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Anxiety Man 11-29-2005 09:34 AM

This Is Strange But Nice!
I can't believe the sharpness I am seeing now with both eyes, but with my OLD glasses! The new Acrysof lens is geared for distance, and these old glasses were made way back there when my eyes were in a very strong cycle. Yesterday and today both, the operated eye seems to be adjusting in to these glasses pretty close. I will have a small difference in new ones, but this is really amazing to me. Even my reading lens looks better too! Indoors, it is a little strong, and there may be the change, and the rt. lens a tad too weak, but they seem to be closer together than when I put the old ones on after the surgery. I go in the a.m., I "think", to be fitted with new specks.

HELLASRULES 11-29-2005 05:39 PM

Re: This Is Strange But Nice!
Well, that's cool! Maybe they are reverting to the eyes you had when you were 30!!!
That'd be awesome!
Let us know how you make out at the doctor's tomorrow.

Anxiety Man 11-29-2005 06:03 PM

Re: This Is Strange But Nice!
Howdy, Faith! That may be alright! If I can get the eyes back to 30, maybe I can get ... Hee! Nope, might be R-rated!:D Any-who, I'm tickled pink about this. As I've said before, I just hope the acuity stays after the steroids are gone. I'm afraid dry eye will blur it again, but maybe not. I was reading signs and license numbers sharp as ever!

Sure been quiet on here today. The other 3 have been gone all day. Just hope their eyes didn't turn to dust and they blew away! Probably not.

I'll report in to headquarters about the doc appt.;)

See ya' clearer, later, Faith-

HELLASRULES 11-29-2005 06:10 PM

Re: This Is Strange But Nice!
I Love Happy News! You should be able to see the big grin :D on my face all the way over there in West Texas (from Boston) right now!
Guess the other ladies are busy today...hope it's that and they aren't having those pesky eye problems!
Good luck tomorrow and no hot-rodding over to the docs!

Anxiety Man 11-29-2005 06:39 PM

Re: This Is Strange But Nice!
I can see that grin, Faith! It's coming in through the dusty Texas sky!:D I didn't know you lived in Boston. That's one great place, and I wish I could visit there one day. Guess you can send me some of those great baked beans some time!;)

Lord, gal, you've seen me drive that Honda Hybrid V-6!:D Well, I'll keep the weight off the pedal going to the doc's, promise!;)
Thanks for the good luck wish, and we'll see ya' later.

sdv 11-29-2005 06:47 PM

Re: This Is Strange But Nice!
Hi everyone :wave: !

Well, I think I might have some good news too. I just got back from an appt. at my lasik place, and at first I was really upset because I didn't even get to see my surgeon like I had specifically requested. And I felt like half the stuff the doc I did see said to me contradicted what the surgeon said to me, etc, etc...I suppose we have established that these lasik docs are all CRAZY, so I should not have been surprised. Anyway, I saved all my venting for over on the lasik eye surgery board, so I will spare you guys from all the messy details....besides, Missy helped me see the bright side of things, and I guess I do have some good news to report.

He said that my oil glands looked good, so I guess that the lid scrubs and the warm compresses have helped me. Also, I did not have any dry spots on my cornea. He did a tear breakup test and I was greater than 10 seconds in each eye! Apparently 10 seconds is normal, and I have never been above it, so that is also good news. Faith - maybe it is that flax seed kicking in!!!! I read your post from the other night, and it looks like I'm using the same brand as you from Whole Foods!!

Right now my problem just looks like tear production. I had schirmer's scores of 5mm in each eye. Not awful, but not good either. I think 10mm is normal. So, hopefully the Restasis (been on it about 30 days) will kick in for me soon, or maybe my eyes will just naturally start producing more tears. Afterall, they are supposed to do that as they continue to heal! Unfortunately I seem to need all this other stuff to help them along! They also put temporary plugs in my tear ducts. I've never had them before, so maybe they will help me stay more comfortable. They are supposed to dissolve within 10-14 days and then I can get the permanent ones if they seemed to help me. We will see. I have an appt. with another doc next week so hopefully she will also say good things about my blepharitis and my tear quality. I know that stuff can fluctuate, so I will keep my fingers crossed that it will continue to head in a positive direction!

