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Romans9 12-12-2016 04:22 PM

Drop Shadow Vision in Right Eye
My eye problems started about 16 months ago. I previously had better than 20/20 vision, no eye problems or injuries. We moved around that time, and I began experiencing vision changes about a month later. The only events that occurred around the same time as the move were two back to back migraines. I usually have migraines once or twice a year, but never back to back like those.

My vision became distorted enough that I eventually went to an optometrist. He determined I had a slight astigmatism in both eyes, worse in my right eye, and prescribed glasses. The glasses made things clearer, but a month or two later, I started to realize that I was actually seeing a "shadow" version of everything in my right eye. The best way I can describe it would be like drop-shadow font on the computer. It's always there, and it's especially obvious when reading light text on a dark background or looking at car tail lights at night. I see a shadowy copy of whatever I'm looking at, just beneath the original. I tried different glasses (both the lens material and changed my prescription multiple times) to no avail. We moved about 8 months later, and I went to an ophthalmologist near here to see if they could diagnose my problem any further. They were unable to detect any problems with my eyeball itself, but a topographical scan did show slight variations on my cornea. They had no explanation for what I was seeing, but they recommended hard contacts as the solution. I tried a "hybrid" contact (hard center, soft edge) for several weeks, but it did not resolve the problem. It actually just flipped the "shadow" copy to the top of whatever I was looking at. They sent me to a cornea specialist in Atlanta, who ran more tests and took another scan of my eye. He agreed with their analysis that something had to be going on with my cornea (which he could not detect any better than the previous doctor, so it was assumed by process of elimination). He recommended that I keep wearing the contacts for a couple more weeks. I did, and no improvement occurred. The next step was to visit a neuro-ophthalmologist, which I was told was unlikely to yield any applicable solutions since this doesn't seem to be a brain issue. The neuro path was also going to cost a lot, and I already wasted quite a bit on contacts and new glasses.

I went to a different optometrist last week to have my prescription updated. I figured I'd explain the problem to her to see if she had any new ideas. She took another topo and was shocked at how different my right cornea is from my left. Here's a screenshot (personal info removed) of the topo she provided for me:

She admitted that contacts and going to see a cornea specialist (the same one in Atlanta I had already seen) were all she could think of. The only new tidbit of information she could offer was that the topo suggested my astigmatism was at 3.00D (I forget what that stands for), but that I could only take about 1.00D of correction. Anything above that became too blurry. She tried multiple things with refraction, but nothing happened to the shadow copy other than slightly changing its angle. She told me what I was describing should be fixable with refraction, but she couldn't explain why that wasn't happening in my case. I was also told by the original ophthalmologist that my astigmatism is so slight that I really shouldn't need glasses. So the problem is really whatever is going on with my cornea.

I'm stumped and I've stumped multiple eye-care practices. I'm not expecting professional help here, but does anyone have any idea what might be going on or what else I should try?

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