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Hxiss 10-18-2008 01:12 PM

recent signs
I have had many head injuries but I had a blow to the back of the head a few months ago that has left me with some issues. Ive had trouble with my vision and spacing out and involentary head movements plus other symptoms i just learned are symptoms of partial focal seizures. I have seen my doc just a few days ago and told him about some of the spacing out confusion and flashes and shimmering streaks in my vision and he set mme up for an MRI and thinks it could be a torn retina and the fact i was on an antibiotic at the time. some symptoms had started before the antibiotics. i got concerned last night when i was getting tired and trying to watch a movie with my friend. I got nauseous and light headed. i can recall the flashes in my eyes and then i couldnt stop my head from jerking to the left. i didnt hear my friend asking me what i was looking at or if i was ok till i was able to stop and relax. I told him i was just tired cuz i though because i wasnt sure what to think about it. i was worried because that isnt normal for me so today i checked up on seizures since i know its possible to have epilepsy after injury to the brain. sure enough my symptoms are too close for comfort.

Im nervous to ask my doc about it since mentioning it to my husband. hubby kinda gave me that look like i was over reacting. he dont seem the least bit concerned at all and my friend didnt even comment on it cuz he dont want to get in the middle of our discussions. I may have to get him alone and ask him about it so im not putting him on the stop between hubby and i.

one thing that had me confused and not willing to tell my friend it coulda been a seizure was because i remembered so much. today i read alot about it and found out that many people with partial focal seizures can remember the seizure.

I want a place to turn to for tips and support if i find out for sure that i am having seizures. If anyone has any info or tips on talking to doc and hubby please feel free to tell me anything. when i have an issue i tend to be a sponge for info.

n8tivecenter 10-19-2008 04:17 PM

Re: rescent signs
Hi There
It sounds like you have symtoms of a head injury to me.
I would not doubt you for a second re: how you feel and what is going on with you, that you are concerned.
As well as the MRI, you may want to have an EEG done.
This may be able to see if you have a disorder, or if it is side affects from a head injury.
Everyone is different as far as head injuries go.
I do not know if I helped at all, but I hope that I did. :)

Hxiss 10-20-2008 04:05 PM

Re: recent signs
thank you so much. im sure it is from a head injury i had a few months back. I've had more blows to the back o my head then anyone should ever have to get. the last time i hit my head i had a laps in time and hubby thought i was ok cuz it didnt knock me out but i was unrespocive for about 10 mins. ever since ive been getting lashes and spots in my vision when i suddenly get tired. 2 times have i actually had odd mouth movements. forced head turning and i blink rapidly. scariest thing is i know its happening and i get freaked out but dont know what to do with myself. last time i tried to lay down when i couldnt stop the blinking and then i was sitting back up with my head turning to the left and dropping over and over. my friend asked me if i was alright and i didnt know what to say when i relaxed i just told him i was tired. he dont remember though since he was not in his right mind at the time. now every time i get that tired feeling in my eyes and head and start to see spots and flashes i get worried and hubby dont seem to want anything to do with it.

I hope my doc will be more understanding and help me figure it all out. i got the MRI tomorrow at noon and im scared of the dye burning me up like the CT scan dye did with my abdominal scan:(

n8tivecenter 10-21-2008 08:46 AM

Re: recent signs
Good Luck with that-Can you tell me how it goes?
Don't 4-get to ask about an EEG.

dogmom 10-21-2008 12:31 PM

Re: recent signs
Yeah, good luck w/the MRI! The dye isn't that bad, really. They don't use a heck of a lot. And they don't always use contrast, either! It can't hurt to see a neurologist and definately have an EEG.

I had a major blow to the back of my head this past January and it took a looooong time for the funky symptoms to dissipate. I had a seizure (oh, I was diagnosed with adult-onset Epilepsy 3 yrs. ago) as I was leaving the shower, I smacked my head on some sort of very hard, pointy surface (vanity? wooden laundry basket?) and lost consciousness. When I awoke there was blood everywhere.

The hubby forced me to the ER where I needed stitches and proceeded to have yet another complex partial seizure and the doc made me have a head CT. A mild concussion, or what I call, really rattling your brain in its cage, can truly do a number on you. I was seeing spots in my line of vision for weeks...not to mention the dizziness, fatigue and nausea. (and increased seizure activity.)

But again, an EEG can't hurt.

All the best!

Hxiss 11-14-2008 03:07 PM

Re: recent signs
well im still having probs to this day. im always tired. the MRI went pretty well and i got a slight buzz from the dye lol but it was no worse then what i get from eating crab meat. ive also learned not to play with flashing necklaces :( i got wicked dizzy and sick to my stomach. now i cant walk into the gas station near my house cuz they got these flashing magnets at the register that are always lit up. as for my doc that i was supposed to see about the MRI he stopped showing up to work and they wont set my appointment again til he walks through the door. thats the best doc ive ever had and i have no insurance for now to get a better doc. I plan to pick up my MRI and see it for myself since i looked at examples of actual MRIs and it seems pretty obvious when something is not right in them. i can also have it for when i get a new doc somewhere else.

Ill be sure to let you guys know what happens. Thanks for the support.

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