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Itchy eyelids? HELP!

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Old 11-01-2002, 12:49 PM   #1
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scraphappy HB User
Question Itchy eyelids? HELP!

Hi, I'm new here, I found these boards by searching for some information on itchy eyelids. I hope someone here can offer some help.
About a week ago, I noticed that my inner upper eyelids were itchy a bit. I had on makeup so I gently just rubbed my finger over them to "scratch" the itch. It seemed to come and go for a few days, more noticeable when I'm tired or if I remove my makeup. It has persisted now for at least a week and I'm noticing now that when I wake up my upper lids are very swollen and it seems like there is some patches appearing now on the inner half (towards my nose) they are staying swollen all day as well. I've had itchy eyes before with allergies and this is not at all anything like that, my eyes do not itch, just the lids. I've been so afraid it was something to do with my makeup, but I'm using a new tube of mascara and a new compact of eyeshadow, (same products, just new) so I don't think it's any type of infection that I've heard you can get using old makeup. No one uses my makeup either. Any advice? I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who's experienced this.
Thanks in advance
Itchy lids.
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Old 10-04-2003, 01:25 AM   #2
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Jewels1 HB User

I would like to know about the same problem. My lids started to itch a couple of weeks ago. They have also become bone dry, and very swollen. I use creams and everything I can think of. I have watched my eye lids get so dry, I have new wrinkles every day. HELP!!

Old 10-04-2003, 05:26 PM   #3
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scraphappy HB User

Hi Jewels
Well it's been almost a year since I had this problem, I never found out for sure what my problem was, but I did get rid of my mascara and I stopped using the makeup removing towelettes, I kept putting antibiotic ointment on them to keep it moist until it got better and it went away. I really felt like it was the makeup remover towels. I've not used them since and it's not reoccured, even though it's the same time of the year and there are some allergens that are irritating me right now, though not with itchy eyelids.
Hope this helps, if you use the makeup removers, you might stop for a while and see if it help. I also took Benadryl to help the itching.
Good luck
Itchy Eyelids no more.
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Old 02-26-2005, 10:58 AM   #4
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baylor_girl HB User
Re: Itchy eyelids? HELP!

I would love to talk to either of you...I am at the end of my rope with my eye and my symptoms sound like your's. My doc is telling me that I have allergic conjunctivitis and has me on two drops but nothing is working (this is my thirds eye doc!). Undeneath my eye is swollen, with a new "bag" under each, new lines every single day. I try not to let it bother me, but it is so hard everyday to feel like I am aging overnight. I would love adivce from both of you or ANYONE else.

Old 02-26-2005, 10:18 PM   #5
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MilkNWheat HB User
Re: Itchy eyelids? HELP!

I used to have itchy eye lids (under the eye lid) and I don't and didn't wear eye makeup at all. It was all related to my Food Allergy to WHEAT/MILK.. I limited my intake of both almost no milk/products at all now and my eye lids really haven't been itchy since.

I don't know if that will help you but I figured I would share my once probelm with itchy eyelids.

Good Luck to you all!

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Old 03-20-2005, 07:07 PM   #6
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Daniele-D HB User
Re: Itchy eyelids? HELP!

