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pinkcell 02-25-2012 01:51 PM

I went to bed last night and woke up at around 2:30, I had been having a dream that I was having a seizure. When I woke up, the muscle in my neck was drawing my head back, and my jaw was opening and closing. I am kind of in a fog as to the rest of my body, but can recall that my head was killing me, and continued to have a really bad headache until around 10:30 this morning. I started having seizures in December of this past year, but nothing like this, and have never just woke up out of the blue having one. I am taking 50mg of Topamax in the AM and 50mg at night. I am scheduled to see a neurologist on the 9th of March. Does this sound like it was a seizure to anyone, and does this happen, where you just wake up having seizures?

Positive Cynic 02-28-2012 02:51 PM

Re: Seizure???
Hi pinkcell,
I wrote you a very long post and deleted it some how. Darn it. :) I said so much in there I can't repeat. So this is quick. 50 mg for epelisiy meds are very low. That is all I wanted to say. Please write back. I had a long one for you, but can't do it again. I know your worry and frustation, but I have been through more than most and I lost tons in my life to health. But I Love the Lord to try and help others. That is all that matters. So my long e-mail for you went away. It was not supposed to be. I guess, this one is. You hang in there my friend. I will help when I can.
God Bless,
Tim :)

pinkcell 02-28-2012 05:10 PM

Re: Seizure???
Yes they are suppose to be upping the dose and more blood work. I was thinking back to when I was a child and I remember when I was 14 when I really started having all of my neuro problems the doctor had told my mom that I was having migraines, they had given me a script for some blood pressure med...of course it did nothing for me, at the same time game me something to take that had asprin in it, which I am allergic to, and we kind of just dropped the whole thing. I have went for years having all of these attacks and I am wondering if I have not been having seizures this whole time. I guess we will find out on the 7th when I talk to the neurologist. Thank you so much for your kindness and nice words and hugs! They are very much appreciated. I have been going insane trying to figure out why I am taking the meds on schedule just as discussed, and still having the problems. It is rather irritating!

Positive Cynic 02-28-2012 06:40 PM

Re: Seizure???
try to relax some if you can. I know that it is hard, but your anxiety could trigger another seizure. The more calm the better for us epi's. I am glad you are going to the doctor again. You need to get you meds right. There is no point in taking them they or not working or the dose is too low. I will tell you that I am on Keppra 500mg and Zonegan 100mg both twice a day. I asked my neurologist, why 2 different ones? and he said they work in different areas of my brain. I must say that I hated it at first because I felt like a zombie. But I am 6 months in and I can function fine and have not had a grand mal seizure since the meds. I am not telling you to take what I am taking. I am just saying, talked to your neurologist and be truthful with him/her. they don't havve epi. but know all about it. so you must explain how you feel and what you think you might need. I know they think we are stupid, but we are not. Take your mom or a friend or a husband is you have one with you. Make sure you write down all of you concerns to you friend to talk to the doctor. I had to do that for a long time with my wife to talk for me until he finally reallized I wasn't an idiot.. I have very good questions but can't remember on the spot when he it talking a mile a minute. So try that if you haven't yet. I have given the right dose of meds that have stopped my seizures. I want that for you too. It is such a hard situation and not many understand. But you will be o.k. try not to worry and have a good attitude about your self. Positive thinking can help a lot believe it or not. You can take your trials and use them to better the world. You may not see it now, but you will. It is just little steps at a time.
God Bless you,
Tim :)

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