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brownowl 06-09-2008 09:20 AM

Confused on test results
I've been having a problem with my head. Things slow down and I sort of get stuck. So, my doctor sent me for this EEG thing. His office called and said they were abnormal and now I have to see a neuologist. Could this be seizures? The test results confuse me. Can anyone tell me what they mean?
the say: "The posterior regions of the head contain a low to medium amplitude, fairly well sustained, irregular primarily 9-10 Hz activity is also present. The posterior dominant rhythm does attenuate with eye opening. Frontal and central regions of the head contain continuous symmetric low to moderate amplitude irregular activity. This consists of low voltage fast activity low to medium amplitude 9-10 Hz activity and occasional low amplitude intermixed 8-9 Hz activity. During the recording, there are no focal or lateralizing features present. During the recording, the patient does exhibit occasional moderate to high amplitude bilateral paroxysmal slowing. This consists of high amplitude 2-3 Hz activity which lasts for several seconds. No clinical changes have been noted in the patient by the technician during this very brief activity." Then it says: Impression: "This EEG is abnormal because of recurrent high amplitude bilateral transient paroxysmal slowing as described above. This is not a specific or diagnostic finding. This may be seen in any condition that affects the brain in a diffuse manner. The clinical significance or this is not known and clinical correlation is required. There is no focal, lateralizing or epileptiform features present." What does this mean???

dansierella 06-09-2008 11:21 AM

Re: Confused on test results
Doesn't sound like a seizure-key: "There is no focal, lateralizing or epileptiform features present." But it does sound like you have something going on that will require some serious diagnosis and treatment.

Travis from MN 06-09-2008 01:05 PM

Re: Confused on test results
In general, our seizures occur in a specific region of the brain, not both hemisphears (left and right sides). There are cases where the electrical activity crosses over but not overly common. Usually it is isolated to one region of the brain that the activity will appear different.

It said "and it was not focal" meaning it (electrical activity) was not isolated. It's a lot of tech speak at this time. Your Doctor can help explain what it was saying a lot better than we can IF it means anything at all. You may be trying to read too far into this without any training.

I always had a hard time understanding the cycle rate and what exactly that means in relation to normal brain activity and what they triggered us with, and what a recorded seizure reads, and what other responses read out at (speech, visual, memory emotion etc.).


brownowl 06-09-2008 02:10 PM

Re: Confused on test results
That is the part that worries me. I asked the doctor's office when they called and they said they didn't know what that meant that they called me to let me know that it is abnormal and I should do something about it. Ok, I made the appt. I was just wondering if any one else has experienced anything similar and knew what this meant... I haven't a clue....

dennist24 07-10-2008 01:57 PM

Re: Confused on test results
I just got done with a 24 hour EEG test to see if I was having any seizure activity and the test came back normal to my surprise. I've been having problem the past 6 months with an increase in seizures due to a pain in my right shoulder which seems to be triggering them. I've also had two back surgeries in the past eight years c/5c/6 and L4/L5 which doesn't help matters. I've been on seizures medication since the age of twelve due to a hit and run car accident I am 52 yrs old now and I'm taking topamax for the seizures,vicodone,celebrex and a flector pain patch for my right shoulder. I've lost over 50 pounds in 8 months and have side effects from the medication such as lack of sleep,lost of appetight,dizzy,week and just plain run down.
Oh yes, I've been out of work for 22 months an trying to get Social Security Disability.
My questions is has anybody else have this test done with these type of results knowing your having seizure activity and the test comes back normal.

scout316 07-10-2008 06:31 PM

Re: Confused on test results
Hi there!Hmmmmmm I think I know what your test means....back in 1999 my EEG came back "abnormal" said I had bi-temporal slowing which the neurologist didn't quite have a diagnosis for(great,huh?).I too felt like things were slowing down and I would feel panicky about,because then I would get "visual changes" that were like flashing lines of light and that would go on for up to 30 minutes.He did put me on a "migraine diet" and gave me imitrex(spelling?).but I continued to have those "spells" for almost 3 years then they went away for 3 years and nowI just have them once in a great while.I have researched this and it seems to be associated with "hormone changes"....since I am now in menopause.So I don't know your age or situation,but I do know that certain foods are "triggers" for the seizure-like symptoms.Neurologist told me to stay away from MSG,yeast in cakes,ALL lunch meats with nitrates in them,whole milk,cheeses,peanut butter and all nuts.....well I hope you get some answers soon and also make sure you get enough rest!Migraines can cause abnormal EEGs ,but I never had any pain with my "episodes" last EEG came out normal,so I think that's strange....well I wish you the best....keep posting and let everyone know what the neuro says...I'm kind of interested in what you find out.......Scout

kitty101 07-10-2008 06:56 PM

Re: Confused on test results
hi guys am new to this but my boy has small fits in his sleep but the big 1 he stopped breathing ,went blue i was sooooooooo scared, after a normal day at skool, as a mum it terrified me, he was also very sick as if he was on a ride then he slipped away and docs had to jag him to get him round but, his eeg is normal i have a visit with his consultant in august any advice guys am really lost here!! :angel: any advice is so welcome

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