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Enviroian 01-12-2020 02:05 PM

Vitrectomy and Scleral buckle
New user here, good afternoon. Last week I had this procedure done in my right eye. Here's what led up this. On December 17th I started to see flashes and floaters in my right eye--more than usual and caused immediate concern. I went to a optometrist immediately and they indicated I might have a possible torn retina. I was scheduled in the following morning at the Texas Retinal Institute where a ophthalmologist confirmed the tear. She said she can perform laser surgery right then and there to seal the tear up. 10 minutes and $600 (I'm in the wrong line of work) she said looks great and come back after your UK trip for a follow up.
The following week while in the UK for holiday the floaters and flashes remained but was told this is normal. On 1/4 I went back in for check up and she said "sorry there are more tears and this time your retina is now detached ".
The next day I went for the titled procedure. It was very scary and afterwards I went home with the patch on. I came back the next day for patch removal and the doc (different doc, not miss laser) said all took well. It's 5 days later and the swelling is gone and my eye is no longer sore and the field of vision has rose to match my good left eye. The white ring around my pupil seems to be expanding every day and I assume this is a good thing as it's sign of healing (it's displacing the blood filled part of my eye). ANYWAY, the near sightness of my right eye is not as bad as it was but I still need to wear my glasses. However, the right lens in my glasses is now too strong for me to see. I am going to ask the doc tomorrow on my checkup to give me a new script for my right eye so I can get a new right lens made so I can start driving.
Has anyone been in this position before?

Enviroian 01-13-2020 05:16 PM

Re: Vitrectomy and Scleral buckle
Update. I went for my follow up to see my doc today. All is healing well and looking great. He wants me back in 3 months to remove the oil. I then took an uber to an optometrist for an eye exam. My right eye before the operation was a -10.0. Today my right is is -3.25 :eek:

I then took an uber to Pearle Vision where they ground down a single vision lens to -3.25 and plopped into my right eye glasses frame. When I get the oil taken out I will come back to swap out the temp lens with my old lens. My vision with the new/temporary lens is still a little blurry but I expect that's because I haven't had anything over the eye for a week and I need to adjust.


xltjim 01-24-2020 12:28 PM

Re: Vitrectomy and Scleral buckle
Hello. I have not had the buckle but I have had vitrectomy (on each eye). Mine started similar to yours. My left eye found some tears and treated with cryotherapy. Two days later I was in surgery for the vitrectomy when cryo failed. Had to position on side for 3 weeks and 12 week gas bubble. It was a long slow healing process. I somehow scratched my cornea during the process and added to discomfort. Had cataract surgery 6 months later and other than occasional dryness has healed pretty well. Now...a year to the day of my left eye detachment, I was in surgery for vitrectomy on my right eye with 5 tears for the same thing. That one healed up really quick and fast. Had cataract surgery on that one 4 months later. Be on the lookout for your other eye having the same thing happen. I was told my vitreous was very sticky and wouldn't safely release from the retina. If you haven't already you can count on needing cataract surgery in the not to distant future. One thing I will say is that I still have some small floaters and some weird visual anomolies once in awhile (flickering, hard to see when light changes suddenly). You seem to be well on the road to recovery. Never hesitate to call your surgeon with questions. i had mine on speed dial. LOL. Best of luck, Jim

Enviroian 01-29-2020 12:16 PM

Re: Vitrectomy and Scleral buckle
Thanks for the feedback! Week three here and healing nicely. Still some red in the eye but no pain whatsoever and back to wearing my contacts and glasses and have resumed my normal life. All good!

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