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fusionqueen 01-28-2013 06:42 AM

HELP!!! Cant get in my jeans!!
I started doing sprints...2 min at 4.7 then 2 at 6.7 increasing the sprint each time up to 7.6 for 40 min. I have been doing this daily for 3 weeks. I am packing for a vacation yesterday.I can NOT fit in any of my capri''s or shorts as my legs are to fat and the scale went up 5 lbs. PLEASE can someone tell me what is going on?I thought I would drop a few pounds before vacation not gain it and I can not be muscle as it still "jiggles!"and I should be losing inches NOT gaining them! I cried for 2 hours yesterday. It is winter here and no place to buy shorts and capri's this time of the year!:eek::(

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