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whatnow44 04-07-2010 07:28 PM

Simple partial seizures and 24hr eeg question.
Hi I am new to the board. My neurologist thinks I am having Simple partial seziures. I had a 12 hour sleep deprived eeg and it was normal. I asked if it was possible the eeg could come back normal and still be experiencing these simple partial seizures and the doctor said yes. Now Im having a 24 hr outpatient eeg. I really dont know much about simple partial seizures or the eeg. Any advice would be very appreciated. Thank you

Travis from MN 04-07-2010 11:49 PM

Re: Simple partial seizures and 24hr eeg question.
If you do not have any seizures during an EEG it is hard to make notice of the abnormal electrical activity in the brain. It took more than a day after I was fully removed from my med by the doctors (IN HOSPITAL) for a seizure to occur. I think they were able to capture a total of 3. [b] Do not adjust your medication unless told to by the doctor. [/b] It is dangerous making changes without your doctors instruction.

You may have to watch out if you have any hand held devices (MP3, phone). They can cause static with the EEG. Also if you use a laptop, keep from placing it on your lap. You cna still use them, just keep it on a table/desk. I was able to use my MP3 player because I had it within a waterproof case. No contact of the device to my body.

Removal of the glue should be pretty easy. For short term they use a simple paste over what I call "airplane glue" (used for multiple day ones) Even with the strong glue they use for inhospital, I was able to get all the glue out with ease. No need for acetate. Wash the hair a few times and brush it. Some of the glue may be stubborn and work it's way out in a day or two.


whatnow44 04-08-2010 08:30 AM

Re: Simple partial seizures and 24hr eeg question.
Travis thank you so much for your post. I wouldnt of known to not use the phone or the computer. I am always on the computer trying to research and learn about simple partial seizures and the eeg. You had very helpful information and I appreciate it more than you know. I hope they catch one on the eeg the doctor is having me continue with my medication so Im thinking the odds of the eeg catching one probably isnt the greatest but I guess we will see. Thank you again.

92261 04-08-2010 09:52 AM

Re: Simple partial seizures and 24hr eeg question.
whatnow44: Please look at some of my posts and research Catamenial Epilepsy and Estrogen Dominance. By the name you're going by I have a feeling that you might be 44 years old. What does that mean? Menopause. I know it sounds weird but you should look into it. Even if you're not 44 look into Catamenial Epilepsy anyway. This could all be hormone related. Read my posts and then ask me some more questions if you need to. Also, if possible, try to see a neuro-endocrinologist if you can find one in your area. If not, then just an endocrinologist. Have your hormones tested. A regular neurologist won't do it. Take care.

whatnow44 04-08-2010 12:12 PM

Re: Simple partial seizures and 24hr eeg question.
99261 thank for your reply. Your right I am 44. I will definately check out what you suggested. Thanks

Travis from MN 04-08-2010 10:58 PM

Re: Simple partial seizures and 24hr eeg question.
I should have been more careful on how I worded my post.

CORDED phone is fine in most cases. It is wireless that causes problems. The RF can cause problems.

This is the reason the doc's want portables not to contact the patient. The electronics cause interference with the EEG. From what I recall, they (electronics) add "noise" to the data recorded, making it more of a challenge for them to read.

Interesting enough, the hospital had wireless internet, so THAT doesn't cause problems. (whats that, in the 2.4Ghz range?)

The easiest way I could clean up was wipe up using body cleansing cloths (disposable). I was bed restricted in the hospital, so I needed a nurse if I had to use the restroom even!! Unsure on the portable devices if you can do much more then what I had to during the time period. You can't get the contacts or device moist.


deborahf007 04-09-2010 05:41 AM

Re: Simple partial seizures and 24hr eeg question.
I am a registered EEG tech, in the field for over 20 yrs. It is possible that the EEG could come back normal even if you have Simple Partial Sz. A regular EEG is only recorded for 20 min. Often times your brain can go for long periods and show no sign of siezures, especially if the origination is deep in the brain. What he is prescribing (24hr EEG), is absolutely the next step. You will be sent home with electrodes on your head, connected to a portable recordinig devise. Be sure to complete your journel, it is very important to determine what might be triggering the Sz. Your Neurologist should also ask for an MRI to insure that the seizures are not caused by something structural.

la rad 04-09-2010 06:50 AM

Re: Simple partial seizures and 24hr eeg question.
Whatnow44, I have had lots of EEGs, over the years, capturing activity as things altered due to the hormones of pregnancy, and other illness's. I have had a normal EEG (20 mins), 24 hour EEG, with latest one being a 48 hr EEG 3 weeks ago. Quite a few years ago I had a 24hr sleep deprived one, and although I struggled staying awake (especially on the meds) a friend of mine stayed awake through the night and I even did my shopping in the supermarket to keep me awake!! The thing I must emphasise is it does not hurt in the slightest. Wires can be annoying to wear and I have long hair so unlike TravisFromMN I had quite some difficulty getting the glue out, although as the last technician that put it on my head told me that it depends on who in the department puts it on as some people are a bit more free with the glue than others!!