Tony - glad to hear that your vision was really clear today!!! Good luck at the docs tomorrow!

Michelle :)

Anxiety Man 11-29-2005 06:52 PM

Re: This Is Strange But Nice!
Proud for your good news, Michelle, & thanks. Sorry for this brief reply, but my eyes are tiring kinda fast.



HELLASRULES 11-29-2005 07:04 PM

Re: This Is Strange But Nice!
Well that's good news for you too! Looks like your eyes are progressing nicely with the oil glands looking good and NO dry spots. That's great news. Don't go getting discouraged by the other things. The tear quality maybe just has some more healing to do in there and will come around in time.
I do like the flavor of that flax oil, so will probably stay with that brand. But reading up on the flax oil, I've read somewhere that flax oil taken with fish oil is supposed to be better for dr eyes. I was taking the fish oil first, so didn't think about it. But whatever I read said this works for some people with dry eye, but not all. But think it's well worth takng even if it doesn't help the dry eyes, because it helps so much with bodily functions in general. My eye doc said vitamin A helps with inflammation that causes dry eye too, so I take that maybe 3 times a week, since too much vit. A can be toxic (so I've read). Can't take too many chances at my age!
Hey Tony, skip those Boston baked beans...the lobster is way better!!! Although some of us call them sea bugs...
Ave a great night all!

purple2067 11-29-2005 08:07 PM

Re: This Is Strange But Nice!
Hi gang! I'm back!

Well it seems like I have a lot to catch up on here! And I've a lot to catch you all up on as well! Tony, I am so happy for you that you are seeing clearly! Even if it is with your old glasses! That's great! WOOO HOOO!!!!!

Michelle, I hope the doctor is right and that it is just your tear quantity, not quality that is the problem. That is a much easier thing to fix. Have you gotten plugs or given it any thought?

I was at the eye doctor today. My eyes are feeling just awful. I have been doing hot compresses at night, and in the morning I wake up with loads of greenish yellow stuff in my eyelids. He said I don't have pink eye but since I have been doing the hot compresses, there may be some remnants of a past infection in my glands that is coming out with the heat. So I need to keep using the heat and use anti-biotic drops for a few days to make sure it doesn't cause a new infection. He said that my allergies are also raging. My eyelids are VERY red on the inside. What else is new?

Thanks for all the well wishes for my mom. It turns out that her breathing problems are really caused by a previously undetected case of Pneumonia. She is in the hospital. Over the weekend she really started to feel sick and she had chills and stuff. So yesterday morning she called her pulmonary doctor and he had her come over immediately. He listened to her lungs and took a chest x-ray in the office, and he said that she has Pneumonia. She is diabetic, and has had previous heart surgery so they didn't want to take any chances. He sent her over to the emergency room and had them admit her for IV anti-biotics. They are running tests to make sure that she does not have any other underlying lung problems. Our family doctor said that this should not affect the surgeon's decision about weather or not to do the weight loss surgery. She got sick. It happens. They just want to make sure she is good and healthy before they do the surgery.

purple2067 11-29-2005 08:09 PM

Re: This Is Strange But Nice!
Oh, btw... My doctor is anxious for me to try some goggles. He gave me the name of an optician who he thinks will be able to fit me with them. So I am going to do some more research and decide which ones I want to get, and see if I need to order them from a company or if I have to get them at a store. He said that if this helps me, he has plenty of other patients who would love to try them out!

azebo 11-30-2005 05:59 AM

Re: This Is Strange But Nice!
I hope those goggles will help.

sdv 11-30-2005 06:47 AM

Re: This Is Strange But Nice!
Good morning everyone!

Faith - Funny that you mentioned fish oil. I actually just started taking the soft gels of fish oil last week. I really do think that the flax seed oil must have helped my tear quality out alot. All I know is that a few months ago, my tear breakup was 3 seconds in each eye, and now it is over 10 seconds, so it has improved alot. Although I think that tear quality can fluctuate, so maybe I was just having a good day yesterday??

