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chnutco 11-18-2007 08:50 PM

Monocular Ghosting and eyelid twitching
I was born w/cataract in one eye and after a surgery at age of 2.5 ended up with glaucoma. That eye was removed at age 8. Never could see out of that eye. I am 45 and for the last 8 years I have made several complaints to doctors about seeing double or ghosting, a blurry blocked spot(not black) in my central vision that blocks out letters as I read. This is the cause of many headaches, since I work with a computer. Reading can be toublesome because I am having to back track. My driving over the years is not the best, I use more guessing in gauging distance from other objects. Now over the last week I have this annoying twitch in my eyelid that shakes everything. I wear progressive bifocals and the ghosting is still there. The twitching who knows what that is from other than the fact that I am under great stress to finish my work. Doctors seem to think nothing of it but then they dont have only one eye to see out of. I am taking synthroid 1 mcg for hypothyroid and just recently developed small goiter. I dont want to be disabled but if I cant fix this then what? Could the ghosting be from trauma to the head? The tmj on the same side gets so bad that the swelling also causes headaches and an earache like feeling and loss of hearing, my inner ear aches so bad and is hot when it flares up. Then the sinus gets plugged. Doctor says there is nothing they can do. I now take ambien to sleep at night it is better than begging for narcotic pain killers and helps me sleep through the residual pain from an auto accident 16 years ago plus 8 years ago I was assaulted with a kick to the head while driving a car and I cracked my nose with the steering wheel. Could this all be neuro and not opthalm? Who in the San Francisco Bay area would be good to see?

GINGERGIRL99 11-25-2007 01:21 PM

Re: Monocular Ghosting and eyelid twitching
wow,another person with an interesting eye history like mine. i had cataract sx at age 5,just had a corneal transplant to that eye this year and a new lens implant and am battling to keep the pressure down while using the opthalmic steroids. so.... sorry to hear of your troubles...interesting though. what about an eval by an neuro-opthamologist? mri of head esp looking at the optic nerve areas? just some thoughts.good luck.

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