4yr old son topamax and keppra help!!
My grand-daughter who will be 1 year on November 13th was on Topamax-15 pills (25 mg-total 375 mg a day), Keppra, Phenabarb, Zonagram, and later added Dilantin. However, she just came home from being in our local hospital for 2 weeks because of a 2 hour long seizure followed 3 days later by a 1 hour seizure in Intensive Care and then they transferred her to St. Louis Children's hospital for 1 week to start her on the [B]Ketogenic diet[/B]. We just got home on the 2nd of November. They took her off of the Topamax and Zonagram to start her on the diet and so far she is doing ok. Being on all the meds listed above really had her dopey, so hopefully this diet will work and they will eventually take her off of Phenabarb and dilantin. Not much help but hang in there. :angel:


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