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firstgeer77 08-24-2008 05:46 PM

My 20 year daughter had a seizure this week early in the morning, after having her 1st seizure when she was 16 months old. Was put on Keppra.
So far so good with the medication. How long does it take to get in your system and how can you reorganized you time of taking the med. We are taking it a 6 am. and 6 p.m., would like to make it a little later in the morning.

030free 08-25-2008 10:57 AM

Re: keppra
Hi Im been on keppra for a few yrs too, and I take (1500mgs twice a day) I take mines at 12pm and 12 am. As long as your keep the doses 12 hours apart is fine. I changed them from 1-2 pm before and now im at 12. My neuro knows and he says an hour before or after wont make much difference it depends on your sleeping pattern. Best of luck

cher1052 08-26-2008 05:31 PM

Re: keppra
I have to agree with Laura-since it is taken 2x per day-it's best to take every 12 hours.
I take mine 7-8am /7-8pm. That's because I'm taking off for work by 8am.

You have to give any med 6-8 week to work into your body.

Cherie :):)

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