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Krazykcio 05-14-2002 10:22 PM

Brain Lesions/Potassium/Memory Loss similiarities?
Greetings to All,
I am just checking in to see if any of my fellow seizure-sufferers have any of the following similiarities.

Brain Lesions: The MRI of my brain showed a lesion in the occipital region. The Radiologist speculated that it was an area of scar tissue from a childhood injury. (I am now 47.) I had an MRI done in 1988, and there was no mention of a lesion back then. When I brought it to the attention of my Neurologist he suggested that we repeat the MRI in a few months to see if it actually IS scar tissue. Does anyone else have a lesion, or does anyone know if there is a way to determine what a lesion actually is through an MRI? There seems to be a gray area in my case. Any input out there?

Potassium: When I went to the ER for my second seizure I was told that my potassium level was real low. I have heard different views on whether low potassium can cause seizures or not. I'm wondering how many people on this board have been told that they had low potassium around the time of a seizure.

Memory loss: Last, but not least :) , how many "board friends" are suffering from acute ditziness in the memory department? I am always spacing on stuff, and seem to forget things from dates to where I put the tomatoes I just purchased. I even have trouble finding the keys when I type. It is SO frustrating :( !

I am relatively new to this seizure world, and find myself searching for answers. I am SO glad I found this board. It's nice to be able to share some of the stuff that only those suffering from seizures can relate to. Thank you all for being so open in sharing some intensely emotional stuff. I wish there was a magic wand to wave that would eliminate seizures. I'd certainly wave it for each of you! Best to all :) KrazyKathyCio

Kokopelli 05-15-2002 11:38 AM

Memory loss: hmm is that like putting the coffee pot in the microwave for some reason .. they have allways been able to see scar tissue on my thinker... as far as low potassium from what I understand alot of Epileptics suffer this... why I have not been told yet.. I have low potassium and no one ever seems to be too terribly concerned so I just try to keep it up...

sorry I am not much of any help hon


Beth's Mom 05-15-2002 08:18 PM

Krazy Kathy Cio,
Geez, Kathy I am 54 yrs. old and even without seizures (our daughter has them) I forget everything...does not have to be the KoKo said.
A teacher friend of mine who is in remission from cancer told me she was always watching her potassium level..have had many people tell me how important it going to work on with our daughter this summer.

Wish you luck in diagnosis and finding meds that work for you.
Beth's Mom

Krazykcio 05-15-2002 09:49 PM

Hi Beths Mom and Koko,
I realize that memory loss is normal at my a point! I'm talking way beyond normal important dates, or the fact that I am mid-sentence and can't remember the subject. Like I said, it goes way beyond my normal blonde-ditziness! :) I hope it's a med thing...time will tell, since my Doc just called today and said my Carbatrol levels were too high.

As far as the potassium thing, I was just curious to see if there is a pattern in other seizure sufferers. I am being very careful myself. It's kind of funny, my poor hubby is always coming home with dates, figs, spinach and bananas. I think his feeling is...if it could possibly keep me from having another seizure it's worth a try. Oh...Beths Mom, if your sweet daughter likes V8 juice, try "Very Veggie" (we get it at our local health food store. It is high in potassium. Thank you both for your helps to share. Be well, Kathy

Beth's Mom 05-16-2002 07:04 PM

Thanks for the Very Veggie suggestion. Looking for ways to introduce new foods to her.
Beth's Mom

Krazykcio 05-16-2002 09:50 PM

Beth's Mom,
I spent over ten years working with developmentally disabled individuals. I am pretty aware of the difficulties of finding creative ways to introduce new foods...or anything new! :) If Beth likes milkshakes, you might try blending a banana into it. Also, if she likes spaghetti, maybe adding the Very Veggie juice into the sauce would help get some added potassium. Also, adding chopped spinach (fresh) into the sauce would really add some powerful punch! I remember once putting spinach leaves on a cheeseburger for a little one that was anemic...for the iron. It worked! I hope I'm not being a pest....just trying to help. Good luck! Kathy

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