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mattwalt123 06-03-2012 03:41 PM

Best way to speed up a metabolism and gain muscle
Hi, I'm not exactly a fat kid, but I'm overweight mostly for the fact, I believe my metabolism is slow, I don't eat a large amount and I exercise reasonably regularly throughout the week. Any ideas on how to speed up my metabolism and I'm trying to gain some muscle so any help on that?

Thanks guys.

Rushin1032 10-22-2012 11:51 AM

Re: Best way to speed up a metabolism and gain muscle
The best way that i have heard from my trainer to speed up metabolism is to not cut back on how much you eat but to spread it out throughout the day. Just have a little bit to eat every now and then and it will keep your body breaking down those foods and just keeps the digestive system flowing continuously.

There are also certain foods out there that help speed it up as well. Spicey foods tend to help speed it up. Just keep in mind dont cut back on food. Just cut back on how much you eat at once. Eating a lot at once slows metabolism while eating a little throughout the day speeds it up.

Hope this helps!

GymRat 10-25-2012 06:45 AM

Re: Best way to speed up a metabolism and gain muscle
Browsing as stated earlier is a great way to keep the metabolism high. It doen't require a drop in food level just eating it in smaler chunks, or virtu***y continuously as I do at work.
Metabolism from diet is affected by some trace minerals but predominantly from the amount of carbs entering the body. These are the only energy source the body knows will be available almost instantly so the body uses this as a measur of how much energy it can afford to be expending. Remember that simple carbs, sugars, are to be a very sm*** part of your diet, complex carbs bland and starchy are the safe alternative. This is not as easy as many think as sugars are in far more foods than most realise, and natural foods like fruit while healthy are still sugary. Rice, pasta, potatoes etc. are great, but the sauces, and oils they are cooked in will not be your friends in large volumes.
Frequent exercise at varying levels force the body to keep a high metabolism in order to fuel and recover from it. If you always do light jogging, that will help, but if you do a mix of sensibly high intensity resistance, and jogging that will be better. Don't make drastic changes without guidance or research however.
The bad news is body types make a huge difference on what you need to do. Natural scrawny so and sos like me, work well with plenty of aerobic, genetic***y more powerful people who make greater fat gains by building muscle which they do easily and require energy just to maintain.

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