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Cassie4u22 07-05-2006 08:51 AM

Sit-ups and Crunches - What am I Doing Wrong?
I have tried almost every different "way" out there to do sit-ups and crunches, but at the end it's my back and neck that always ends up feeling worked out instead of my abs!! What am I doing wrong? What is the BEST way to do this? Sorry if this has already been posted, but for some reason the search button is not showing up when I log in today.

Ellipsis 07-05-2006 10:07 PM

Re: Sit-ups and Crunches - What am I Doing Wrong?
The only way that I can do sit-ups comfortably is if I keep my hands behind my head (instead of across my chest) or if I do the kind where you lie on your back and lift your butt in the air using your abdominal muscles.

I've heard that it helps if you take an orange (or a ball of about the same size) and put it under your chin while you do your sit-ups. It guides you into keeping your back straighter.

Willapp 07-06-2006 05:38 AM

Re: Sit-ups and Crunches - What am I Doing Wrong?
I wouldn't do them with hands behind your head. All this does is encourage you to "pull" yourself up with your arms and can strain/damage your neck muscles.

Have you tried locking your feet under something? When I first started doing sit-ups, my ab muscles were quite weak and I found it hard to pull myself up, but locking my feet under a bench made it much better.

Alternatively do reverse crunches where you curl your knees to your chest. Initially do them with your knees bent at 90' but once you improve you can do them with straighter legs (much harder).

As a general rule, try and keep your neck still when doing the exercises - don't start looking down as you lift up. In the finished position you should be looking towards the top of the wall opposite you, not at eye level.

deejay11 07-10-2006 11:10 AM

Re: Sit-ups and Crunches - What am I Doing Wrong?

i had this same problem a while ago and even stopped doing crunches, etc co of it. I was then showed to a specific gym crunches machine that has a neck rest and pads for elbows(arc design) which actually reduces strain on neck and back and hence forces us to use our abs more.

I have never looked back, slowly my flab is converting!!!

hope this helps

daisy-duke77 07-11-2006 01:55 PM

Re: Sit-ups and Crunches - What am I Doing Wrong?
There are soooo many other type's of exersise that targets ab's. I'll try to explain best i can. An exersise ball is great, it is a bit easier on the can so crunches, oblique's and even leg lifts (for lower ab's) You can do plank abs..............that is in the position of a traditional push up, and you hold yourself up on your elbows and legs are strait out. These are very hard and you can work up to holding yourself up for 30 sec then work up to 2 min or longer.................this targets the entire ab's. You can lay on your back with legs strait out...............lift legs just a few inches from the ground and hold them in that position...............this helps the lower ab's...........again the longer you hold, the better the burn! If you lay flat on the floor on your back.............reach arms behind head and hold onto the bottom of a chair or a reverse curl..............lift legs strait up............lift butt off floor.............then slowly bring legs down, not touching the floor. Sorry if this is confusing.................but i do several different ab exersise's, cuz i get sooooo bored with the same old crunches.........and yes those hurt my neck too.

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