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5han 10-08-2007 09:03 PM

Occasionally Uveven Pupils... I think?
Lately I have noticed when I look in the bathroom mirror that my pupils are SLIGHTLY uneven. It isn't that one is HUGE and the other is a pinhole. Its like a mild size difference. The right one usually appears larger when i witness this phenomenon. They both dilate and constrict when they should. They're both responsive to light. Just the size difference when I notice it scares me a little. I worry about inter cranial pressure or that I have a nerve disorder. I've read all about what it could be a symptom of. It is not unevenly dilated right now. No matter what I do right now I cannot get it to be uneven. It just happens randomly when I look in the mirror sometimes. I also have pain near my temple inside my head on that side sometimes, but i feel like its connected to my nose and stuff and i have had sinus problems for MONTHS (so i assume this is where the pain is from... plus i sometimes but less frequently feel this same type of pain on the left side of my head too) Is this something I should be really scared about? I'm making an appointment with an ophthalmologist asap.... but in the mean time I'm pretty worried. Also, I get migraines about 10+ times a year on average.

5han 10-11-2007 07:13 PM

Re: Occasionally Uveven Pupils... I think?
uh.. please.. anyone?

Dan_the_man 10-16-2007 08:42 AM

Re: Occasionally Uveven Pupils... I think?
Hey hi there..I was just checking to see if anyone had responded to my post and found yours first, looks like your not having any luck with anyone responding either, don't know if anyone has on my yet either...but after I read yours you sound like the same problem as me...last Thurs I had a temple headache on left side (have had migranines etc for last 10-15 years on and off too) then noticed my left eye pupil larger than the other, my co-workers noticed, I got freaked out, went to my doctor they didn't know and I ended up at ER, they found nothing except a sunus infection..since last week I have had on and off headaches one one the left temple and then last 2 days on right side....had to get some med to get rid of it, finally gone, but missed much work and I don't have much PTO....ouchhhhh!! so now that makes me stessed u know...
I go to a retina specialist in the morning....I'm nervous and scared as well...will let u know what happens....main thing right now is the headaches are gone...keeping fingers about you how are you doing?

mimiof3 10-19-2007 08:27 PM

Re: Occasionally Uveven Pupils... I think?
Hey.. I have one pupil larger than the other. I'm in my early 40's, and one day about 25 yrs. ago, while at work, went to the ladies room, and noticed one pupil sig. larger than the other. Of course, my "family dr." As we refferred to them back then, FREAKED me out! Sent me to a laarger city than I lived it the time, and I had to endure Ct scans, and finally, they thought I had an aneurysm in my brain, so I had to suffer the horrific pain of an angiogram where they cut me in the groin and slithered this wire up to the brain. Turns out I was just born with one pupil larger than the other. VERY COMMON. Please try not to stress too much over this. It almost ruined my life, as I started suffering from SEVERE panic/anxiety disorder for 13 yrs. after this. I still thought something was wrong with my brain even after all my tests were normal. I actually had a nervous breakdown of sorts at the ripe ole age of about 23??? Get an MRI anf rule out everything.. AND go on with your life!! :)

eloise_girl24 10-22-2007 07:04 AM

Re: Occasionally Uveven Pupils... I think?
my pupils seem slightly uneven too sometimes. i also get headaches/migraines and i think right now i have a sinus infection. my eyes work just fine, they constrict and dialate at the right times. sometimes i shine a flash light in front of them while i am looking in the mirror just to be sure. im not sure what it means to have slightly different pupils sometimes but do you use eye drops? im constantly using eye drops bc of my dry, itchy and blurry eyes. most eye drops will dialate your eyes slightly. this could and can cause one of your eyes to be slightly different that your other pupil bc no matter how much you try, you cant get the exact amount of eye drop in each eye. if you do use eye drops, try not usuing them for about two weeks and see if your one pupil acts up. it takes a while for your eyes to get the drops out of them, thats why i said two weeks, that way you will know for sure it's not your eyes, it's just your eye drops. if it's not the drops, i wonder that since we both have sinus problems/infection, and this same problem, i wonder if it's not something to do with our sinuses? let me know how it goes.

curmudgeon 10-22-2007 10:30 AM

Re: Occasionally Uveven Pupils... I think?
Some people are just born with one pupil noticeably larger than the other. Nothing to worry about.

But our brains are strange things. We go days without noticing something and then when we do, it's all we can see. And we freak ourself out.

And there can definitely be a connection between sinus congestion, headaches and eye changes. All these sytems are connected. The pressure in your eyes will go up when you have clogged sinuses and when you have migraines (at least in some people). That can make a slight pupil difference temporarily larger.

By all means, check it out. See an opthamologist and make sure your pressures are OK (no glaucoma) and that your eye is healthy. If he says it's OK then you can stop worrying.

However, if the pupil change is accompanied by any weakness on one side of your body, by any changes in speech or by suddenly blurry vision - get your butt to the doc ASAP. Those could be signs of a stroke.

But the pupil change alone? Probably nothing. Let us know.

eloise_girl24 10-22-2007 11:02 AM

Re: Occasionally Uveven Pupils... I think?
thanks, that helps a lot! im going to see a doc on wednesday about my sinus infection so hopefully that'll clear it up.

5han 10-23-2007 05:40 PM

Re: Occasionally Uveven Pupils... I think?
Hey! Thanks for replying.
Since my post, I went to the university health clinic because I had a terrible cold. When I gave it to my boyfriend he was hit hard like he had the flu.. so I'm thinking I may have caught the flu but I went to daycare my entire life so I have a bangin immune system response.
I'm recovering from that still... it's been almost 3 weeks...
prior to that I was having sinus problems. It seems like the cold may have helped clear them out.. but I'm just waiting for them to get messed up again.
For about a month on the side where my eye was dilated, I had a harsh sinus pain on that side of my forehead once in a while. That's gone now. So is the dilation...
I told the nurse at the clinic i thought my pupils were uneven and she told me it was probably just smaller on the side of my face where there was more light. Eh... could be... but even when I evened out the light it was there.
I think it's a thing with sinus pressure mainly. Migraines and stuff probably don't help though. :rolleyes: Thanks for all the help.
I don't regularly use eyedrops so I'm not sure if that was the cause. Contact solution though...
And, mimi, I'm 20 and already giving myself nervous breakdowns hahah. You're right usually nothing is wrong. (I was convinced I had a brain aneurysm I mean, they are found to be genetic and my Great Grandpa died of one when he was 30. scary. but once I read about the groin cathader and seeing as I'm only 20, I decided not to follow through with that theory hahha

Thanks everyone. Hope all goes well for you.

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