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andytaylor 05-25-2008 03:22 PM

my 3 year old had possible seizure
Hi, My 3 year old recently complained of a stomach ache and then fell out onto the floor, eyes rolled back and to the left. Her body was stiff, but no jerking movements occurred. It lasted for 15 to 30 seconds, but she did not get "back to herself" for several minutes afterwards.
She had not eaten normally that day, but had just finished eating sugar-free jello and a red popsicle. She had also had a tangerine earlier. After having had a tangerine the night before she mentioned her mouth itched.
The docs said this could have been a blood sugar issue or a seizure. Have any of you experienced a similar thing and/or do you feel the artificial sweetener and/or red dye or even the tangerine could have caused this?
I have diagnosed migraines with which I lose feeling in the left side of my body and I pass out too, but the pain in the head's not so bad. Could this have been a migraine in my child?

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