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frustrated35 03-23-2005 07:58 PM

How do I maintain what I've accomplished?
Hi everyone! Iíve posted here before and appreciate all the responses. I have another question. Today was my weigh in and measurement day with my trainer. I usually dread these days. We try to weigh in and measure at least once a month, but with my busy schedule sometimes itís hard. For those of you who remember where I startedÖ.18 months ago I gained weight from having knee surgery. Had 39% body fat, 87 lbs lean mass and 55 lbs fat mass. As of today, I am pleased to say Iím at 25% body fat, 99 lbs lean mass and 36 lbs fat mass (weigh 135), also 35 yr and 5í 5Ē (female). And I thought I was stuck in a plateau last time I posted, but was actually doing ok. Well, I want to do better. Iím happy that I can fit back into my size 6 jeans and be able to breathe so, Iíd like to know how do I maintain what Iíve accomplished. Can I have more than 1 ďcheat" day without feeling guilty? Do I need to eat more or less? Do I continue with my regular resistance training 3x/week with cardio 4-5x/week or can I give up a day? Or should I just keep doing what I am doing? Very frustrating. I'm not going for the body builder look, just nice, lean shape with definition. I did find out that my Resting Metabolic Rate is 1520 (breathing test) and I'm eating 1700-1800 calories/day with good eating habits and just added more protein last week. I didn't realize that I wasn't getting enough of it. My trainer and I will discuss all this next week in more detail, but I wanted to get a few opinions for you guys before I see him.

Thanks so much! :)

rach12 03-23-2005 09:04 PM

Re: How do I maintain what I've accomplished?
Weight loss and maintenance is a LIFE LONG change. It is not what you do "some of the time", it is what you do "MOST OF THE TIME". Do not get to wrapped in how many CHEAT DAYS you can have. Just have a good balance. If you eat some french fries and a burger on Monday for lunch then have a light dinner. Your exercise is great just change the intensity up when you need to so you do not get bored or your body get used to what you are doing.
Remember you can not go back to eating what you want and all that because you will end up overweight again and then yo yo for the rest of your life but if you notice your pants getting a little snug then look at your diet and maybe scale off of something bad you have been eating. Just remember balance. I hope this helps.

frustrated35 03-24-2005 09:37 AM

Re: How do I maintain what I've accomplished?
Thanks rach12, can you or anyone explain the Resting Metabolic Rate thing and I also think 1700-1800 calories is way too much. Sometimes I can't even get that many, so am I hurting myself by not? Any suggestions?


bluehen94 03-24-2005 06:16 PM

Re: How do I maintain what I've accomplished?
Hi Frustrated35, first congrats on your new fat/weight loss. I've been following you because we are about the same age, height and now with your new loss, weight. I would have to agree that the eating changes we make to get in shape are not a temporary fix, its a lifestyle change. My philosophy is stick with what is working. If I am losing weight/bodyfat doing a certain diet and exercise program I don't touch it ever. That doesn't mean I won't have an occasional cheat meal or birthday cake.

To answer your BMR question that is how many calories you burn if you were to do nothing all day. Its the amount of calories your body burns doing its normal things, like your heart pumping, etc. Anything you do beyond that burns more so at a minimum because you exercise you should never eat below 1520. So I think 1700-1800 calorie diet is good. I wish my BMR was as high as yours, haven't had it checked in a while so maybe it is. Anyway, please keep us posted on any further progress, your progress really motivates the rest of us.

frustrated35 03-24-2005 08:38 PM

Re: How do I maintain what I've accomplished?
Thanks so much bluehen! How are you and the babies today?? I don't have the priviledge of having kids, yet, but do have 2 dogs who I call my boys. They are monsters at times. One Golden Retreiver and one Yellow Lab.

I have accepted the eating habits as a lifestyle change, but I don't want to second guess everytime...should I be eating this instead of that? I've come along way changing the way I eat the past few months because in the past there were times that I would skip meals because I wasn't hungry. Now I try and eat something when it is time to eat.

My work out buddy and I did cardio tonight (45 min elliptical boosting up the resistance from a 6 to an 8). That was a test since my knee use to start popping at 7 so I just stuck with the 6. Knowing I needed to change something, I took a chance. No problems and did manage to go the full 45 min on that level. Maybe I had extra energy since I knew my trainer was watching. He's good about keeping an eye on me even when we are not training together. We've definitely built a strong friendship/bond. He knows he's losing me soon, but is very happy with my progress. Anyway, the knee is a little stiff/sore, but I'm icing as I type.

