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bassman 04-09-2005 08:10 AM

help w/ routine (long)
could use some help stimulating more gain' the boards daily and get tons of good info so i thought i would post my routine and see if there was anything else i should be doing/not doing.
i am 5'11 and 2 months ago when i started i was 224lbs. i have gotten down to 200lbs and look much leaner now , but i would like to get down to 185-190.
diet wise i eat i bowl of TOTAL for breakfast, fruit for snack , turkey on wheat w/ a handful of pretzals for lunch , more fruit for mid afternoon snack , dinner usually consist of either a chicken breast or a portion of beef w/ a veg. , and i eat a night snack which is usually very low fat micro popcorn.
training wise i do- all done w/ 4 sets of 10 or to failure.
DAY 1- flat bench , incline dumbell bench , decline dumbell bench , flat bench fly's , tricept cable pushdowns , over head tricept cable extensions , tricept dips.
DAY 2-ez-bar curls , concentrated dumbell curls , hammer curls , reverse curls , seated cable rows , seated cable pulldowns(behind head?), back extensions.
DAY 3-front milt. press , lat. raises , front raises , squats , hamstring curls( the kind w/ a bench leg attachment), calve raises , quad press
DAY 4,5,6 i will repeat the above ( sometimes taking a rest day inbetween day 3-4)
i will do HIIT cardio for 25 min every other day.
i know this is a very long post and i appreciate any input you guys/gals can give me. it just seems i am stuck and cant jump start into more muscle gains.
thanks :confused:

Naxis 04-10-2005 01:15 AM

Re: help w/ routine (long)
1. less fruit, more protein and some good fats. Make sure you're getting *enough* calories. Also, add a post workout shake if you don't already.
2. lift heavier. 6-8 reps per set
3. lifting 6 days a week is too much. Drop it to 3 with 1 day of rest in between (cardio is still okay) and one full day of rest in there somewhere.
4. do not do pulldowns behind the neck, pull to the collarbone. behind the neck can easily damage your shoulders.
5. on back/bicep day, do back exercises before biceps. always work large muscles before the smaller ones or you will risk your form.

bassman 04-10-2005 06:01 AM

Re: help w/ routine (long)
thanks for the reply naxis , just so im sure , are you saying to lift 3 days then take a day rest then start my 3 day cycle again , or limit it to 3 lift days per week?

Naxis 04-10-2005 11:36 AM

Re: help w/ routine (long)
no, I'm talking about using the 7 day week and lifting 3 of seven days. If you're lifting heavier, harder and smarter, working each muscle group once a week will be plenty for growth. If possible lift one day, then rest one day, then lift one day rest one day etc. A favorite schedule is the M-W-F (possibly a little cardio on tuesday, thursday and sat) and sunday off totally. You can cluster the three days and take the rest of the week off if you want, but that's really not the best way to optimize use of recovery time.

bassman 04-10-2005 06:12 PM

Re: help w/ routine (long)
thanks-i will give that a try

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