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Sudo Fits

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Old 07-22-2003, 12:37 AM   #1
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sleepystar HB User
Post Sudo Fits

does anyone know or have any information on sudo fits? My friend is in hospital right now, she was in for 2 weeks and havingup to 20 fits a day a day, they were very conserned then they changed the ward she was on and a doctor decided she was attention seeking and discharged her, less than 24 hours later she collapsed and had 5 so got admitted to another hospital, they are now saying they aren't phychological like the last hospital said, nor are they epileptic like thought before. i can't find any information on the net about them.

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Old 07-22-2003, 03:45 AM   #2
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Porkette HB User

A psuedo sz. is when a person causes the sz. themself and it's all related to psycological problem or psycological disorder. The person can't handle stress or other matters in their life so they will fake an epileptic sz. to get attention from others.
Often it is hard for a Dr. to tell if the person is truly having a sz. or if they are faking the sz. the best thing to do is have the Dr. order a video e.e.g. where the person having these sz. are on camera around the clock and they are hooked up to an e.e.g. machine also. By do this the Dr. can tell by watching the person on camera and reading the e.e.g. if it's a true seizure or if it's a person faking the sz. Here's wishing you and your friend the best of luck. May God Bless You Both!


Old 07-22-2003, 06:02 AM   #3
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sleepystar HB User

thanks for your help They are now saying her fits aren't phychological (the last hospital said that) they are just orignating from another part of the brain than epileptic ones come from. so the mystery continues!

Old 07-22-2003, 08:58 AM   #4
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kayakmom HB User

There are seizures which are nonepileptogenic(not from electrical misfiring in hte brain.) These can be caused by severe allergic reactions, diabetes, as well as psychological means. The Psuedo seizures are not CAUSED by the person, they have no control over them, but they are not electrical in nature. If the seizures originate from the brain they are epileptogenic. It would not be a matter of coming from elsewhere in the brain. There are seizure types from all areas of the brain which are true seizures. Has your friend had an EEG or a Video EEG as was mentioned. This would be the best way for doctors to correlate what is seen with what is occuring in the brain.
mom of 2 teens who have battled seiuzres.

Old 07-22-2003, 11:55 AM   #5
Lisa T
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Lisa T HB User

Maybe this can help... does she have any heart problems?? Some heart problems causes people to have what appears to be a seizure. I'm sorry i can't think of the name of the condition. When it comes to me i'll write back!! does she have E in her family?? any recent falls or injuries?


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Old 07-22-2003, 05:59 PM   #6
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Lainie45 HB User

Pseudo seizures and epileptic seizures can co-exist in the same brain.

Old 01-21-2005, 08:00 PM   #7
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tweetypie HB User
Angry Re: Sudo Fits

hi i think it might help for anyone having problems with or understanding psuedo seizures to try this link it helped me understand it.
[url] ight=psuedo+seizures[/url]

this is an very detailed insite into our illness and i just hope more people will soon understand that these siezures are NOT in our head or put on they are genuine seizures its the bodys way of telling you that you can't cope with the stress i past this link on to my doc and now am trying different medication to help with my illness

My sister had 7 eeg's before she had a seizure while having the eeg done so dont be so quick to judge and please understand we with psuedo seizures are normal people with no control over what is happening to us i am even incontinent during my seizures or am i just seeking attention with that too?


Old 01-22-2005, 07:42 AM   #8
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mandiyew HB User
Re: Sudo Fits