I am new to this board (very glad I found it ) and will give you a little background on my situation, this will be a little long, but I hope it will help: Summer 2003 It started by very dry lower eyelids, like a dry red strip. I noticed it by the clumpiness of my concealer. The the upper became very dry and itchy.... then a huge lump appeared on my upper eyelids (at the inner corner), every morning, I looked like I had 2 or 3 eyelids in that area... then it went down by 3PM. THis happened for 3 months. I saw 4 dermatologists and 2 ophtalmologists: They say I have an eyelid dermatitis, caused by an allergy to something. It is also a form of eczema. They said good luck in finding what it is.... One saidon't wear make-up for 6 months and see....Men! I was prescribed everything from Cortate and Emo-Cort (corisone cream... not good longterm, because it thins the skin of the eyelid with time) Synalar and finally Elidel (an eczema cream, not dangerous for the lids, but the burning sensation is sometimes unbearable). They don't cure it but help a bit with the itchyness.I washed my eyelids with Johnson Baby Shampoo (Doctors recommend the product...also for Blepharitis another form of itchy swollen red eyes, some of you may have that) I had my acrylic nails removed (apparently could be the cause) and cosmetic allergy tests: I am allergic to Balsam of Perou (a substance found in the sap of a tree) found in pharmaceutical products, food and make-up and some industrial products. It is an important cause of allergies resulting in eczema)Basically it can be found in so many things we eat, touch and use ! But something else could be causing this...but what?
I also changed my make-up and use only Almay, Clinique make-up and Tolériane and Avène creams. No more Javex in sheets or nightgowns, towells etc... All of a sudden it stopped and left me with very wrinkly eyelids. Like you I was not happy. I found the little gelcaps of René Garaud (Paris) Extraderma Hypoallergenic soothing serum for sensitive creams (found in Jean-Coutu Drugstores in Montreal...I don't know where in the States)very helpful. It restored the lids (almost) back to normal. Now in January 2005, It started again.This time in the middle of winter (some doctors in 2003 told me the hot muggy, humid summer weather could be the reason). Same thing this time ....Starts by itchy dry lids...then the HUGE red dry lumps on the upper eyelids appear, the 3 lid monster is the morning....dissappearing by the end of the afternoon. This lasts 3-4 days. Then nothing for the rest of the week...starts again etc....I started using Elidel again once the swelling is gone to treat the itchy red dry skin....2 years later, this is leaving my lids even more wrinkly than the first time ( I got the gelcaps out, I use them 2 to 3 times a day,once the Elidel has treated the dry itchy skin and the redness is goe.... one cap goes a long way...use a tiny drop for each eyelid, not the whole cap) It is driving me nuts and I am afraid that at 43, if this keeps happening it will leave permanent wrinkling where there was almost none.The older you get the less the skin bounces back. Like you I feel 10 years older over night!
I recently read on a website :
********{removed - please do not post websites}}}}}
that it could be seborreic dermatis caused by a yeast on the skin. Some people on the site recommended Diflucan ( a yeast pill you take once of twice that's it...and it cured some of the people) I tried it ( you need a prescription) results. I guess I have no yeast problems!
It also said since it is a type of seborrea to wash the eyelids with Nizoral shampoo (for serious dandruff problem)it will soothe the itch (that helps a bit). I also read that RoseHip oil is very soothing and can help reduce the itchyness and restore the skin around the lids (I got some as well). I also stated taking Benadryl for allergies, then stopped..maybe I should continue...
If I find out more ( I am not giving up...I am seeing another Dermatologist in one month) I will let you know. If any of you find a medication to stop this, help the wrinkling or what weird allergy it could be .....Please let us know. Thank you and good luck to all of you!

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Poetfan HB User
Re: Itchy eyelids? HELP!

Dear Itchy Eyelid sufferers.
I can see that some of you have suffered for years. I hope you have got your problem sorted by now, but in case you haven't, here is my take on it. Two years ago I had a flood due to a burst pipe in a house I used for holiday lets. All the floor coverings had to come up and and the building had to be dried out and completely redecorated. It was very stressful and took nearly four months before I was back in business. During that time my eyelids became very itchy, red wrinkly, swollen and ultimately scaly. In fact my lovely daughters called me Lizard. Nice! It lasted weeks. I had steroid creams and antibiotics. Nothing worked. Then I saw another GP. He had been trained as a dermatoligist and, like one of your posts here, suggested it was a fungal infection, in this case caused by mould spores released into the air when the flooring was taken up, the humidity caused by the drying machines and exacerbated by the stress I was experiencing. He prescribed Nizoral cream. It worked! Symptoms went very quickly, but I had to use the cream for at least a week or two more to clear up the infection completely.

So far so good, until three weeks ago, when I had a carpet replaced in our house here. They pulled the old one up and put the new one down but it was badly damaged and they had to take it away again. We were left with bare floors for two weeks and no guarantee that the carpet would arrive before Christmas when all my family were due to arrive. It was fitted the day before Christmas Eve and I was very stressed. The day after the old familiar itch was back. My eyelids were beginning to wrinkle and swell in the corners near my nose. I looked on the web, found your site, saw the suggestion of a yeast infection and remembered my Nizoral cream and today things are looking much improved.

I think, for me, mould spores, a time of year when the windows are not open, the central heating is turned up high and stress all plays a big factor. Can you see a similarity? If so, Nizoral, or any preparation containing Ketoconazole, might well be your answer. Good Luck.

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