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CosmicHorizon 07-03-2019 10:30 AM

Intermittent pixellated/fractured patch in one eye
I had a problem with seeing a white arc that I was seeing with movement of my left eye movement a few months ago. It's still there but not so bad. But I now have a new problem. On the 20th Feb, 4.5 months ago, I went to the hospital for a pupil dilation exam to see why I was seeing the white arc. No problem was found, but ever since then I have on odd occasions experienced this other problem -- a roundish patch of pixelated vision in the same left eye around the centre of my left eye vision. It was appearing maybe once a day for between 10-20 mins. Thought it was a new floater initially but it's not. There's no problem with my right eye.

Anyway, at first it was lasting around 20 minutes and quite bad. In recent weeks they're only been lasting 5 minutes and are much less noticeable. If I look at the sky in the daylight I can see it during those 5 minutes, although sometimes I can't and it only becomes visible when I move my eye.

The severity of the episodes tends to be decreasing as time goes on, but not the frequency with which they occur.

I think that sometimes they are brought on when I'm bent over doing something then I straighten up. So something to do with change in blood pressure? Also they appear to be occurring more frequently when I'm feeling stressed, but I can't say this for definite.

Anyway, a bit reluctant to go back for further tests as it seems it was the eye dilation exam that precipitated it in the first place, either that or the eye drop. Any suggestions as to the likelihood of what it might be?

xltjim 07-08-2019 01:58 PM

Re: Intermittent pixellated/fractured patch in one eye
My symptoms were like yours and diagnosed as a partial PVD. Ended up being full pvd after 6 months with 5 retina tears an required emergency vitrectomy to correct. Not saying that this is what you have, but the symptoms sound similar to mine. Be watchful but have a plan to get in urgently should you get the RD symptoms. I was cleared 3 days prior after an exam by retina MD, 3 days later the partial pvd turned into a full one and damaged the retina in the process.

MSNik 07-09-2019 05:07 AM

Re: Intermittent pixellated/fractured patch in one eye
I had the same symptoms and had a retina detachment. Did you see an ophthalmologist? You might want to make another appointment as this can be quite serious.

CosmicHorizon 07-09-2019 05:21 AM

Re: Intermittent pixellated/fractured patch in one eye
Are you guys referring to my original problem of seeing a white arc, or this problem that was somehow elicited by the pupil dilation exam?

Yes I'm guessing the white arc might be PVD. But seems to be diminishing and I'm now more focussed on this 2nd problem. I would imagine that a pupil dilation exam couldn't possibly somehow cause a detachment of the retina?

Also the symptom doesn't appear to resemble anything I've read regarding detached retinas.

xltjim 07-09-2019 01:44 PM

Re: Intermittent pixellated/fractured patch in one eye
Mine started as the white arc in central vision noticed when I shifted my eye left/right and noticed on lighter backgrounds. I noticed a pixelated smudge in the center of vision on movement - along with the white arc. I could recreate it. Since I had a detachment in the other eye a year prior, I went right to the retina MD. Said I had partial PVD and that to come back when I noticed an abundance of floaters, flashes, or any loss of vision. When the PVD completes is when you may have problems with the retina detaching/tearing. Fast forward six months. I went back to retina md when I had tons of floaters suddenly. He said no tears and to just monitor and come back in 2 weeks for followup. 3 days later I had even more dot like black floaters, flashes, and started to lose vision. It was quite an event when it happened and there was no mistaking something was wrong. Was rushed into surgery for vitrectomy. He said my vitreous was about the stickiest he has seen and pulled the retina when it detached.

Now, I doubt that just a dilated exam will cause issues. But I have to wonder if the probing he did in my eye with schleral depressor may have damaged something or expedited the issue. He really poked and prodded the eye. In any event if you don't go back for a followup or get second opinion (I think you should), be vigilant and get back in if things get worse. Not all PVD's end up causing problems -- but mine did x2.

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