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Scout- 11-04-2003 12:14 AM

How many calories does the heavy punch bag burn?
I do 40 minutes of bag work every morning and 40 minutes every evening.

About a 1000 jabs per hand. A 1000 hooks, crosses and so forth. Basically a LOT of arm work and drill repetitions.

I do alot of leg work also a couple of hundred kicks per session ranging from shin kicks, knees and mid height all the way thru to crescant and axe kicks andhead height roundhouses.

How many calories or round abouts - how many calories am I burning with this? It is fast, strenuous exercise which i am not sure how to catergorise because it is both anaerobic and aerobic in my opinion because I punch and kick until the limbs in question are basically 'dead' and i'm out of breath, etc. Coud someone please try and evaluate my work out because I think I put it down as too little in my exercise diary.

All punches and kicks are done wth maximum exertion and I'm 6'3, 230lbs if this helps..

Thanks in advance.

Scout- 11-06-2003 02:23 AM



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