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nat684 10-01-2012 06:33 PM

EXTREME Deja vu sensation
Hi, I have been trying to get an accurate description on the sensations that have been pouncing on me the past week or so. I have had panic attacks in the past, but this is different... because I'm not panicking. In fact, sometimes I giggle- followed by nausea and feeling like I just need to lay down.

Out of nowhere, a very extreme and intense feeling of Deja vu overcomes me- a roller coaster rush of adrenaline and tingling, mostly in my upper body, are the physical symptoms, but it's the deja vu 'visions' that are so perplexing and 'real'... I get so, so close to making the connection of what I'm feeling and the 'dream vision', so I can get back to reality, but I never do. It slips away, and now I'm nauseous, disoriented, tired.. and scared.

My daughter (23) and I (48) have had Lyme a few years ago. She has been having strange 'numbness' and migraine symptoms for a few years now. Her MRI's are good- no tumors, and migraine meds are helping. She says she has had crazy Deja vu also, but she says they are just a little weird, not intense. Could Lyme have something to do with this?

My GP says that I am only the second person in thirty years of practice to brought this to his attention, and he does not have an answer for me- yet.

My therapist has never heard this from any of her patients



GenericPhrase 10-02-2012 10:27 PM

Re: EXTREME Deja vu sensation
oh my god I have never, ever had someone so closely echo my exact experience. It's almost a relief! When you said that you get so close to remembering whatever it is but you never quite get there - that is the EXACT same feeling I have! i also described it like a roller coaster feeling in my stomach and nausea, yet it's kind of pleasant and in fact I used to try to think of/remember things to bring on the feeling, but it would just happen when it wanted to. I had these in high school and I haven't had one since college I don't believe, and then when I was 22 I started having grand mal seizures and I've had four or five since (I'm 28). My neurologist said they were probably what's called simple partial seizures, and they frequently occur in temporal lobe epilepsy. Since it's such a strange experience, I never felt 100% positive that's what it was, but whatever it is, we definitely both have the exact same thing. Crazy. I always described it as "deja vu but times a thousand." Never met anyone who related in my life.

nat684 10-03-2012 09:00 PM

Re: EXTREME Deja vu sensation
I have found everything from menopause to seizures listed in Google searches. I won't have health insurance for a few months yet, so I'm avoiding tests right now. For right now I am focusing on keeping stress levels WAY down...
Keep in touch

mscreant 10-06-2012 01:56 PM

Re: EXTREME Deja vu sensation
I have exactly the same feeling before I have a seizure. Well actually the dejavu is actually part of the seizure. The doc was right, mine are complex partial seizures. I also have tonic seizures. Its what they call an aura, a warning sign of the seizure. Allows me to sit down or tell a friend I'm about to have one.

What happens after that feeling?

nat684 10-06-2012 02:50 PM

Re: EXTREME Deja vu sensation
I have not had an episode for the past few weeks, and when I first wrote my entry the feeling were still pretty clear. After a 'spell' I feel a bit nauseous and then fatigue- like I just want to lay down. I first noticed these spiraling sensation in the middle of the night- they would wake me up in a start, but not quite in a panic, just disorientation. I know I snore because my kids have complained about it, so I wrote it off to a side affect of sleep apnea. I thought... 'Perhaps I wasn't breathing and my body was shocking me to wake up'. But when they started happening during the day it really freaked me out. To be honest, the google searches are not very comforting, lol. Thanks guys :-)

genrev 01-22-2013 07:53 AM

Re: EXTREME Deja vu sensation
Hi I had my first intense experience of Da Ja Vue approx 3 years ago and have just , over the past couple of days , experience extreme intense Da Ja Vue to the point of blacking out . Nausia and worry is overwhelming me at the moment . Worried about going to the doctors about what may be discovered .
I have to fight hard to stop thinking about it and its possible implications , I am not used to not being in control .

Lillyfaith13 07-14-2013 10:34 AM

Re: EXTREME Deja vu sensation
[QUOTE=genrev;5121151]Hi I had my first intense experience of Da Ja Vue approx 3 years ago and have just , over the past couple of days , experience extreme intense Da Ja Vue to the point of blacking out . Nausia and worry is overwhelming me at the moment . Worried about going to the doctors about what may be discovered .
I have to fight hard to stop thinking about it and its possible implications , I am not used to not being in control .[/QUOTE]

I've had severe Daja Vu sensations as well. This past year they have been the worst. Overwhelming nausea, feeling so sick and they are lasting longer.
I can't believe so many on here are experiencing the same exact symptoms.
I went to the doctor recently and she had me take a stress test. Stress test came out normal (despite the fact I had a mild episode during the test.)
I want to go back and find out if this is seizure related.
I have had these symptoms since I was young child. I was diagnosed with Panic Attacks & PTSD.
Problem now is these symptoms have gotten worse and have come out of seemingly now where, after 3 years free of them.
I went through a program called Pathways, and after the training felt great. Symptoms disappeared for 3 years. This lead me to believe it really might be stress related. The ones I had as a child always appeared when my parents where fighting heavily.
Now, BOOM! They've come back with a vingance.

I'd love to know what causes them, how to control them and live free of them!

Dunlap777 07-29-2013 11:56 PM

Re: EXTREME Deja vu sensation
Finally I've found others who experience something similar. Tell me if my experience sounds something like what everyone here is experiencing. The Deja vu will seemingly come out of no where. I have yet to find a trigger.
Anyway it seems as if a chunk of time is missing. But I'm conscious the whole time. The Deja vu will feel like Im dreaming or remembering dreams at a very rapid rate. It's almost like I'm dreaming while awake. Or could be I'm remembering memories that don't feel like me own but at the same time they do. I have good health. I've been to the doctors and they don't know.
Does this sound similar?

niknice 10-18-2013 06:33 AM

Re: EXTREME Deja vu sensation
I have very similar sensations. Soo happy to find others in same boat. I never thought of this as seizures?
This sensation comes from nowhere. I can be walking to work, watching TV, I had the strangest episode this week while at the mall. I really did kind of blank out for a bit...mentally not remember the immediate past. I had a period of confusion, tingling, chills. Very weird. I made a ******** post, because I was at the mall but had forgotten my debit card at home. When I later looked at the post, I swore that what was written was not what I wrote! I swore the replies to my post were completely different!

The sensations are typically flashes of scenes that I feel I've experienced before. Very vivid, in full living technicolor. It is so weird to describe and many times I wouldn't even say it was déjà vu...but I guess it is some type of it. It also seems as if ALL of my senses are more heightened during this period.

That's about all I can say about it at this time. They usually happen at the change of a season...summer to fall and winter to spring. Very strange!

Caliko 10-27-2013 12:00 PM

Re: EXTREME Deja vu sensation
I used to have these same feelings, I think they're simple partial seizures.

yorkielover007 10-28-2013 08:31 AM

Re: EXTREME Deja vu sensation
These are for sure simple partial seizures. I have the exact same thing and they have been confirmed by my neurologist. I do feel the same way when she described she just about remembered what you think you are trying to remember and then its over and you have remembered nothing. It is such a weird feeling and very hard to describe to people. Be careful because they can turn in to complex seizures where you black out right at the end of the seizure for just like a minute. I would love to hear about the meds that are working for people that have simple partial seizures. I have been taking zonismade and I don't like the side effects.

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