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KaitiePrincess 10-10-2004 09:52 AM

High Dose Topamax and Ritalin?
Hi (It's Kaitie),

My Life has been absolutely FULL of this, that and EVERYTHING else so all I've been doing is READING and I feel totally bad for not posting and letting you all know how happy I am for everyone's milestone markers - and also for being there when every one else is getting a bit stuck (which is where I am now).

So my seizures have been back with a vegence. *FRUSTRATION* I have complex partial ones. I've been making a total FOOL of myself at work, home and with my friends though thankfully they don't know WHY - even my parents are obvlivious and for some reason I try to hide it from them because I (being the strong 22 year old that I am) can handle this on my own - ha ha!) my best friend and new boyfriend are here for me.

Anyway the Seizures are averages two/three/sometimes five or six a DAY.

My NEW and IMPROVED dose of TOPAMAX is 350mg a day...that is SO high! The side affects were UNBEARABLE. ARE unbearable. Sometimes my face goes numb. The first time this happaned I thought I was having a stroke. I burst into tears.

On top of this - I finally bit the bullet on started taking Ritalin for ADD - GODSEND! I'm doing AMAZING in my classes. I got the second highest mark in test in my sociology class at University (I used to be the bottom of the tank). Thats an A by the way! Yay! Okay Okay, enough. The point is - do these interact? I haven't found anything to say they do...

Could the Ritalin be causing all the seizures?

I missed my Neurologist appointment because for some bizzare reason the traffic in Vancouver went INSANE on the ONE morning I couldn't have it do that.

I CRIED AND CRIED in the car because I NEEDED that appointment and there I was on the cell phone having them tell me they'd reschedule it for 3 weeks later at the earliest....


Lisa T 10-12-2004 12:01 PM

Re: High Dose Topamax and Ritalin?
Hey Katie :wave: Don't apoligize about not making it to the board as often as you'd like, we are all guilt of that!! Glad you are here now. So things are alittle frustrating right now on the seizure part, but it sounds as though the ritalin is a good thing!! :D Don't know about any interaction!!??? Sorry, wish I could be more help there!

Mine have been out of whack too, so I have been in some embarrassing situations here lately. So I feel your pain sweetie!! But we are who we are and this just makes us stronger (somehow!! :p ) Glad to hear that you feel comfy with your guy and your friends, but I'm sure your parents would be there for you!!! But I'm no one to tell about that, since at the age of 31, I don't tell mine to much. I figure I have my own family, I don't want them to worry about there grandkids getting taken care of properly (which was brought up ONCE)

I do have a couple of questions for you if you don't mind???? My neuro has decided to up my Topamax from 225 to 300 over the next 9 weeks. For me, this will be fast, I'm pretty sensitive to this med. I saw you are up to 350, any major problems you had to work threw? I already have the no appetite, I cry at the drop of a hat whenever i'm upped, dizziness, coldness (can never get warm!!!), loss of words, numbness to lips and fingers, headaches..... I'm sure there is more but these are the only one that came to mind!!! Thanks for any help!!

Sorry you had to miss your appointment, to bad they wouldn't fit you in! Have a good one and keep your chin up!!!! :wave:


KaitiePrincess 10-14-2004 11:39 PM

Re: High Dose Topamax and Ritalin?

I was up to 375mg for a grand total of one day - and have made an executive decision to go down to 300mg (so we'll be in this one together here).

Basically what my doctor told me (last appointment - the next one I could get is on the 25th of October so still waiting waiting waiting) is increase by 25mg a week until either your seizures are gone or the side affects get the best of you...well guess what - side affects won...BIG TIME.

Aaaahhhhhhhhh!! (and I was complaining at 200mg - yeeshh - mind you the seizure control was nill) The major thing is my muscles ACHE. My thumbs like the muscle between my wrists and thumbs...ouchie ouchie. My shoulders used to ache - like across my back but thats gone a bit...

The usual - memory loss...BIG TIME. Last Saturday was wiped CLEAN - like it never happened - GONE. It was so scary (Ever seen 50 First Dates?) I called my boyfriend and said 'here's a strange one for you...What on earth did I do last saturday?' When he started to explain it - I remembered everything...but I'm not talking like - a few gaps - I mean - like GONE. I can't remember what I did in school yesterday...

I SLEEP through school so that might be why :)
(so yeah - sleepiness - UNBEARABLE)

NUMBNESS - normally I can handle this - but when my face went numb that time - that was the line.

Oh - and the weird one - major major jaw pain.

Terrible confusion when speaking - it's like I forgot how to speak - my boyfriend says I'm dyslexic. "Dyslexic again today?" he says...and then if he sees I'm getting REALLY frustrated 'cause I'll say "...SHUT UP SHUT UP' to myself he'll say "look - don't worry about it..." which is nice but he doesn't quite get it.

Anyway - my doctor keeps pushing keppra and I'm THINKING I might add it in like the tinniest possible dose - it scares me - depression scares me. What do you think?

