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miasjewels 12-05-2011 08:14 PM

Can anyone interpret Epstein Barr results for me?
I was initially seen by a rheumatologist after experiencing severe fatigue and dizziness. My GP did blood work and my ANA was high. As part of the blood work, the Rheum did an Epstein Barr test in Feb. of 2011. I had a repeat in July and again this month. The results are as follows:
Feb. July Dec
EBV EARLY AG(EA,DIF) 1.33 1.31 1.33
EBV NUCLEAR AG 2.51 2.75 2.97
EBV VCA IGG AB >3.50 >3.50 >3.50
EBV VCA IGM AB 0.00 0.11 0.59

Do these results indicate I am getting better? Worse? What do they mean? Thanks so much?
She seems to just want to diagnose me with fibromyalgia and chronic fatique syndrome. All my other bloodwork is normal limits except the MCV which is 99.3. I can't figure out if I have an active infection or if this just indicates I had it in the past. Thanks for your help.

sklilleoien 12-20-2011 03:58 PM

Re: Can anyone interpret Epstein Barr results for me?
I would feel lucky to have your numbers. It looks like you're doing well, to me. I'm new to this so here goes..

According to my paperwork that I got from the lab this is the "range" you need to be in;

Viral Capsid Ag, IgG 0.0-21.9 U/mL - - - My result was 199.9 U/mL
Viral Capsid Ag, IgM 0.0-43.9 U/mL - - - My result was <10.0 U/mL
Nuclear Ag, IgG 0.0-21.9 U/mL - - - My result was >599.9 U/mL
Early (D) Ag, IgG 0.0-10.9 U/mL - - - My result was <5.0 U/mL

Do they have a different way of measuring because your numbers seem to be ALL within the "normal" ranges for someone who has had some kind of infection in the past... that the infection is in the "dormant" stage. [Kinda like being in remission?]

If I understand what my doctor said yesterday, and our labs ran the same tests using the same measurement for the "normal" range.. then your test indicates that your Epstein Barr Virus is dormant, supressed by your immune system and should not be causing you any serious problems.

Does this help you?

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