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frust8ded82 12-02-2011 02:24 PM

Severe stomach pain associated with EBV?
Hi I am writing on behalf of my boyfriend who is 29, has crohns disease (6 years now) and recently developed this unbearable pain that has sent him to the er three times and two hospital visits. No insurance either and still really no ansewrs! He's had crohns for several years and basically trying to deal with the pain his own way due to no money or ins. His pain is typically on his left side near his ribs. Early to mid october he woke up with doubled over pain, vomiting, almost like the wind being out of you and someone squeezing constantly just under his left rib, etc that we went to the er. They did a mri, ultra sound and other tests. We found he has gallstones but hard that most the time its tolerable but his pain is is on the left side just under his ribs. But this pain was something he's never experienced before. They gave him meds which seemed to help and told him to follow up with his drr. Which he hadn't seen in years. No more than two hrs later his pain is back but worse so here we go again. They do another ct scan and still nothing. They finally admitted him to do more testing. They couldn't find anything in his ductts like a gallstone but decided maybe they will do surgery since gallbladder probs run in the familst visiy and they couldn't explain why else he would this pain cuz they didn't think it was his crohns. Couple days later they take it out. He's sent home with the knowledge that his gallbladder, pancreas, and liver were inflamed but nothing else. Couple weeks after his surgery he gets thhis incredible pain again. Back to the er with the same tests ran and still nothing. We were told his liver enzymes were slightly elevated the first visit but not to be alarmed cuz its normal with stress and second visit to the hospital same tests and upper and lower gi scopes both came back great not even inflammation which is weird cuz he has crohns. They discharge him on thanksgiving and say his spleen is "stretched"send him home with eight dilaudid, follow up appointment with his clinic, and a referral with a hemotologist. The spleen is exactly where he is having pain. He goes to the clinic, they turn him away cuz of his bil. We don't have any money so they won't se him. Still in pain. I call a cancer center and they look at his records from the hospital which I'm thankful for cuz they didn't need to do that for him. The dr doesn't think he nees the referral cuz his spleen is oversized but borderline which can be caused by the surgery our his crohns. Then we hear he tested positive for EBV and told what that was. We had no idea! The hospital didn't even let us know. I'm trying to read up on it but all I'm getting is stuff about mono which he doesn't have. Can anyone help us?? Sorry for being so sporadic but I'm trying to remember all this. So thank you for reading if you have made it this far! In summary we are at least 50g in debt, one unnecessary survey, still in pain, have ebv and confused if that is whats wrong with him.

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