I hated doing that breathing test. The first try it failed or I guess I failed. I had a little panic attack since my nose was clamped and was forced to breathe through my mouth. But, the 2nd time it took and my trainer was impressed with the 1520. Before he changed my diet, I was barely taking in 1300 calories, but still managed to lose body fat and gain lean muscle, but didn't lose much weight. I'm sure by adding more calories the past month was what I needed. And now since I just added more protein I'm sure I can get there. There is one big job. I'm in sales. I have been fortunate that I haven't had to travel much in March, but April is brutal! I'm gone every week. That means I'll be eating out and entertaining. Lots of temptations! Martini's....big weakness, but I did give that up for lent and haven't missed it so maybe it's not such a big temptation afterall. But I will have to start suggesting healthier places to eat. Any suggestions? This past week I've did take my buyer to Black Eyed Pea and I had the Salmon which comes with Rice and a salad (ranch on the side, no croutons or cheese) and I even skipped on the rolls! Do you think that meal is a lot of calories or bad? If so, I can add that to my meal plan once a week. I love it. I've love your input on what I'm eating and will post it next. Any suggestions from you and anyone else I welcomed! Thanks again!

frustrated35 03-24-2005 09:05 PM

Re: How do I maintain what I've accomplished?
Bluehen or anyone wants to give's what I've been eating since we found out my resting metabolic rate was 1520 on Feb 15th.

Please keep in mind that I have cut out most dairy. My body just can't handle it and I'm not going to take a pill everytime I think I might eat something that might upset my tummy. I've actually noticed a hugh difference since I'm not eating yogurt, milk and limited my cheese intake. No bloated tummy and no nausea. I do drink Soy and like it. Go figure. I'm also a very picky eater and have been all my life, so if I'm leaving some foods out it's probably because I don't like it. Although, I use to hate tuna, salmon and fish and now I'm eating it and like it. Maybe because I have to, so any foods you see that I'm not eating, please let me know and I will at least try it again.

Breakfast: Eggo Waffle or Pancake (no syrup!), 3-4 egg whites & 1 cup of Strawberries. Alternative: 2 cups of Kelloggs Corn Flakes with Soy Milk, 1 med pear. Alternative: 2 egg whites scrambled wrapped up in a 10" whole wheat tortilla and an apple or some kind of fruit.

Lunch: Turkey Sandwich on whole wheat bread, pretzels, and an apple. Alternative: use a 10Ē whole wheat flour tortilla instead of the bread. Alternative: instead of lunch meat, tuna in a wrap (no mayo) instead, I use FF Ranch and put in a boiled egg white (no yolks), celery & grapes. Or a salad with tuna in it adding maybe cucumber, grapes, pear, celery, carrots using Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries.

Dinner: Grilled or baked Chicken, 1 cup white long grain rice, side salad, steamed broccoli and some kind of fruit. Alternative: Chicken wrap (10Ē whole wheat tortilla, 1 cup long grain rice, steamed broccoli.

No sodas and I limited my alcohol consumption drastically (1-2 bud lights only on my cheat day). I know I drink plenty of water because I'm peeing all the time and I like ice tea (no sweetner). For snacks, I'm hooked on granola bars, pretzels and anykind of fruit.

Sorry so long! I'm off tomorrow and traveling next Monday through Thursday, but do have a laptop that travels with me. Thanks!

bluehen94 03-24-2005 09:07 PM

Re: How do I maintain what I've accomplished?
The whole world changes when you have kids, your life, body, etc become unrecognizable, but you realize right away its worth it and losing the once flat stomach you had was worth it.

I always plan my day of eating every morning, I keep a food diary on my computer that records, when I eat, calories, fat prot, carbs so I can keep it all in check. I don't vary much day to day so its not too difficult to plan. I don't get out too much with the twins so eating out is not a big issue for me. The food diary makes me accountable for everything I eat. Once in a while I get a day where we are going to a relative's house for the day and I don't bother. I'm just thrilled enough if there is actually anything healthy to eat there since my husband's family eat like crap. Salmon is very healthy, I would add that to your diet at least once a week. Just watch the portion side, 3 oz cooked is plenty, I buy the individually wrapped portions frozen and defrost 1 at a time as needed. I also go for lean turkey burgers, chicken breast occasionally, salmon, scallops, shrimps, mostly with a vegetable stir fry for dinner. Lunch for me is usually salad, or an omelet with fruit, canned tuna. I'll snack on atkins advantage bars (I know there are better choices than that), cottage cheese occasionally, microwave popcorn, nuts. I'm more of a 6-8 meal grazer because the kids don't give me much meal prep time. I'm usually a clean eater my downfalls are diet soda, not drinking enough water, not getting enough sleep ever (nothing to do about that), and eating dinner late due to kids.

Anyway, keep up the good work. Please be so careful on those knees, I can't emphasize that enough.

frustrated35 03-24-2005 10:23 PM

Re: How do I maintain what I've accomplished?
I would love to have kids someday, but need to find the man first! I'm having problems finding and keeping one that likes the "career woman". MEN! I love that commercial where the girl is working out for "her" and no one else. VERY powerful meaning. I would think that having kids would definitely be worth it and I'm sure you are a great new mommy! I hope you have help! I don't know how I could manage twins, planning meals, working out etc...

