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Newguy912 09-23-2005 11:09 PM

Questions Questions Question (Incline Walking)
I recently bought a manual treadmill and Iíve been trying to use it as much as possible. I usually do about 20 min a day but I realize that when Iím doing the incline walk on a manual treadmill my ankles start hurt REAL bad after about 5 min... I do not ware shoes when I use it, do you guys think that might be the problem.

Also is incline walking on a manual treadmill just as effective as running on a motor treadmill.

Also I would just like to know if my goal is lets says lose about 5 pounds a week (combined with good eating habits) how long do you guys think I should use a incline Manual Treadmill.

I also have weight at home and I would like to tone up a bit. Can anyone here help me find out what exercises I should do with dumbbells and how much I should start out with and what type of exercises. Iím 14 years old 170 pounds. Height 5.6Ē

Thanks for all the help/Support

Reace 09-24-2005 09:13 AM

Re: Questions Questions Question (Incline Walking)
Yes! You must wear a good fitting tennis shoe (maybe one with ankle suppot) while walking on the treadmill. If you are not, you are defeating your purpose a little bit. Your form can not be correct unless you have on shoes and the insentity that you need to walk will be stiffened by not wearing them. I think that your manual can be just as effective but you have to use it correctly. Try walking at a brisk spped for 5-7 min and then do an all out sprint for 2 minutes. This "spurty" training burns more calories than maintaining a constant speed without being to hard on your heart and body.

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