The other thing that I have been taking for about a month now are HydroEye supplements. They have all kinds of vitamins and oils in them that are supposed to support a healthy tear film. I wonder if that helped me as well? I have another appt. next week with my optomologist and we will see what she says. I don't really trust these lasik docs anymore, so for all I know he just told me all that stuff to get me out of his hair! Funny that my only problem was tear producation, which is something that he couldn't sugarcoat for me!! I could see the strips myself when he took them out of my eyes, so I knew that my tear production was low!

Elyse - Sorry you are still having so many problems with your eyes. Your doctor sounds so knowledgable...about how he thinks the warm compresses were clearing out an old infection and stuff. That makes alot of sense. I'm glad that he seems to think the goggles are a good idea and that he hooked you up with another doc to help you out with them! Sorry that your mom is in the hospital. I'm glad that they found the reason for her breathing troubles though so that they can properly treat her. I'll keep you both in my prayers!

Oh...and I just got the temporary plugs for the first time yesterday. Yesterday was the first time that my lasik place even did a schirmer's test, so maybe that is why they are just bringing up plugs now. I feel like things could have been alot easier on me if they just did the plugs and the restasis when I first started having problems! Grrr.... :mad: Anyway, I guess I'll get the permanent ones put in a few weeks. They want me to pay to have it done there though!!! Like I haven't already payed them enough for this stupid surgery that I'm not even happy with!

Hi Tony - I hope that you don't have any more dust storms today! And I hope that you are still seeing crystal clear!

Missy - I hope that your right eye starts feeling better soon! My eyes feel OK today. I haven't been getting much sleep lately, and I think it is an issue. So far I haven't had any major breakthrough with the temp plugs. No tears streaming down my face or anything :) ! I plan to get the permanent ones regardless of how these temp ones work out though. I think that your doc was probably right when he said that the temp ones don't work as well since they start breaking down right away. I think I'll ask my opthomologist next week what it would cost me to do it there with my insurance, then I see my surgeon the week after that, and I will make a plea for him to just do it for free and see what he says. After all, my appt with him is on a Friday, and Friday is surgery day, so I have alot of leverage there. He certainly doesn't want me storming out of his office in tears with his long line of surgery patients watching!!! I swear I've already spent about 1/2 as much post-op as I did on this surgery in the first place!

Well, I hope that everyone has a great day! (((HUGS)))!!!

Michelle :)

purple2067 11-30-2005 03:26 PM

Re: This Is Strange But Nice!
Michelle, that is really suck-o that you have to pay for all of this stuff. I hope they will give you the plugs for free. They certainly owe it to you after all the trouble you have had.

Missy, how is the right eye feeling now?

My eyes were still full of goop this morning, but I guess it will take a few more days of hot compresses and anti-biotic drops. They are really itchy and burning though. But it makes sense, because he said that it looks like my allergies are absolutely raging! :rolleyes:

My mom actually came home from the hospital today. They think the Pneumonia was viral. She has no more fever and she is breathing a lot better now. They gave her IV steroids to open up her lungs, and a few doses of IV anti-biotics just in case. Since her lungs are sounding much better to all 4 doctors (house doctor, cardiologist, pulmonologist, and family doctor), they all agreed that she can go home. They gave her oral steroids for a few days and she has to see our family doctor on friday. They told her that if she develops a fever again or starts to have more trouble breathing, to go back to call our family doctor or go back to the hospital. They also said that this should not affect her weight loss surgery at all. It just might take a few extra weeks, because they want to make sure she is 100% recovered from this first. She has to see the Pulmonary doctor in 3 weeks unless there is another problem. I am very relieved that she was able to come home so quickly.

azebo 11-30-2005 04:52 PM

Re: This Is Strange But Nice!
Elyse, I'm really glad that your mom got to come home today. I hope that she gets to feeling better really quickly.

HELLASRULES 11-30-2005 05:31 PM

Re: This Is Strange But Nice!
Hi Elyse,
Glad your mom has gotten treated for the pneumonia and has been released so she can be comfortable in her own home. Hope she's feeling better with each day.
And hope your eyes start feeling better too.
You too, MIssy. I hate it when I have days like that. But usually wake up fine the next day. Hard to say what cause those days...just glad when they don't come often.

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