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Kimba523 06-11-2002 05:52 PM

Victory for the disabled!
WooHoo! I just have to let you guys know what’s going on down south in Atl, Ga!

I previously posted an article for the sake of all disabled citizens on all Disability Discussion Boards I could find (I found y’all too late). I suggested that anyone who felt offended by the article or thought it absurd should e-mail the principal and left his e-address.

Just to let you know justice has prevailed, "11Alive News - Atlanta, Georgia" is running an Investigative Report tomorrow (June 12th) on the principal!

Here's a copy of my post:

Mom Upset Over Principal's Stand at Graduation
By Channel 2 Action News- Atlanta, GA

May 27, 2002 -- A Gwinnett County mother plans to file a formal complaint over a graduation controversy.

Masha Mali-Kena was paralyzed in an accident in 1999, but dreamed of walking across the stage to get her high school diploma.

But Thursday night, the principal [Jim Markham] of Berkmar High School refused to grant the young woman's request, pointing to safety concerns.

Masha's mother says she even signed a waiver so the school would not be liable if Masha got hurt.
Any of you who believes that this is the most outrageous and absurd "ruling" you have heard, I implore you stand with me as a fellow disabled citizen and voice your opinion to the principal of Berkmar High School at his e-mail address:

[removed - do not post contact information on this forum]

We are simple, normal people trying to lead simple, normal lives like everyone else. We are unfortunately each burdened with a disability that makes each day more difficult than all other normal beings.

This blessed girl, Masha, who had been graced with the chance to be able to walk again is being denied not only the one-time opportunity to walk across the stage at her graduation ceremony but, ALSO the chance to have the last memory instilled in the minds of her peers be walking instead of in a wheel chair.

Please, if this message has touched you in any way, PLEASE e-mail Jim Markham of Berkmar High School and let him know just how many people he has affected. That he has not just denied a girl her chance to walk at graduation but, has violated the rights of and discriminated against the disabled community as a whole.

Thank you for your time.

I just had to inform my favorite and solely used board about the success. I received so many e-mails stating "I'm going to e-mail [so & so] with [such & such] political standing." Refreshing, isn't it?

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Krazykcio 06-12-2002 02:21 PM

COOOOOOOOOLLLLL! :) :) :) Great work. Kathy

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