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jeri L. 11-25-2007 07:18 AM

Any idea what type of seizure these symptoms could mean?
Hello. My daughter (18 yrs) actually has a lifelong history with seizure (grand mal), but recently she has been having a different and new type that we've been having difficulty getting diagnosed as seizure activity for a coulple of reasons: First, she is mentally handicapped and unable to communicate her symptoms verbally. The other problem is that several different people in different settings have witnessed the new episodes(caregivers and school) and can only describle as "seizure like activity" which hasn't provided doctors and her neurologist with enough of a specific description. I finally witnessed an episode myself for the first time yesterday and here is what I saw: She was lying on the couch taking a nap next to me when she woke she couldn't get up off the couch because her arm and her leg were jerking alternately. I couldn't really tell if it was one side of her body or both because she was lying on her right side and trying to get up all the while. The jerking was obviously seizure activity, and it wasn't the rapid rythmic shaking like when she has a grand mal. She would have one or two jerks per second I guess and the arm and leg didn't jerk at the same time. Also, she was awake, consciouls and talking to us saying "help, up, ouch, hurt..." She would look at her arm and leg when they would jerk and looked surprised and confused about was was happening to her. At one brief point about 5 minutes into the episode her head was thrown back and her eyes rolled back, but only for a split second then resumed to the arm and leg jerking movements. The entire episode lasted 12 minutes total then she sat up was immediately recovered as if nothing happened. I am hoping someone will be able to identify this type of seizure. Thanks for any input.

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