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purple2067 11-16-2002 08:14 PM

chalazion - how long to go away?
Hi guys. I just have a quick question. Today I was diagnosed with a Chalazion (in it's really early stages - no head on it yet but still very painful). I have been told to use hot water compresses for 5 minutes every 2 hours. I just wanted to know from someone who has had this before, how long it usually takes for these awful things to go away! I am already on steroid drops for another eye problem, so my dr says I am fortunate to be on them right now because if not, then my pain from the chalazion would be much worse.

You know, a few months ago I posted on the other Chalazion post, and I offered some tips for reducing eye pain in general. I said at the end of my post that I had never had a Chalazion, and that it was just about the only eye problem that I hadn't experiences. Why, oh why, couldn't I keep my mouth shut??? :nono: I had to go around saying that I never had a Chalazion. I obviously spoke too soon. Note to self: keep mouth shut about these things from now on!

Anyway, any info on Chalazions would be greatly appreciated. (mr dr has answered all of my questions plus more, but I just wanted to hear from some other patients about what works for you).

Thanks a lot,
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BelindaB 11-17-2002 04:32 PM

Hi Purple, I'm sorry to hear you have a chalazion on top of all your other eye problems. Take a look at the site [url=""][/url] under Kimberley, chalazions - this lady is a mine of information on chalazions. I would say that if you've got treatment straightaway, the chances of it going away within six weeks are good. A tip on hot compresses - try a gel pack (sold in chemists for sports injuries or camping shops as hand warmers) wrapped in a damp hankie - the heat in these lasts longer than in a damp washcloth. If chalazions persist after a couple of months, the usual advice is to get them lanced and if you've had other eye surgery you probably would not have a problem coping with this. As to whether they go away on their own after two or three months - the jury seems to be out on this. Some say they can vanish on their own even after a year, but most people seem to opt for treatment before that. Anyway, here's hoping yours will get up and go pretty soon. Good luck.

purple2067 11-17-2002 04:59 PM


Thanks Belinda, that's kinda what I thought (that they can take a really long time to go away). My doctor did say though that since mine is really really small (I cannot even see it anymore, except for some puffiness and redness around the eyelid) that it should probably resolve rather quickly. He said it really should not take very long at all, since I am treating it right away, and being very diligent about it. I'll have to check out that website that you told me about. I'll also probably try out the gel pack if I have to do this for much longer. Although, my dr only said to use the hot compresses for 5 minutes every 2-3 hours (maybe this is because they irritate my eyeball so much). Should I be doing them more often than that, or for longer periods of time? Would that make it go away faster??

Thanks for all the info and advice.


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purple2067 11-17-2002 05:00 PM

Ooops, I posted the same message twice! [img][/img]

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BelindaB 11-18-2002 11:39 AM

I'm really glad to hear that your chalazion seems to be going - sounds like you are doing the right thing. I should stick with the compresses for five mins every 2-3 hours if that's what seems to be working. Doctors sometimes recommend 10-15 mins four times a day if the chalazion has got itself established (i.e. when it looks as though for some bizarre reason you have decided to put a pea under your eyelid) but with any luck that won't happen to you!

All the best

purple2067 11-18-2002 02:41 PM

LOL! That is a great way to describe it! A pea under the eyelid! Thank heaven mine never got that bad. I am so glad that my doctor knows me well enough to prescribe the right treatment for me (if he doesn't know me by now then he will never know me! I see the man about once a week!)

You know, people say that you get them from wearing eye makeup, but I NEVER wear eye makeup. EVER. So I am wondering how I got this. Can I get it simply because I have dry eyes and the oil does not get flushed out of my tear glands properly? Plus, I have a ton of mucus and crud around my eyes. (I am constantly washing my face).
I am so glad that it is going away. I was scared because I know how long these things can last. But he said that mine was in the very beginning stages, so since I started treating it so early it should not take that long to go away. My face is not really puffy or red anymore, but the eyelid is still very tender to the touch (I know it is there when I have to pull down my lower lid to put in my eyedrops several times a day.) Tylenol also seemed to help me a little with the discomfort. But I have experienced the most severe eye pain that you could ever have, and it is a million times worse than this, so I guess it just doesn't affect me much anymore.

But I am thrilled that (knock wood) it seems to be going away. I needed this like I needed a whole in my head. I have enough eye problems without a stupid chalazion complicating things!

Anyway, thanks a lot.


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