What else is there for Complex Partials?


Lisa T 10-19-2004 06:16 AM

Re: High Dose Topamax and Ritalin?
I'm all for having a buddy to go thru this with (wish neither of us had to.. but since we do....) :) This has just been a bad week. About all I have accomplished is going to work and then that was a HUGE struggle!!! I come home and go to bed :yawn: because I'm so wiped out. My poor kids don't understand. And my seizures are just not minding their manners!!! :nono:

How are you holding up? Muscle aches.... I never put that with T, but that makes sense!!! I have a real tender spot on my shoulder that I just couldn't figure out, been a few days, no bruise and I knew it was in my muscle... Thanks!!!

Yeah, the memory thing is a pain! I'll go to work after everyone has been off the weekend and they will ask me what I did, I draw a blank. Makes me look like a retard!! :confused: I hate that. Gets to the point, I prefer to hang by myself so I don't say or do anything stupid, you know!! I completely know where you are coming from. Word recall is becoming an issue also. Have you noticed that? I joke at work that the new 'in' word is thingy because I use it so often. Noboby minds but me.

I dropped more weight!!!! Brings my total to 29 pounds since I started on T. I don't have much of an appetite, I'm trying to force it, but my stomach is so upset it doesn't settle with me well!!

What about nosebleeds? I'm having issues with those. Mostly first thing in the morning when I get up. And the killer headaches!!! My magnesium usually helps, but that only seems to be helping some!!

Keppra... I'm not big on it.. bad experience, but that was me.. give it a try if your doc thinks it will help!!

Well sweetie, take care and remember chin up!! :wave:


tkdmom96 10-19-2004 08:23 AM

Re: High Dose Topamax and Ritalin?
Hi Kaitie,

Our Katie has Complex Partial seizures and has been on Keppra for 3 years now, as her main med. She has been ok with side affects. Not too moody and I don't notice any depression.

She also takes Lamictal as add on. Some of the other meds she was on over the years for CP's were: Tegretol, Tegretol XR, Carbatrol, Depakote, Neurontin, Keppra & Lamictal. And combos of some of these.

Katie has been aura and seizure free since her surgery. (still on full load of meds tho 3000mg of Keppra daily and 400mg of Lamictal daily)

We have been blessed. It will be 5 months on Nov. 7th.

Hang in there,

KaitiePrincess 10-25-2004 08:30 PM

Re: High Dose Topamax and Ritalin?
The Neurologist appointment I'd been WAITING for! (Today :) )

Things have been improving some (I made another post - the one asking what the crash was about?) - but by some I do literally mean SOME...and the key thing I forgot to mention is that things crashed majorly when my period came...go figure. How lucky can girls get - first having to deal with a crappy period every month, and then having to deal with seizures on top of it...yeeesh. Okay okay - I'm done venting! Anyway - I'd actually gained some marginal control! Boom baby! It felt great. I'm steady at 350mg of Topamax and the side affects were bearable (though I'm still forgetfull, stuttery and numb) - NOT FOR LONG - period came and then like 25 CP's per day....good god.

So I told my Neuro this today...and that went fine...THEN I told him about the ritalin. Oopps - probably should have asked him about that one BEFORE I started taking it (prescribed by another specialist). He says - yes it is known to increase seizures. What he doesn't know (because I've been taking it for two months now) is wether its doing the damage, or if it's some connection between my period (that we didn't notice before) or if Topamax just isn't working and we need to add something else....

So onto the trial period (three weeks) were we see what happens (cause my period ended yesterday) we're narrowing down the variables. I have to keep darn good track of the evil CP's and then this thursday it's off for the crappy CRAPPY EEG. I HATE THOSE. I HATE hyperventilating until I 'force-seizure' - it's terrifying. Grrrr.

Whats Clobazam? Anyone on that? He says - if it's period-related, I can take that during the cycle - 'cept I'm all over the place - one month its on the 14th - then the 30th, then would that even be possible?

Lisa, what dose are you on now? How are you feeling?


tkdmom96 10-26-2004 09:03 AM

Re: High Dose Topamax and Ritalin?
Hey Kaitie,

How old are you again? We found that our Katie was all over the place with her period inpart, because of the CP seizures (according to the Epi). Katie has never been regular (3 years), until her surgery in June. Since then, she has had 3 cycles and has been within 2 days of a 28 day cycle. Before she was all over the place. It was 26 days, 35, 42, 31, 29 etc. There is a connection with the seizure control and menstrual cycle. More so for the CP seizures. Katie's seizure "HOT" spots were the week before her period began and right after, as the hormones leveled out.

I don't know anything about the relation of Ritalin with seizure meds, just what I have read.

Have you ever had the longer term (VEEG) monitoring done? Now would be a GREAT time to do it since your "on fire". It makes it much easier to catch good info. They wanted Katie in for her VEEG around the time of her period too. It was a 5 day stay.

Has your MRI ever shown anything?

Hang in there,

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