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georgeguenther 07-26-2020 07:32 AM

Ab exercises with weights vs bodyweight
Hi guys !
I'm wondering what is better approach for training the core in general for hypertrophy and functionality ?
I'm training abs twice a week with weights:
Hanging leg raises ss with weighted decline sit ups and then russian twists or side bends both weighted. I'll throw some drop sets though in the last sets.
I ask this question because some people train bodyweight only AND Jeff Cavaliere says to train them very frequently and almost all exercises are done bodyweight
BUT he doesn't train to failure or given reps but time. Do you think if it is better approach than training them with 15-20 reps weighted till failure and some folks even don't train them at all. Now I know the most crucial thing is lower body fat levels but when I see difference when training rather than not.
What's your thought guys ?
Thanks in advance !

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