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anxiety_1234 01-20-2006 01:02 PM

Possible retina tear/ scared!
Hey Everyone...So lately I'v been having a lot of problems with my eye. I have really bad anxiety which could be making my fear worse but who knows. Anyways so I have seen an eye doctor a couple of times for very bad floaters and semi-flashes of light. Now im only 17 so this seemed a little wierd for me. He told me that my retinas were very thin and that if I see any new flashes of light to tell him. Well last night I was looking at my wall ...all the lights were off except my tv and this lightning looking light appeard on my wall. I looked away and looked back and it did it again. I have those icicle christmas lights in my room that are white. Well I was looking at them then looked away and I could see the white outline of the lights on my wall. But the christmas lights werent on. Im going to see a new eye doctor today because im not sure the other one is looking hard enough. But what if my retina detaches or I have a tare? Im really scared. I dont want to go blind. Has anyone had this happen to them? Please give me some advice. If it does detach is it fixable? Im scared!!!!

HELLASRULES 01-20-2006 07:08 PM

Re: Possible retina tear/ scared!
Hi anxiety 1234
Yes it is fixable. And it is pretty scary. My right has detached 4 times & the left had a small tear, but didn't detach. Are you very near-sighted?
I was a preemie, only wieghed 2 lb 14 oz when I was born in 1955, so I have some retinopathy.
See if you can be checked by an opthalmologist that specializes in disease of the retina. THey will do an excellent exam to check your eyes thoroughly.
Good luck

Sunlover 01-21-2006 10:04 AM

Re: Possible retina tear/ scared!
Having a detached retina is not very common at all, but what IS very common is floaters and flashes - MORE common it seems than a headache or the common cold! I am 47 and have been having these problems since I was 19, and have never yet had a tear in the retina. They always say, "If you see any new floaters or flashers make an appointment" Well gee, if I did that I'd have to drag a cot into the waiting room and camp out there! I see flashes, bright ones, sparkly ones, blue ones... I just go yearly for my exam. Go for your exam, you'll be fine, just relax. Even if you DO have a tear, it can be zapped shut with a lazer. But even a tear is a remote possibility. You'll probably just have to go for more frequent dialated eye exams than the average person, that's all.

Kastro2 01-22-2006 06:24 PM

Re: Possible retina tear/ scared!
I have the same problem and it has been with me for years..

Im only 20, I first got these things when I was about 16..

I have the exact problem, I look at something then look away I can see it outlined for a while..

Doctors thought I was crazy, so my self-diagnosis said it must be spending too much time watching TV and being on the PC, I have cut down time on the PC and TV and noticed an imrpovement.

Keep in touch man, dont worry everything should be fine, there are a lot of recent advances in vision and eye surgery, most things are fixable now!

SiberianLover 02-01-2006 04:44 PM

Re: Possible retina tear/ scared!
I had surgery over a year ago for tears in my retina. It's an in office procedure, painless. I am going back at the end of this month to check up on them because I had holes forming again a month after the surgery, so I probably have to have surgery again this year.

It's more of an inconvenience, but doesn't hurt. It's just a laser, and it's pretty quick.


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