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RBolander 10-01-2003 04:04 PM

In reference to your 9-30-03 posting, I've been on Restasis since mid August. It doesn't feel soothing or comfortable when I apply it and for about 15 minutes afterwards. I don't know if the drop is causing any more tears. The irritation is not as intense as it was five, four, or even three months ago; but as I said before, I still have the irritation.
That "tender" spot under my lid bothers me the most when I try to take a short nap during the day. I don't know why that is. When my eye is irritated during the day, I guess it's only natural that I will notice it when my eyelid is closed.
I hope I get this under control soon....

KayKay 10-01-2003 06:12 PM


Yes little tiny bumps along the inside rim of my eye lid. When I blink my eye I can feel them. You would think they where very large. When I try to look at them I have to raise up my eye lid and shine a flashlight to see them. They are small and white looking, makes my eye lids burn and itch.

Well good news I got the paper work for my new insurance today. So now I am just counting the days.

Again thank you very much for answering my questions. I went to what is suppose to be one of the best eye doctors in my area. My opinion is he is a know it all or thinks he is. I still think he is wrong and I have more going on that needs treatment other than just eye lids scrubs. Plan on seeing another eye doctor for a second opinion when I get the insurance going.


MustLovePets 10-21-2003 03:37 PM


I have been following everyone's posts and wanted to share my experience with blepharitis or meibomitis (still not sure what I have!). Like Jen, I also had an allergic reaction 10 years ago to Naphcon-A eyedrops. (I just didn't "put two and two together" until I read Jen's post, because I remember that I started suffering from the swollen upper eyelids several days after I had been using Naphcon-A eyedrops for several weeks.) As a result, for 10 long years I have sought help from doctors. I tried the meds (Doxycycline, Tetracycline, etc.); and tried eye ointments or prescription eyedrops (steroid, anti-bacterial, etc.). NOTHING worked! I thought I was going crazy because all these years my eyelids have felt so heavy and droopy because the glands near the upper eyelid rim were evidently clogged. Several doctors said it was just "old age" and "get used to it." But I KNEW that was not the problem. To make a long story short, I started using REFRESH ENDURA eyedrops about 10 days ago. I use one plastic tube per day and store it in the refrigerator between use. I make sure I am putting the drops in my eyes at least four times a day and that uses up the tube. In conjunction with the Refresh Endura eyedrops, I started using THERATEARS NUTRITION softgels about two weeks ago. I take four softgels each morning after a good breakfast. (But I believe the normal intake is two softgels twice a day with meals.) Together, the Refresh Endura eye drops and TheraTears Nutritiion softgels ARE WORKING! I had to be patient because it took me about 10 days to notice a change, but these two products have CHANGED my life! Already my family says my eyes each day are improving and looking more healthy, plus my eyelids are tightening up and losing the puffy, saggy look.

I hope this information helps someone with the same problem I have had, so they won't have to suffer for 10 long years the way I did!

MustLovePets 10-21-2003 03:40 PM

I also would like to add to my earlier post that I do an eyelid compress and scrub my upper eyelid rims twice a day with just a drop of Johnson's Baby Shampoo on a warm washcloth.

crutches 10-22-2003 07:54 PM

Brynn, I read your post with interest. I have suffered with blephartis for over 2 years and can't get it under control. As soon as I stop the meds it's back within a day. I also use Zaditor for allergies and the doc told me to use that as much as I want for the Blepharitis too. I happened to read last week that Zaditor can cause red eyes. So I haven't used it for a week now and have stopped the meds and only use Refresh Endura. I think I'm noticing a change for the better after 4 days. I want to also try Theratears Nutrition capsules. Where can you buy them? A pharmacy or health store? Is it with the eye drop section? I'll try anything to get this under control. Now I'm wondering if my problem is a reaction to Zaditor and not just blepharitis.

MustLovePets 10-26-2003 04:17 PM

Hello Crutches,

I am not sure what stores in Canada carry TheraTears Nutrition softgels, but here in the US you can get them at WalMart in the eyedrops section -- same place where you will find the Refresh Endura eyedrops.

When you start this regimen, please be patient. I am continually experiencing better results each day. It is as if the buildup along my eyelids from my clogged glands is getting goopier, so to speak, and beginning to "melt down." I think it will probably take another month or two before my eyes get completely back to normal, but I know I am doing the right thing. I remember a nurse telling me years ago that I would first notice the "goopy" stuff and then it would slowly start to "melt down" before I would start to get better. All the other stuff I tried never got me this far in the healing process. I hope I am making sense on all this! I just want to stress that the combo of the geltabs and Refresh Endura may work slowly on the eyelids, but in my case, it IS WORKING!

RBolander 11-10-2003 05:17 PM

(I'm not certain if I'm doing this right. I haven't checked the board for a while, and I'm not used to this new format. Here goes....)

I've been reading current posts to this group of messages, and I want to add that I've been using Thera Tears Nutrition gel caps since July. I'm also using Restasis. I don't know if either is really helping my eye. Even though there has been improvement, my eye is not back to normal.
My questions now are the following: 1) Is it common for the irritation caused by blepharitis to affect only one eye? (In my case, only my right eye is irritated. My left eye never causes me any trouble.) 2) After experiencing 6 months of irritation (most likely caused by blepharitis), will the eye ever be "normal" again?

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