Travisfrom MN, I am suprised however that no one has ever mentioned to me about the laptop, mobiles etc. They told me to carry on with life as normal (as possible) and in fact encouraged me to use my computer to "exercise" my brain, and to talk to as many people as I wanted, to try and capture something when my brain was active and concentrating on conversations and work. I made a joke about callin my relatives up in Scotland for a chat cos they talk for ever, so I'm suprised they didn't mention it to me then. Neither did I get any information leaflet telling me to avoid such equipment. Does your name mean you live in Minnesota? If so I wonder if the advise they give you is different to the advise they gave me in the UK. I would be interested to know... it's really got me thinking now!! I think I will ask my epi specialist on Monday when I see her. So Whatnow44 I think it would be worth asking the technicians that put these electrodes in place what they say.

whatnow44 04-09-2010 07:03 AM

Re: Simple partial seizures and 24hr eeg question.
Thanks Travis for the information. Im having a outpatient 24 hour eeg so Ill be at home thankfully. It sounds like you went thru alot at the hospital. Are you doing alright now? I hope you are feeling well.

Deborah thanks for the reply. I just had a mri done. It came back no abnormalities except for what was seen due to the cranial surgery I had on November. I had the balance nerve that runs from my brain to my ear cut due to vertigo. Since surgery I am having episodes of confusion. The scariest was I cooked something on my gas stove and then moved the pot to the back of the stove. I returned 10 min later started spooning the food out and my arm got hot. I had forgot to shut the burner off. I have episodes of where I go blank and dont remember what I was talking about or what I got up to do. I also have episodes where I suddenly have a overwhelming saddness appear out of no where and cry but my neurologist says that the sudden change of emotions is not a symptom of simple partial seizures. I hope they figure out whats going on. Im not the same person I was before surgery and am now disabled. I have always been a workaholic so its been devestating for me. Thank you so much everyone for your replies.

92261 04-09-2010 09:17 AM

Re: Simple partial seizures and 24hr eeg question.
whatnow44: Your sadness episodes are related to the perimenopause!!!!!!!!! Yes, it's unfortunate, you're at that age!!! Have you ever had a hotflash? I've never had one. I'm always cold. Instead of having the hotflashes I'm having the seizures because of the estrogen dominance. Another side-effect of the ED is hypoglycemia - low blood sugar. Watch out! Insulin is a hormone too. They cause alot of problems. I hope you got some information from my many posts on this issue.

whatnow44 04-09-2010 09:41 AM

Re: Simple partial seizures and 24hr eeg question.
Thanks everyone for your replies. I will ask the tech that puts my wires on about using the computer. I get this done on the 20th of this month.

Also I do not get hot flashes I am the opposite Im freezing to death most of the time. Ive been reading some of your threads and Im going to read some more. Do neurologist believe that hormones can be the cause or not. Just wondering? I have brought up to the nerologist that im freezing all the time and the doc just kind of looked at me. When I got my 12 sleep deprived eeg The technician said it was a common complaint from the people she sees.

I was on 300mg of neurontin and it was increased to 600mg then in 7 days I go to 900mg. Im feeling pretty drugged and not liking it. Is this normal? Will it get better once I get used to the increased dose? Im also on 10 mg Amitriptlyne (sp)

The doc wants to switch me to topomax but Im loosing my insurance soon and have to get on medicaide before the doc will make the switch. I am very medication sensitive the doc had me try effexor and I felt like I was on fire about a half hour after I took it so we went back to the neurontin.

Thanks again everyone for your help. You guys are the greatest and I sure do appreciate your advise.

92261 04-09-2010 12:32 PM

Re: Simple partial seizures and 24hr eeg question.
whatnow44: The cold feeling is a side-effect of the estrogen dominance. Look that up and you'll see that there are 40 symptoms of it. I've got about 14. The neurologists are not taught to consider hormones being a culprit in this. All they know is how to write a RX. I saw a neuro-endocrinologist and he was the only one who agreed with me. My gut told me it had something to do with my cycles and I was right. I also had 3 cousins that had this during their lives. I'm told that it will pass once menopause is over - but when? 10 years from now!?

The estrogen dominance is making the brain cells misfire. I'm on Lupron injections and 600 mg/progesterone a day to try to get the estrogen down. The doctor told me it could be a year of taking the shots to get any results. In the meantime I can't drive and I'm stuck at home most of the time because I live in the boonies! I was able to get approved for disability anyway because I can't get these seizures under control with meds. Keep reading my posts.

Travis from MN 04-09-2010 06:06 PM

Re: Simple partial seizures and 24hr eeg question.
I'm doing fine now; mostly. The week long was in part to rapidly remove me from a medication that would have otherwise taken over a month. I was attempting to get into a study and could not be on that medication. The study didn't work out, but having the V-EEG helped provide a record of my seizures to the doctor I had just obtained earlier in the year.

Topamax worked great for me, however after being on it about 9 years I all of a sudden had one of the most unwanted side effects, kidney stones!! When that happened, My Neuro removed me from it and placed me on a different medication. I hope nobody has to endure kidney stones. It was the most painful experience I ever had.

Not trying to make you worry. It helped keep my seizures to every 3 months or so. That was the best I had for control in YEARS.


whatnow44 04-10-2010 06:00 AM

Re: Simple partial seizures and 24hr eeg question.
Hi Travis,

I did read somewhere else about topomax and kidney stones. That had to be rough to go thru. Ive heard topomax has alot of side effects and I am medication sensitive so I always get concerned when I have to try something new. Thats so sad that you can not get in the trial even though you got off your medication. I hope things get better for you soon. Take care and wishing you the best. The people at this site are the greatest everyone has been so helpful.

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