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mellowfish 03-25-2005 07:35 PM

Wrap bum knee for kickboxing?
A number of years ago I hyperextended my knees. I haven't been having any problems, just a little bit of tightness on some days when I lift.

My dilemma is the aerobic kickboxing class I'm taking. I want to fully participate, but I am finding impossible to do some of my kicks unless I fully straighten my planted leg, which feels like I am going to hurt myself again (it was actually performing kicks similar to these which threw out my knee in the first place).

A friend suggested getting an ACE bandage knee brace. Will wearing this or something similar help prevent aggravation or reinjury? Though I've never wrapped a joint before, I have little faith in using a knee brace, but if it will truly make a difference I am willing to use for a while. Thanks.

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