Pseudos are NOT faked. Faking the seizures is a totally different story and angers me incredibly. People with pseudos truly believe they are having seizures, and experience many of the same fears and restrictions which epileptics do (ie driving, stigma, whatever). Working in EMS I have seen epileptic, non epileptic, and TRULY faked seizures. The epileptic and non epileptic are very similar, so I treat them equally. The faked seizures are usually easy to spot and are just drug seekers, and anger me incredibly. If good care is given (even Basic care) to both epi and non epi (which by the way is the now preferred term to pseudoseizures) you will never be condemned for treating a possible epi as a faker (I know people who have been). There is also the possibility that the person is experiencing both. When I was first diagnosed, people believed mine were pseudos until I had a massive episode of status in which they were able to perform a VEEG and determined they originated in my frontal lobe (which is commonly difficult to detect with scalp electrodes, especially between sz) before spreading to my whole brain. Due to my short post ictal time, and atypical seizures, many ER physicians ignorantly treated them as pseudos. I am blessed with a very competent neuro though, who was convinced they were real, and treated them as such, they were just very difficult to control in the beginning, and still are to some degree, but each sz free day encourages me. The best advice I can give is for your friend to go to a comprehensive epi center, which is where she will receive the best evaluation and care. I believe Elaine Wiley at Cleveland Clinic (Cleveland, OH) and Jean Cibula at Mt. Carmel (Columbus, OH) are two of the best there is. Dr. Cibula is my personal epi, and my neuro (Allison Weaver) is home in KY where I live (Dr. Cibula used to run program there, so I stayed with her and just make the drive every three months). A normal EEG does NOT mean the person does not have epilepsy. Many times, unless one is done during a sz, sz activity is not detected as was the case with me. Since the episode of status, every EEG has been abnormal though. The thing that angered me the most though, is I had indicating factors for epilepsy too, yet few believed me. I had a major head injury from a horse accident causing scar tissue to form on my brain, yet many ER docs thought the sz were psych rather than epi from the accident. THought I could not emotionally handle the stress from the accident (horse I was riding flipped over the racetrack rail and was severely injured as was I). After my experiences, I vowed to educate people the best I could and give people with any type of sz the best treatment I could prompting me to become a paramedic. During my training, I saw some how cruel some medics could be to pseudoseizure patients when they were told by either the patient or family that the seizures were pseudos. It really angered me. That treatment is unacceptable. Sorry for the rant, but had to vent. Hope your friend is doing better and gets great care ! God bless.
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kitten2103 HB User
Re: Sudo Fits

i have suffered seizures for 3 yrs now and last yr a doc diagnosed non-epiliptic anxiety sezure disorder. i was in hospital last week and now their saying its sudo seizures not telling me anything about them. i have had these every day for the past 3 yrs, 1-6 times a day and lasting between 10mins and an hour. ive even blacked out quite a few times. please info, im so scared and im sometimes suicidal over them.

Old 06-04-2005, 08:10 PM   #10
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TwstdWhsprs60 HB User
Re: Sudo Fits

Kitten, how is your stress level? With mine (Also termed complex partials THOSE can be detected for some reason on a normal EEG done by my normal neurologist...But could not be detected during a VEEG) my stress level generally determines the seizure level. You have to demand that the doctors give you information about this, or you will not get answers from them.

What can be done for these types of seizures? My neuro had always said that mine were unique, which is I suppose why they were named complex partials. I have scar tissue on my brain from a stroke I had as a baby. I've been on Tegratol, Lamictal, Kolonoppin, Toppomax, Depakote, and Trileptal and Keppra. (Currently on Trileptal at max doseage, as well as Keppra). It was my understanding through all the doctors I've seen that VNS *COULD* work, but the medicine will no longer work given that I've been on so many. Any other suggestions, outside of getting the scar tissue taken out of my brain...Since, quite frankly, that terrifies me...

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Old 06-04-2005, 09:49 PM   #11
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tkdmom96 HB User
Re: Sudo Fits


Our daughter has had complex partial seizures for 16 years, she will be 17 soon. She had a prolonged febrile seizure that caused "scarring" or damage to her left temporal lobe and hippocampus. This is termed Mesial Temporal Sclerosis.

She had surgery June 7, 2004 and has been seizure free since. We had a fantastic group of doctors working with us and the neurosurgeon was outstanding. The surgery went very well and she was out of the hospital in 74 hours. I can't speak for how other people's bodies will handle surgery, but for us it couldn't have gone better.

Katie failed 7 different meds and combos of those meds over the years. 5 of the seven meds were in just the last 3-4 years. She was on Tegretol for nearly 12 just stopped working.

If you are able to pinpoint where the seizures come from with the VEEG, the MRI and other tests (SPECT & PET scans) you might be an excellent candidate for surgery. All factors need to meet with the proper diagnosis.

We were frightened over our daughter having some of her scull cut open and brain removed? Absolutely...BUT, we had an EXCELLENT team of doctors who sent all of her test results to a medical board for review 3 times, and it came back with everyone in agreement. 15-17 doctors: nurse practioners, epileptolgists, neurologists, radiologists, neuropyschologists, neurosurgeons, EEG technicians, etc.

The decision was not made lightly. But, if every other med only stood a 10% chance of working for her, it was well worth the journey.

Please read my thread below: "Coming up on one year..." and other posts about Katie's surgical journey. Phoebe, on the boards here as well, had surgery in her late 40's, seized since she was 14, and has been seizure free since (she is still on one med and so is Katie).

It has been life changing...and she seized for 15 years before the it is possible.

Proud mom of Katie, the strongest and bravest person I have ever known! GBTG.

Old 09-19-2005, 09:47 AM   #12
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ScorpionArt HB User
Re: Sudo Fits

I just was at a nother site but don't know if I can till you of other sites with out getting the boot. It tills me that Psuedo mean FAKE and that is why we get no help from the SOB doctor after they put that on us.

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