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Weight Lifting Questions!

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Old 08-17-2012, 09:04 AM   #1
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tjlac HB User
Post Weight Lifting Questions!

Hey everyone,

This is my first post to the boards and i have a good amount of questions so please bear with me!

I have been doing my weight lifting routine for about 4 weeks now, and I am very happy with my results. I feel that for the most part, I am always getting a good workout when I go.

The only problem I have is my chest! I cant really tell if it is actually getting worked out or not. I don't usually feel the typical "burning" I get with every other muscle, and when I do bench/barbell presses my arms are the only thing that get that. Any thoughts on how I can get that feeling into my chest?

My typical workout is 5 days a week:
MWF- upper body
T and Thursday- Core/Lower body

Any tips would be greatly appreciated! I am 19 years old, 6'1", 195lbs, and 21.5%BMI

I gained weight when i was on Zoloft and im trying to lose it again, but mostly through weight lifting. Thanks ahead of time!
I am trying to cut down to see my

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Re: Weight Lifting Questions!

First, weight loss is best accomplished with a change in diet. Exercise can help to keep it off but some fruit or one snack can easily nullify calories burned in exercise.

For the chest you want to find a machine in the gym such as Pec Flys that exercises the pectoral muscles. You can do similar side fly movements with dumbbells.

No great expert here but care about weight and keeping in shape. A bit of a gym rat. With attention and effort you'll do great.

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Re: Weight Lifting Questions!

Given your height and weight, it really doesn't sound like you need to lose. Males who lift weights a lot usually have BMIs of 23 or higher! In fact, if you're lifting regularly, expect the scale to go UP, though your waist will get trimmer if you exercise and watch what you eat.

Definitely, the machines are a good way to isolate muscles. Also, you may want to ask one of the staff members or more experienced lifters to check your technique.

Old 10-21-2012, 03:22 PM   #4
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demetri66 HB User
Re: Weight Lifting Questions!

Pecs are my favorite workout day!
Like the other guys said, the pec deck is a great machine, but, if your shoulders allow it, do some freeweights. I start with the decline bench 3sets x 12 reps, then incline bench again 3x 12, then flat bench 3x 12. Then go to the pec deck and do flys, again 3x12. Finally i do some cable flys. The cables allow you to work a greater range, but be careful. I learned from the guys in my gym that 5 exercises per area works best. You really kill it!

Old 10-22-2012, 12:57 AM   #5
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flyingabove HB User
Re: Weight Lifting Questions!

the pain you talk about is called the DOMS (delayed onset muscle sorness) which usually hits the worked muscles 24 hours later.

There may not be enough muscles in your chest to even feel the pain there yet. So give it time.

You need a good diet, plenty of rest and a good training program which is regularly changed to keep your body constantly guessing and growing.

Theres a wealth of information on the net. lots of it right and lots wrong. its all trial and error to see how your body best responds.

I enjoy doing 100% free weight and body weight exercises and get good gains from this, the machines seem to be a bit of a cheat exercise.

Also remember working your legs out regulary surges your testosterone and promotes better muscle growth. So pairing a leg workout on bicep day, will help promote better bicep growth which could normally be found hard to achieve by certain individuals.

I'd also look up deadlifts, an invaluable exercise to help promote growth.

Check that you are gettin roughly 2grams of protein per day per kilogram of bodyweight. This will help also.

That should do,

Thanks for coming


Old 10-22-2012, 10:44 AM   #6
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Rushin1032 HB User
Re: Weight Lifting Questions!

My stats say im new here to the boards but I find a lot of enjoyment from workingout and have learned a lot over the years.

And first of all id like to point out I am no expert but what i say here is from personal experience and what i have done to fix it has seemed to work very well for me.

Second of all from what I read about how you dont feel the burn in your chest or that you dont feel like your getting a good workout, I have had this similar feeling before as well. When I would do bench press my arms would get worn out and feel incredibly worked out while my chest was relativly fine. Here is if a few suggestions that I tried and had good results from.

The first thing i tried was doing different things for chest that i didnt normal do before. I looked up certain workouts on the internet that are overlooked but tend to do a lot of good. I wont get into explaining these because it could be rather lengthy in detail but the info is out there!

The next thing i tried is related to the fact that your arms feel more worked out than your chest. I got to thinking that maybe my chest is too strong for my arms and they cant keep up in the chest workout. So i simply began doing more intense tricep workouts to boost my arm power up a bit. Over time as i did more and more for triceps they began to last longer and longer during my chest workout to the point that my arms actually outlasted my chest! So the main point here is i believe that you would need to work your arms a little more to get some more power out of them.

Lastly, and this is just kind of a general thing for all of the muscle groups that you work. If you dont feel the burn anymore or you dont seem to get sore anymore, then you should probably take a few days off. Your muscles will sometimes get too used to the workouts and need a break and let them "relax" if you will, and then when you get back into it the burn and muscle soreness feeling of a good workout will be greater than ever!

I hope this post helps you and whoever else reads it. Again im not a professional but from my past experiences in this situation all of these actions worked!

Good luck!

Old 10-25-2012, 07:54 AM   #7
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GymRat HB User
Re: Weight Lifting Questions!

OK first point has been raised by another already but in order to burn fat most effectively you need to burn more energy.
The larger the volumes of muscle you are engaging, the more energy you will be burning and more fat you will burn during recovery, remember fat is slow burning you will likely use very little of it in most weight training sessions, but the recover is slow enough.
As such you need to use the legs more than your upper body to engage the major muscles as often as practical.
Your more into isolation work which is the way most prefer to train and it is very effective for those training as often as you do. If you are doing this predominantly for weight loss it may be worth considering more compound exercises that use upper and lower body together, but this could very easily mean your body not getting time to recover and repair for the next day so it will require thought.

Regarding pump on the chest. Not easy to acheive because the chest is not re***y a muscle group placed to work alone. If you do isolate it using pec mahines etc. you will get some pump but I would always use this as a secondary exercise to get the best feeling as detailed below.
This system is using one major compound exercise to tire you then an isolation to target one of the muscles less fatigued than others. It relies on being able to get from one exercise to the next instantly to avoid the body getting rest between 1 and 2.
1. Bench press
Prime mover tricep, there will be those who argue, but the main thing you are doing is extending your arm. Secondary muscles are predominantly the shoulder and chest.
2. Pec machine or ide***y dumbell twist flyes
The pectoral muscle is involved in two major movements, bringing the arms together in front of you and turning your arm so your elbo goes from facing outward to downward.
Twist flyes use both of these by having you start laid down with your arms wide, very slightly bent, with palms facing up and elbows toward the floor. Smoothly bring your arms up in front of you without straightening them, twitisng your arms so your elbows end up facing toward your feet.
Co-ordination of this takes a bit of practice as you want the twist to be consistant throughout the movement not simply happen at the end.

Because your chest will have been fatigued by the bench press you will feel the second exercise more, hopefully getting the pump you are wanting.

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