Keeping a food diary is exactly what I do, but I just record my calories. My trainer has been on me for a while to do this and I just started Feb 15. Hmmm...same day I started this meal plan and saw results yesterday. Great reason to continue the diary. I'm with you on quick meals. Not because I have twins(I don't), I'm just lazy and a bad cook. I try. Sometimes it's just easier to eat out, but I will watch the portion size. Best to cut everything in half when the meal comes and get a to go box immediately. When I do eat out when in town, it's often Black Eyed Pea, Luby's, Chik 'fil let (spelling) and Wendy's. I like they have the option of fruit now! When's hard! Everyone likes Steaks and Mexican Food(another weakness) or just junk food at one of the sports bars. Can you tell my buyers are all men?

I did finally cut out the diet soda, I have felt a difference. It was hard and I might have "1" if I'm traveling, but I don't buy them at the grocery store anymore. Out of site...out of mind. OHHH is that Dr Phil? I like him too. The sodium makes me retain so much water and I retain enough as it is. I get my caffeine from the tea. But you might need the extra caffeine especially when you start running after the twins! Does that count as a cardio workout? I'm sure you're not getting much sleep with the babies, so you'll have to be patient and remember that is out of your control, for now. I liked your stir fry for dinner. I was running out of options and didn't want to eat chicken every night. Boring! Thanks again!

bluehen94 03-25-2005 03:04 PM

Re: How do I maintain what I've accomplished?
Oh yes, the man is important, I was lucky enough to find my guy in college many years ago and we've been together ever since. That's funny that you say men don't like the "career woman" . I never liked working and my husband was always like you will work, even though financially I never needed too. Now that I have my kids I am a stay at home mom, which is more work than any 2 jobs together. I don't know if I'm a great mommy, but I try my hardest and try not to lose my mind. I manage to fit exercise in with them. I get on my bike when they take their morning naps, weights at night when my husband gets home from work or on weekends at the gym, cooking, cleaning during their afternoon nap, its crazy, but I refused to be one of those people who let their body go because they had kids and claim to have no time. That's just not me.

A little husband used to complain that we can't ever go anywhere "fun" to eat because of my strict diets, but I tell him we can go anywhere he wants. At any restaurant these days you can get a salad, or a nice piece of fish. I always instruct, dressing on the side, no sauces or butter on my food, it embarasses my husband, but too bad. There is no reason to sacrifice your diet because of your diet.

So are you just drinking water since you cut the diet soda? I also like drinking green tea, but a definitive sweetener is needed for that, so I use Stevia which is a real acquired taste.

I don't get ANY sleep by the way, which is bad for weight loss. Well, I do get sleep, but not more than 4 hrs in a row, somebody always gets up crying for whatever reason. I've learned to function on little sleep and not let that be an excuse to not exercise or else I would never exercise. Keep up your good work, its really going to pay off for summer. I am so close to getting back in my small shorts I wore 3 years ago, I think if I keep things up they may fit by June.

frustrated35 03-25-2005 03:42 PM

Re: How do I maintain what I've accomplished?
You do have a full time job! If I ever get married and have kids, not sure if I'll continue to work or not. Haven't really thought about it since I don't have too.

Sounds like you guys have a perfect routine set to get in your workout and I agree, I wouldn't let myself go either. I just can't do it! I'm not saying that everytime I leave the house I have to wear make up and have my hair done. That's what baseball caps and lip gloss are for! I can get by with that.

I'm a mess when ordering out. Like you said....dressing on the side, no croutons or cheese, water with lemon & a straw and my favorite is that prepared and cooked? And do you have a nutrition write up on this meal? They probably spit in my dinner! If I'm on a date, I'm sure that's embarrassing, but I really don't care. Guess that might come off as being high maintenance thinking like a guy. Again, oh well!

I drink tons of water. I buy the bottled water from Sam's (48 ct) and that might last 2 weeks if I'm lucky. I also travel a lot and get that dehydrated feeling from the airplane. Sometimes I'll drink Green Tea at night (hot), but I haven't put any sweetener in it. I'm not sure what about Stevia. Is it like equal? I use to drink a little cool aid and tang and I remember you getting on me about that after I looked at the sugar! UG! No wonder it was so good. It's all thrown out.

My friend's son is with me today since everyone is off work and school. She's my hairdresser and didn't have today off, so I'm helping out. He will come visit every once in a while. He's a cutie! I took him to see Robots and did have a diet coke. I've been making sun tea and love it. I'm not sure what else to drink since everything is loaded with either calories or sugar.

Well, we've had a full day and need some down time. Gym this morning, lunch (he voted for McDonalds, but I persuaded him to go to chickfila - grilled ckn sandwich, fruit cup and water...I did well) and then the movie. I'm exhausted! I don't know where mommies get their strength. I always hear that you should sleep with the babies sleep, but I don't understand how everything will get done. Who does the chores? I would do the same as you are doing right now and to be able to do all that you must be SuperMom! Keep it going!! Talk to you soon!

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