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sananda 07-17-2015 01:25 AM

Blurred vision after corneal ulcer
Two weeks ago my eye began to tear continuously, and I was sensitive to sunlight. The next day my eyes were paining and were red and tearing, and I could not stand the presence of light. Whenever light appeared, I had sharp pain in my right eye and constant tearing. I tried to sleep that night but could not. I went to a local eye doctor who said I had a corneal ulcer due to bacterial infection through contact lens and referred me to a cornea specialist. The specialist prescribed me a number of antibiotic drops such as Vigamox, Amphotericin B etc. Next time I visited( 5 days later), he said the uler was healing. He cultured my cornea scraping and it was determined as pseudomonas spp. So I was prescribed ciplox(as it was determined sensitive to ciprofloxacin) and Vigamox. 7 days later, my eye is now almost clear and the pain and redness is gone but my vision is incredibly blurry, as if I am looking through a cloud. At times, my vision seems to be getting better, but then, particularly in the morning, it is blurry. Can anyone tell me how their vision came back during the healing process? Was it a steady progression or uneven? When did the blurriness go completely? How long does the recovery process last? How do I know how much scarring has or will occur?My doctor tells me that he does not know how much scarring I will have or how much of my vision will return, so I am very scared. I am a software developer, and now I can't read anything clearly and all activities have been on hold. This is particularly hard for me as I just can't sit at home all day. Would someone please share his experience or knowledge? Thank you, Sananda.

misslc87 07-28-2015 02:58 PM

Re: Blurred vision after corneal ulcer
Hi Sananda, I am currently dealing with almost the exact same issue and experience. It started on July 9 and I went to the ER 2 days later as the pain was excruciating. Doctor said it was a pseudomonas infection due to my contacts. The overall infection has cleared up now. Today, I am starting steroid eye drops 4x per day and still using ciprofloxacin every 2 hours & homatropine 2x a day. My vision is still pretty blurry but I notice small improvements every few days. Same issue with vision noticeably more blurry during mornings & gets better throughout the night. I am happy with this as the first week of the ulcer, I was not able to see anything at all! It's still very sensitive to light/sunlight. My next doctors appointment will be in a week so I'm hoping my vision will improve a bit more. How are you doing?

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